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Pleasanton High School Reviews

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Pleasanton is a small town, so you get to know everyone pretty well. The older teachers are understanding and have very solid ways of teaching their classes. The younger and newer teachers add a little excitement and change in the classes and the relate well to the students. The school administration does well with connecting the kids and parents to the progress of the students, their grades, assignments, and other important academic information. They have incorporated technology into the system as well, and each student is given equal opportunities. The school is also very clean and kept in very nice condition, and the pride of the school in everyone is very apparent!
The school nurse it there every other day. Over all our school is average in this category
The sports teams are of high quality, and so are the coaches (as far as I know) and the other extracurriculars such as Band, Drama, and FBLA advisers are very willing to help students and give them more options for the future.
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I have really enjoyed going to this school and can't really see myself anywhere else but here, these have been some of the bed years of my life. The teachers and other employees of the school are always nice and willing to do almost anything for you. The only issue that the school seems to have is communication between the administrative body, and the teachers and students, and the fact that the administrative body has come up with some very interesting and sometimes completely useless rules and regulations in the past(some of which, were carried out and inforced sporadically) There are enough organizations and clubs to keep almost anyone busy, and lastly it's usually a great learning environment.
We have had very few troubles with kids getting bullied in our school. We are a small enough school that everybody gets along no matter what.
The athletic facilities are great. We have a new gym that has recently been redone so there is a new gym floor. They are planning to reconstruct the high school and elementary building within the next few weeks.
School has been a great time. There aren't very many kids in a class so when you need help from the teacher they are very good about helping you solve what your trying to do.
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