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I had some tough moments catching up with some things but with the help of my teachers I was able to become one of the top students of my classes. This school has a pond where even young students can go and help clean and tend the area, as well as a small garden. I think I would choose to come to this school again because the experience was worth it.
The teachers here teach the subject well rounded, and sometimes may even go beyond that to make sure all students can grasp the whole concept of the curriculum. On every Thursday teachers are scheduled to having meetings, as the children are let out early from school. The work load is enough to handle on during each day, but the focus of it all is to ensure that the student understands a particular area.
In fifth or sixth grade, students are introduced to a police officer and learn the topics of gang violence, bullying, drugs, etc, and how to avoid them. Then within all grades, they have scheduled drills such as an earthquake drill, a fire drill, etc.. The school nurse would introduce how the body works to fifth graders then introduce sexual disease to 8th grade students as well. There is a possibility that one day something may happen, but I believe the students are well enough and are trained to know what to do.
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This school may not offer many extracurricular activities but the quality in those that are offered is worth it. There is a club called Step Up as to where it lets students get involved with helping the community. This is one of the two yearly clubs at the school, which the other would be the migrant program. The Migrant Program helps those children with parents who are migrant workers, and they are well committed to it. The school does give their students to play sports as in football, volleyball, basketball, soccer, and track and field. Yet they must be eligible to play, which depends on their grades. There also is an after-school program called Choices with children that have parents working passed the time after their school ends. Some students do join because they offer help on homework and they do let students from the same classes engage with each other on the same subject. These programs do help students get involved with others.
Most of the teachers seek out students who are in need of help, and use programs such as reading plus to improve reading levels, or sokikom for mathematics. They get their students involved in group projects and have them work through an explanation of what, why, and how something is from their work load.They also show their students along with parents the levels they are in and how they may improve to reach their grade level requirements in reading and mathematics.
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