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Attending Pleasant View School has been a great turning point in my life. I was originally home-schooled from 5th to 9th grade, and when my parents told me they were enrolling me in a private school, I had no idea what to expect. I'm glad to say that Pleasant View School made the transition as smooth as possible. All the teachers care deeply about the students, and want to see them succeed. It isn't very big, but everybody knows everybody and the student body immediately incorporated me as a fellow student and a friend. I will say that I would like to see Pleasant View School become more systematic as there is a lot of confusion especially in scheduling at the beginning of the school year. There is a new extension building being built now, and I hope that with that, the halls will be a little bit less crowded. But other than that, I am very thankful and blessed to have attended Pleasant View School, and truly wish that I have been a student there for all of my life.
Pleasant View School is the only Islamic school in Memphis that is opened to the Muslim community. When parents are looking for a school where students can practice their religion, Pleasant View School is just the place!
The teachers are excellent at Pleasant View School. They are concerned about the success of every student and work hard to help them succeed. They go way beyond expectations in terms of helping students even if it means staying after school or coming in on weekends. The staff is very well-qualified with about ten percent of the staff holding doctorate degrees and almost all the others having a masters degree. They know their subject well and do a great job in preparing students for College.
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The principal maintains an open door policy and is always available to students, teachers and parents. All school-wide policies are clearly geared toward establishing the kind of structure that enables students to become successful leaders. The school aims its policies toward helping students become self-regulated leaders and is not overly concerned with getting students to comply for the sake of compliance. The students are comfortable in the school and the administration deals with dress code and other policy violations in a manner that helps students develop into self-regulated leaders. There is not a punitive atmosphere in the school and yet students follows rules and regulations because they are convinced of their merit. PVS proves that positive reinforcement works.
The classrooms are excellent. They are large and well-equipped with whatever teachers need to facilitate the learning process. The school has an excellent facility manager who is always working to fix and improve everything. There are computers everywhere and students can easily check out and use laptops. The school does a superb job of providing tutoring services to anyone that needs it. Students often stay late for extra help and the school is full of students receiving some kind of tutoring services on Saturdays. The school has grown tremendously in recent years and there is a shortage of space. Some classes are now being taught in the library and computer lab but the school is undergoing a major facility expansion and this problem should quickly be resolved.
The students at Pleasant View School are actively engaged in community service and the school administration is very supportive of students forming clubs and organizations. The High School is pretty small so there are not that many different clubs but the school is structured in such a way that almost every student finds something that they are passionate about and gets involved. The school's High School religious adviser/teacher is excellent and has done a great job of inculcating in all the students the importance of service. The students always seem to be eager to get involved in activities that help others and the community at large.
The school is very safe. There is no bullying, students never fight and the administration has gone overboard to ensure that the facility is physical secure - there is an armed guard and numerous cameras. The school does not have a nurse but a large proportion of the parents are physicians (including some of those who volunteer extensively in the school) and the school has a network of doctors that can be easily contacted and even be at the school in very short time if there is a medical question or need.
What I love about Pleasant View School is the fact that all the High School students work very hard and are somewhat competitive but that that competitiveness never distracts from the feeling that everyone truly cares about everyone else. The school helps build students into leaders and helps the students understand that true leadership requires teamwork. My children have gone to many schools in different states and cities over the years but in no other school have they grown and developed as individuals like they did at Pleasant View School. I am confident that when students graduate from PVS they will be ready to meet any challenge and have all the tools and skills (both academic and perhaps even more importantly from the character and leadership perspective) to succeed in College. PVS is a gem and the whole staff and everyone involved is wholly invested in helping every student succeed.
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