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Pleasant Ridge High School Reviews

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Pleasant Ridge High School is a very good school all together but just like any high school there are things that can change. For example the way our teachers teach are not exactly good ways. Some teachers want to be like college professors so that is how they teach their class, but other teachers slack on the important stuff we are suppose to know and go into depth on the topics that aren't as important. Now our school isn't all that bad. We just got new water fountains (which we have been needing for a while) that can also fill up your water bottle. We also got a lot of new equipment and a brand new make over for our weight room! Altogether our school is excellent and they gave us just as much opportunities just like the other bigger schools in our area.
I really enjoyed going to Pleasant Ridge High School because it is a small school but has lots of opportunities.
Pleasure ridge park is an amazing school because you basically have your freedom to do many different things. There are several clubs, activities, and sports to join. The teachers are respectful and they will help you one on one to get your grades up to where they need to be. We are known for our outstanding students, teachers, and staff. Everyone is always there for each other and provides amazing care. I’m a senior now and I can say my experience was a journey that will always go with me. I drive to learn new things here at pleasure ridge park everyday.
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This high school creates a family environment. The teachers take time to learn about what you go through and teach you not just in school, but about life. The help you learn about everything.
I enjoy the teachers there. They're all nice and with the small class sizes, it's easy to get the help you need. Being from a small school, though, you don't get many choices in electives and I feel like I haven't been able to take electives that I need for the major I want to go into.
Pleasant Ridge High School changed me for the better. I was so nervous and anxious about school and people at school.
It is a small school where everyone knows everyone. Teachers care. Everyone helps when there is a crisis.
The teachers are very friendly. It is a very nice environment. I have attended Pleasant Ridge all of my schooling years.
I had excellent teachers who took extra time out of their day to help me on any subject matter. they genuinely care and are very flexible with students who had busy schedules.
Although a few of us had different economic or ethnic backgrounds, we were hardly ever made to feel more or less important or popular than someone else. There will always be those few students who may be considered more or less "popular" but popularity was being yourself and accepting people of all backgrounds for the people they are beyond those qualities. Those of us mature enough to see through to the actual person always seemed to have the most friends because cliques and popularity sub-groups didn't matter when it came to quality human beings. Peer pressure was average but most students surrounded themselves with positive peers and role models. Rarely was ethnic diversity or sexual orientation an issue due to the majority white, traditional, country population that made up the majority of our school.
There was never a time where I didn't really feel safe at school, however bullying was an occasional issue. More security measures were taken in the last 2 years utilizing cameras and a school resource officer. Essentially the school is very safe, with rare cases of fighting or bullying in school.
We have a wide array of clubs and sports that are limitless to how many we can be involved in. I was a student athlete involved in 2 volunteer clubs, FFA, NHS, Art Club, Co-Exist, and Scholar's Bowl while participating in whatever sport of mine was in season. Other clubs include Band, Choir, Newspaper/yearbook, Student Council and Theatre. The most popular options were RADD and RSVP; both of which were clubs for volunteer projects.
I would go to this school again but I think I would also like to have gone to a larger high school, however this would limit some of my athletic opportunities because in a small school, anyone who wants to be in a sport is automatically on the team. Few of the athletics at my school required tryouts. I think this was very good for the student body and one of the big reasons why many of the students were successful student athletes and most of those student athletes ended up earning better grades and higher GPAs than students not involved in sports or a club. This school is unique in that it has a variety of students despite its small 3A, barely 4A size and the teacher to student ratio is always low. Rarely were there much more than 20 students in a class.
Reflecting on my high school years, I think PRHS really has a great tremendous teaching staff, there are few teachers who did not become friends of mine who were not flexible with my schedule and understanding. I was very involved in NHS, FFA, 3 clubs, and I was always in a sport. My teachers understood my busy schedule and If I could effectively communicate with them, we were almost always able to find a way to get everything done on time in a quality manner. I specifically remember a good handful of our teachers showing genuine interest in making sure that students really understood a topic and catering to our different learning habits. My school was small and we didn't always have the best technology or the most "cool" classes, however I had a quality experience and often visit my high school to drop in on those teachers who made a difference in my high school career.
We have kids carry knives and the faculty doesn't say anything
Most of our teachers know what they need too. Some of our English teachers are not good.
Most teachers don't care. Our English teachers are costing us when it comes to our ACT scores and how well we will do in college English.
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It's a very small and friendly school. The teachers are great and the class size is small. Wouldn't have traded it for the world.
Wish their were more challenging classes
There were definitely some things I didn't like about Pleasant Ridge. This being said, looking back, there's nothing I would want to change about my experiences there. I made lifelong friends. I grew up and went to school with classmates that seemed more like family than anything else. I constantly watched as people put others first and said something when others weren't. I built relationships with my classmates and teachers that made me look forward to going to school everyday. My roots are planted in that school, and town, and I have gained the knowledge and experiences to grow and become who I am supposed to be, and I will never forget where that started.
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