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Horrible school with many many teachers that don’t care about the students. They’re too worried about the dress code instead of actually teaching. The school is corrupt and the money they ask us to donate they end up pocketing (I know this from and inside sources I have a friend who’s family member was a teacher for many years here.). The athletic department is awful. The trainers are from coordinated health and are god awful and do not know anything. They do not put any money or time into their sports teams and a lot of the coaches are horrible especially the basketball ones. And the football team is trash they just take anyone they can because nobody even plays football anyone who tries out makes it. And the cheer team is awful too. They show favoritism in all of their sports teams rather than looking for students with skills.
The school it self is large. The classroom are fairly big with being able to fit about 30 students. The school has 2 different gyms that allow the town to use the gyms for the sports.
Most of the teachers are outstanding and go above and beyond their requirements, however the atmosphere could be improved greatly.
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Terrible School, more concerned with dress code than academics. They will send a student to in school suspension for the day just because his shoe laces are the wrong color.
I've been in the school district since 1st grade. I've seen the changes they try to implement for safety and to make everyone's time at school better. However they cannot control who other students act and that, made many of my experiences poor in school.
Some of the teacher, coaches and administers won't like you if you don't have one of the typical last names. But there are also the teachers that will want to make you learn and make the stuff your learning fun and interesting. These teachers will also help you as long as you try.
Pleasant Valley is a school that has several stellar teachers, and a few that simply do not seem to want to be there. The staff has made sure that the classes fit the needs of the students, organizing the students into classes where everyone is going at the same pace. Many of the teachers are willing to work with students to ensure that they are successful in their learning environment. There is a plethora of clubs, activities, and sports that are available- and should a student be unable to find a club that suits their needs they are welcome to introduce the idea and found a new club. The teachers and the administrators do the do the best that they can to make sure that students will be prepared for the future A wide variety of classes are also offered to suit the specific needs of the students. The food provided is not particularly noteworthy, being neither excellent nor horrific. Many of the parents feel left out of the loop, and there is minimal parental involvement.
The school is in rural PA and thus is a reflection of such. Although low in diversity, the school, compared to its surrounding/competing districts, is high up in academics. The AP and Honors classes are, for the most part, where the academically gifted students find those they can have an intelligent conversation with. However, and "normal" level class or elective is usually long, drawn-out, and dumbed down for the general student population.
The Ap teachers are great, and there are many AP opportunities. The scheduling is almost effortless for the students. The workload depends on the class load, but many students aren't too overwhelmed. We have an exchange program with Germany, and many students take advantage of these many opportunities.
Though there are exceptions, most of our students are acception to all races and backgrounds. They're enthusiastic about activities, and I've never felt pressured by anyone here.
We have a wide array of clubs. Science club, chess team, nhs, envirothon, nmhs, nahs, language honor societies, diversity club, Gay Straight Alliance, SADD, FLBA, Leo club, and many more. Students are enthusiastic.
I suppose most parents that are involved with the pto care a lot.
As an AP student, I've spent many classes having the same teacher more than once. This being said, almost every teacher I've had while attending Pleasant Valley High School has had a passion for their subject matter, was knowledgeable and up to date with their topic, and was approachable and helpful to their students.
I really enjoy the variety of learning programs to choose from. The dress code was not my favorite but the great teachers made it easy to look past that.
Bullying is not a huge thing that I've noticed. Everyone is required to wear an ID and visitors must sign in and have an ID before entering the school. Overall, the school is pretty safe.
There is a broad range of extracurricular activities that many great teachers take part in. Some of these clubs include SADD, FBLA, and NHS. FBLA and SADD are two very popular options.
The teachers at the school are very qualified
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They are very reinforcing bulling and health
I would choose the school again because there are very good teachers there and want the kids to succeed
I've had great moments in the school's broad range of after school activities.
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