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Pleasanton has a good atmosphere to it. We try our best to be active in the community and help out as much as we can. We have amazing administrators who look out for the students. Compared to a lot of schools, Pleasanton has a good academic record.
Being a student at Pleasanton High School has given me the chance to try various activities and courses to see what I liked and didn’t like, helping me choose my future career. Plus a lot of the teachers I had there were amazing and have always worked with me to help me get where I need to be. The administration haven’t always been that helpful towards me when it came to seeking help on how I get to where I need to be, but where there where gaps a lot of the teachers I had helped me and answered any questions I had about college and my future beyond high school. I truly appreciated a lot the teachers I have had there for helping my parents and I with questions about college, especially since I’m going to be the first in my family to go to college.
I enjoyed all of my years in this school. It was mainly due to an amazing coaching staff and experiences in my sports. And being blessed with some of the few fun, nicest, and most helpful teachers in this school. without them I would be going into college completely blind. The consistency of the rules needs to be held and teachers need a lot more training with the exception of a few. More college preparation on the teachers part. Other than that it is a great school.
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Nice teachers good one on one learning love this school. I have learned so much from being here. I am going to miss all the teachers and unique people I have met here. You learn a lot from this and you really understand how and what to do there.
Overall great school. Not very open to changes or new things, and they have a hard time listening to students needs, but still a very good school.
Pleasanton is a 4A school, so it is small. My graduating class only has 250. There are a lot of activities to do. I personally love band
Decent high school with decent faculty. Decent people all over. Football is the "it" sport. Pleasanton is not the most eye appealing town, but it is definitely a growing town.
Pleasanton high school is a very diverse place. The staff and students make learning at Pleasanton high school fun and rewarding. The schools focus and devotion to learning and making sure students succeed is outstanding, I couldn’t have picked a better school to grow up with.
My 4 years here at Pleasanton High School have been years to remember. So many memories were made here as well as friends, and the events that took place here were unforgettable. My experience here was and still is extraordinary. There is no other high school I would have rather attended. Of course, there were hardships that my class and I had to overcome, but we did, and now we are embarking our last few days of high school, ever. The main thing I like about Pleasanton is that it's small, and simple. The teachers are often understanding, and our student body know each other well, as well as get along with each other. The athletics program was exemplary as well as the coaches that are in it. They created many opportunities for me and helped me at dire times. The only things I would like to see change at this school is dress code. I feel like people should express themselves in a mature and appropriate way. Other than that, everything else is tolerable.
Pleasanton High School is a school that focuses more on passing than actually learning. It does not prepare students for college. The administration treats students like children. The staff cares more about getting good attendance to get money rather than the students needs, problems, and health. Even though there are major downs to Pleasanton High School, it is getting better.
Going to high school in a small town can have its perks, but it can also have some challenges. The one thing that comes to mind of my school is the recent remodeling. During my senior year classrooms, the library, and even extracurricular buildings have been improved which is quite nice to how it looked before. And I have to say the lunches weren't all that great, but I think that's in everything high school you come across. At least I hope.
Pleasanton High school did not prepare me for college in any way. The school is highly focused on athletics rather than academia.
The last four years have been a major part in my life. High school in the last time that I get the opportunity to be a 'kid'. Pleasanton High School has allowed me to not only learn the different academic material to further advance me in my life, it has given me many memories that will defiantly last a lifetime. Although sometimes a better school and education would have been nice, or at least one with more students that appreciate receiving an education, I was satisfied in the end.
I have enjoyed my experience at Pleasanton High School for the time that I have been attending. It has offered me many advanced courses, while still being a smaller school which is something I prefer. I also have had the ability to get involved in clubs such as NHS and BPA.
My experience at Pleasanton High School was debatable. That being because there are many good and bad things with this school. The good things are that they have great teachers, counselors, facilities, good amount of clubs and sports to be involved in and everyone is friendly. The bad things are that their food sucks, they do not prepare you for college, they treat us like kids and do not let us grow up. They have the boys shave their faces which is sad because that is part of growing up. I would like to see changes in more involvement and better breakfast and lunch meals.
Pleasanton high school could be alot better if the teacher were more proactive and challenged their students. This can be extremely hard for most teachers, for their students have absolutely no strive to learn. After time gets to teachers they lose motivation to do their absolutely best. They problem at Pleasanton high school is the students if somebody could change the environment this school could very hard. They're teachers that want to spread their knowledge but after time gets to them they see it as unless.
Pleasanton ISF has taken safety more as a conceren over the past years with nation wide scares. It is growing to get better but it's hard with the students lack of respect to listen for their own safety. Pleasanton high school is a growing and right now it is a slump along with its security.
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There is plenty of extracellular activities that kids can be apart of. From the sport Pleasanton offers to the 20 different clubs you can be in. I'm the president of two of the biggest clubs at this school at they are what brings this school together in my opinion it's what set this school apart from others.
I never encountered any safety hazard at my high school. The front office was very good at keeping all students on track with bringing their student IDs or you could not attend classes. Never had break ins.
The clubs at the school are great, especially the advisers who are in charge, they try everything in their way to have people participate in any activities whether it be school or outside school related. With these clubs and organizations you're able to gain more privileges
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