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Pleasant Valley High School Reviews

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I enjoyed the smallness of the school. I also enjoyed how much the teachers interacted with the students. I also enjoyed the various activities and opportunities I have through the school.
I love Pleasant Valley High School because I have been going there since sixth grade. It is not the smallest school but it is also not the largest school either. It is average size and has lots of nice people. Pleasant Valley has a wonderful Track and Field team as well. The teachers are all very nice and everyone is taught what they are needed to know to be prepared and ready for college. I love the classes, the sports, and the clubs we have at our school. Every activity is fun and wonderful. As I am a senior, I plan to enjoy my last year and make it the best it can be.
I love PV. A lot of people dis it, but it’s a small school out in the country that is a perfect fit for me. It’s not too big and not too small. The teachers are wonderful.
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My experience while attending Pleasant Valley has been positive. The teachers are helpful and care about the students. The school participates in the dual-enrollment program, which helps the participating students in pursuing their academics for college. There are active sports programs and other club activities for students to participate in.
Pleasant Valley is a small school, so we all know each other. Since our high school is seventh through twelfth grade, the younger classes learn how to fit in the high school at an earlier age. Thankfully, our senior classes always watch after the younger students and volunteer to help out. I love my school and am proud to be a Raider!
I enjoyed attending PVHS. It was a great experience. Overall it was a great place to be for a student. I would like to see the college readiness continue to grow for future students.
The school nurse is not always in her office. We have a police officer come visit our school sometimes. We also have the police and police dogs come to investigate the school sometimes, but just for precaution.
Many students participate in athletics or attend athletic events. We have the most attendance at the football games.
I have loved cheering at my school. It has helped me make friends and gets me involved in activities. Being in clubs has opportunities for going on field trips, which also has helped me make new friends. I love performing at pep rallies and football games. Football season is my favorite time of the year. My principal really makes me feel safe at my school.
The math teachers are not very reliable and are not very good at teaching. Most of the students at my school feel the same way as I do. Coach Jackson and Mrs. Roe are the best teachers at the school because I believe they truly help prepare students for college and devote their time to helping us.
Some teachers are really great, others aren't.
I like my school because we take our academics seriously
Overall the school is very good. The students are generally nice and respectful, and the teachers are friendly and helpful. Except the math teachers; none of them seem to know what's going on.
We had some good and some bad teachers.
Our locker rooms needed updating very badly.
This school had really good extracurriculars.
The courses I took has not prepared my for college.
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Exclusive weight room for athletes only is great.
We are a top notch educational system.
The student body at my school do not have specific groups. we kind of all communicate and are either friend or friendly with each other.
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