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Pleasant Valley High School has been, for many years, at the top of the city of Chico's school district's food chain for both academic and athletic achievement. However, what often goes ignored are the visual and performing arts programs also available at the school. For example, the theater program is forced to put together several performances throughout the school year with pocket change. All money is directed towards the admittingly talented, but over-hyped football team. If funds could be more evenly distributed amongst all programs at Pleasant Valley, students, such as those who struggle in athletics or academics, could feel included.
I love the school. Although it needs diversity and the admin need to be more productive with enforcing their school policies.
The school has an excellent academics and sports program. The environment is welcoming and is very spirited with tons of activities to show your school spirit. One of the things I would like to change about the school is to add more variety to the extracurricular programs offered here.
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I love Pleasant Valley High School because of the teachers. I’d like to see more students involved in the community.
I had a relatively good experience at PV. The only downfalls were that the school administration focused too much on sports involvement/funding and not education and that the campus is more or less filthy due to all the garbage.
if you are an athlete you will have a great time at PV, but if you are not be prepared to have none of the teachers or staff care about you. A lot of the teachers, especially the english teachers, suck up to the athletes and let them do whatever they want. Social hierarchy is crazy at this school and only the popular people matter at this school.
Great school with great teachers. Very dedicated people work there. School life is decent, with available extra curricular activities that provide things to do outside of class. I would say there is an average amount of classes etc available. There is a fair amount of diversity in students, I liked most of the teachers as well, and most importantly I felt very safe. Of the schools in Chico, I think PV was the best all around school.
I love the atmosphere at PVHS. The students are kind, the teachers are more than helpful. Everyone goes out of their way to help if you need it. The events are fun and inclusive. There is a space of the campus for everyone.
PVHS is a pretty good school. I liked all 4 years that I attended. School spirit is pretty good. I wish more people dressed up during spirit days or that someone could have done something about the bathrooms or the giant puddles that would build up during rainy days. I think that the teachers are very nice and most of them did a good job being involved with students lives. The classes are informative and for the most part interesting.
The school spirit is phenomenal. If you're looking for a school that is full of spirit and energy, you are at the right place. Games and rallies especially present the school's spirit. If you are looking for a school with ethnic diversity, this is not the place for you. Pleasant Valley does not present much culture on the campus.
PV High School is awesome! We have an incredible sports program, beautiful grounds, and great teachers!
I really love the staff and students at this school along with the many opportunities the school has to offer. The school has many great sports and clubs to get students involved. Although I do wish the campus could be upgraded.
We felt really welcomed to this school and the culture. It has a great campus family and a great website that keeps us parents very informed.
I feel challenged in my courses. Teachers are responsive and caring. School culture is positive. Athletic department is strong. Friendly staff. Safe campus and town. Community based feel.
Some solid teachers. Graduated back in 2013 and all I can say is that without this place I never would of truly fallen in love with film-making and wouldn't of started going to film school. Mr. Peck is what I owe that too.
There are great educational opportunities, a wonderful staff, many clubs and activities, and a vivacious student life. Not only is it in a safe area, but there are many fun places to go nearby such as hiking trails, the creek, downtown, and lots of cheap food places.
Pleasant Valley High School is very nice. I enjoyed my freshman year. The academics are challenging and the teachers are very nice. I wish they had a serious dance team and had more opportunities for school-wide community projects. The sports teams are very successful and the school spirit is amazing.
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I loved that the teachers were always there to help you and almost all the students are very into rallies and sport events. Academics is always the number one priority for students and teachers.
Pleasant Valley High is a fantastic school for any student. There are a wide variety of opportunities for each student to further their education and adequately prepare for college and their future goals. In my experience, I was able to explore several different possible careers paths to assess for my future plans, and was given the necessary tools and aid to do so. The school campus has a very positive energy with opportunities for athletes, and students pursuing the arts and music. There were also many active clubs available to students. I give this school such a high rating because of my own experience being such a memorable one. I received a lot to helpful information that helped me choose my career path today, and really set me up for success in a professional setting.
I attended PV for 4 years and had the greatest high school experience. Everyone is treated like family and there are many opportunities to get involved.
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