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Pleasant View Christian School Reviews

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Pleasant View Christian is a wonderful school! A wide range of classes offered (considering it is a private school). The faculty is incredibly kind and wise.
The school has its flaws, like anyone or anything. But overall a great environment.
I love PVCS! I have attended since freshman year and was immediately welcomed with open arms. We are like a big family, we learn together, hang out together, and serve Christ together. I recommend Pleasant View Christian to anyone and everyone who is interested in a loving, Christian learning environment!
I have been going here for most of my life and I have absolutely loved it. The teachers and administration are caring and reach out to their students on a daily basis.
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The teachers try hard, but the administration has been terrible for years and the curriculum is antiquated. After several years there, I took my children out and they were "behind" in public school after having been honor roll students at PVCS. I paid tuition for that? Playing time on the court or field is determined by who your parents are and where you go to church, not your skill or effort. I hear that the sports program now is so poor that they no longer even offer football, cheerleading, or softball. The principal is strongly disliked by both students and parents. She is capricious and biased. She has regularly overruled votes the students take on everything from Ugliest Christmas Sweater award to student council representatives. On the positive side, my children enjoyed their Bible classes and made some good friends.
All of are teachers are very nice and easy to talk to and ask questions.
PVCS is a nice small town christian school but it does lack in areas. Are science lab lacking in some items. We do not have a school auditorium and are gym and cafeteria are the same room.
The feel of the school is very safe you will never feel unsafe and always accepted.
The administration always in-forced the dress code at school.
We have great devoted teachers but i feel that we are slightly left behind in the sciences due to the lack of money supplied.
Due to going to a small christian we were not offered clubs.
I love this school. Ive grown up in this school with most my class. It's most definitley been a huge part of my life. The opportunities here have built many friendships for me. i wouldnt trade my sports memories for anything in this world from this school.
Teaching here isnt bad , but since we are a small school sometimes its hard to get a teacher aside because everyone here more than likely just isnt a teacher
Any time there is a problem the staff and administration take care of it right away.
The rules at PVCS aren't that hard to follow. The only thing is sometimes finding clothing to fit the criteria, especially when it's time for prom.
PVCS is a small school, but what i love most about it is that they are very open when it comes down to extracurricular activities. Because it is such a small school it doesn't have a ton of options but enough to be successful. i personally have enjoyed my opportunities here. I played as many sports as possible and love my team and coaches.
Getting into pvcs is not difficult. Yes, you have to meet academic requirements juts like any other school. But pvcs is always open to expand and have more children join.
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