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This school is just wonderful with many great teachers who really know and teach their subjects well. The atmosphere is nice and friendly and academics, arts and athletics are all valued!
I am the parent of twin seniors that who've grown and flourished throughout their 13th years in the Pleasant Valley School system. I have been extremely pleased and proud with my experience throughout their education and how they've helped my children gain integrity, morality, kindness, respect for others and themselves, develop great character, retain wonderful memories and have lifelong friends. Thank you to all the staff and administrators for all your hard work in helping my children become wonderful adults.
Pleasant Valley had many different classes to choose from and some very nice teachers. Unfortunately it was also kind of clique-ish.
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I loved PVHS. I had teachers that I became very close with and over all, the teacher actually cared about you and your performance in their class. For the most part, you knew most you your classmates even if you didn't get along. The fine arts department was phenomenal. The band is still one of the most well known aspects of the school, but the choir and orchestra are also incredibly talented. I loved the art program as well and we were lucky enough to have teachers that poured their heart and soul into helping shape us and the program had good funding, unlike some other schools. At PV, they prepared us for the future and college in a way that many people at my current college were not and for that I am extremely grateful.
I was suppose to graduate early. I ended up getting turned down, because I'm open enrolled. I enjoyed very little and I'm glad I'm almost done with the school. There are a few perks of the school, such as two of my favorite teachers and my favorite assistant principal.
Pleasant Valley High School (PV) offers a variety of ways to prep the students for college. I found myself enjoying classes, but also struggling with them, which taught me "how to fight" in a class and seek different ways of succeeding. The transition into college is not easy, neither was it perfect, but I do believe that PV offered me enough academic opportunities to "dive into" college. If I were to give someone an advice before going to PV, it would be to be patient with yourself. PV is an extremely competitive school, where most students are at the top, rather than average. Sometimes, I did find myself feeling "below average", but the school provides tools to help each student grow in his/her own way. This would be the only complaint I have about the school- it is more competitive than necessary, but again, most students are at the top because of that.
PV is truely unique in that the whole culture values intellegence. I am always pushed by my peers to preform better. This is unlike other schools where often smart kids are labeled "nerds" and idiocracy reigns supreme.
This school was great because it helped prepare myself for college and the real world. I went to Pleasant Valley my entire life, and I met some of my life long friends there. It was a family in the classroom and out of the field as well. The teachers there cared for me, and wanted me to do the best I possibly could. I received an ample amount of help, and learned a lot of basic skills.
I like how great the academics are in Pleasant Valley. The only thing I would like to see a change in is the diversity.
PV is a school that has great academics and many clubs. The school tries hard for student engagement with spirit week, Power for Parker, award ceremonies, congratulating students over announcements, diversity months, and interactive posters. The racial diversity is a bit lacking, but I feel that is more due to the area the school is in rather than racial bullying from students.
Pleasant Valley had great teachers and a great community. Tons of great athletic coaches and consistency among teaching high-quality classes. Administrators were excellent.
I enjoy the upbeat teaches and the caring students who are there for everyone in times of need. I look forward to coming to school each day, excited and expecting my teachers to challenge me in more ways then one.
Never had an issue with my personal safety
I've enjoyed my time in them.
The various activities and students are accepting
The teachers have a high knowledge in everything they do. It is a great experience in these classes and they like to add fun things in it too
Most of the students at the school are involved in clubs. In terms of demographics I would say that the school is mostly white with minorities. All students at the school are very accepting of each other. No matter what kind of person they are everybody has friends at school.
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My experience at this school is one of the best I ever had. It's really easy to get involved in clubs and other activities, the teachers are top notch; Pleasant Valley High School wants all of its students to be successful no matter what and that is something that I really like.
The academics at PV are some of the best. The curriculum is challenging, but well-taught. Students are very prepared for higher education after graduation.
While the school is not very diverse, people are generally accepting of others. However, there are always exceptions.
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