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Pleasant Plains High School Reviews

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Pretty meh. The food is descent enough and the new additions to the building are nice. Some teachers are good, some are meh. Also a very prviledged school that enables laziness. Lot of white farm boys, and no real diversity. Most students are narrow-minded and only care about doing drugs or other stuff.
The school was really small so I got to know everyone. The teachers are great and I'd recommend it to anyone.
My experience at Pleasant Plains High school on scale of 1-10 would be a 6. I had just an ok high school career and liked most of the teachers. I was involved in several sports while in attendance there. I think that i would say the experience could have been better if certain issues were better disciplined. Bullying is an ongoing issue everywhere. I was a-kid that was bullied. It is hard to stay focused and excel in all things when you feel low and unaccepted by your peers. Also, when telling a teacher or administrator and nothing is done about it because of who certain kids are. Its an ongoing issue that I am not sure how to solve if all kids are not treated the same way and receive the same discipline. If all kids are not subject to the same standards, how can there ever be justice and a no-bullying policy? It is an ongoing issue at all schools and needs to stop.
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The new updates to the school are very nice and promote a productive learning environment. A small amount of the teachers care deeply about promoting a fun, educational environment, and care about making sure students understand the curriculum. There is very little diversity. The school is safe and there is a decent amount of student involvement in school activities, academic and athletic. Also, the food is better than average and there are many options.
There were some courses that need some work, but overall it was not too bad. The teachers want to help students so they usually stay after school or come in early to provide the students with help.
I believe overall PPHS is a great school and great teachers. I was bullied all my life at plains but overall the academics were still good
Most teachers are very knowledgeable, and will help students to understand, but they lack the real world applications needed for students to succeed in life.
The school is warm and inviting and has a great college feel to it. The teachers are very interactive with the students and the communication is excellent.
Pleasant Plains High School is on the edge of improvement. With a 13 million dollar addition, the school is looking much nicer! The student body is mostly friendly and the teachers care for their students.
I love my high school. I would not consider switching to any other school. I love the history, culture, and comradeship felt here. I really like that AP classes are available, which is a track I am on. Many of my friends also take part in Dual-Credit and the Dual-Enrollment programs. My absolutely favorite thing about my school is the Project Lead the Way program, or PLTW for short. That program is responsible for my immediate addiction to the STEM field. Starting in eighth grade with the GTT Middle School program, I reserved a spot in my class schedule every year for a PLTW class, whether it was IED (about designing and solving problems) POE (learning about different disciplines and applying math and physics to that discipline) or DE (where I fell in love with electronics). I couldn't be happier, and the athletics are decent as well. The Marching Band is cheered for as well as the football team, something not every school can say.
There's something for most interests
We have a new principal. He seems more casual than our previous one.
Teachers range from those that go above and beyond to those who do not show any concern for their students
My team is so nice. The coaches are nice but work us hard and my teammates have my back no matter what.
Most of the coaches and sponsors are super nice. I have not had any problems with my sponsors and/or coaches
The food tastes terrible. Some of the food that is served is green and you can't do anything about it other than throw it away.
Most of the Pleasant Plains students are into drugs. The peer pressure in the school is high but you have to learn how to say no.
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Could use more administration support, but good variety of extracurriculars
School of white farm boys
The technological resources are slowly becoming better and more available to students.
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