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I like how every one helps each other and that they have a no student left behind system to where they will help the students that are struggling with their grades
Overall, this school may be as twisted as they come. Over the past years they have had so many false accusations resulting in people being punished severely for actions they didn't do. The school does absolutely nothing in order to prepare you to succeed. The administration must be changed however. Allowing certain students to do things that others would be suspended for is outrageous. On the other hand, the teachers are very kind, and sadly even agree with the much needed administration change.
I love the closeness of the school. All the teachers are genuinely interested in the well-being of their students, and the Principle strives to encourage all the students in his care. I only wish that the school was more funded and could offer more athletic opportunities such as Swim or Water polo.
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My experience at Pleasanton High School was definitely one to remember. I spent four years building relationships, being involved in extracurricular activities, and planning for my future. The teachers at PHS are the best thing about the school. They not only teach you everything they know, but they also care about you. If I could see one thing change for Pleasanton High School it would be the school spirit. As a leader and an upper class man enrolled at PHS I have already taken action in this change.
I like how Pleasanton has a small school. Teachers can give students more 1-on-1 time. Teachers can easily determine their teaching style based on class sizes. In the 2017-18 school year they added two new sports teams based off of student interests.
While the janitors, cooks, and some of the teachers go above and beyond to make this school a better place, I cannot give it a very good rating. Many of the teachers are lazy and honestly only there for the pay and the coaching jobs while others are ignorant in the way the world really works. Also, the students at Pleasanton High are all very typical, two faced and ignorant. I can't honestly say that I enjoyed my time at this school. The fact that my academic and extracurricular needs were not met in the slightest is only the beginning of my problems.
Only high school I went to. It was great and the teachers were very friendly.
I would bring my children to school here.
This high school is very small but, it gives all students a chance to get to know one another.
Everyone has different beliefs, you can find who supports yours all you have to do is ask.
I am health conscious and often bring food from home.
I wish I had more opportunities to advance.
If you need help you only have to ask to receive.
They should offer more options to the students.
I hold the view that because our school is smaller, 1A, and most of the parents are in the staff or board members, that disciplinary action is not seen as what colleges and universities will see it on their transcript. Most bullying that I have seen happens among siblings that are students and that is mostly just the usual teasing and hazing between children.
Out of all the schools I have been to Pleasanton has been the best. If i was asked if I wanted to go back to one of my old schools I would say no because I prefer small schools plus I like it here because a lot everyone is friendly there are hardly any fights. I have only had to stop one so far. which isn't bad because at most schools there are at least ten a day here you may get one or two a year.
it depends on what they make. But if you don't like what there making for lunch you get to pick if u want salad or alternative. The cafeteria is good size for a small school.
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I like the way the teachers are helping the students most of them are great a few bad ones though.
Only one school nurse trying to take care of all kids grade pre k- 12th grade.
Art Club is pretty fun and I recommend that everyone should have one in their schools. A lot of people in our school are in Art Club.
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