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Pleasant Hope High School Reviews

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I liked Pleasant Hope because it is small, this allows for the class sizes to be smaller and better. I would like to see more AP classes added and better facilities in the years to come.
I love how this school is small and tight knit. There are just the right number of students per teacher and the learning environment is friendly and personable. There is a lot of variety in the extracurricular activities and it is easy to become a part of anything. The faculty is one of the best I have ever seen and the school itself has character.
Pleasant Hope has many opportunities for students and faculty alike. The teachers are always willing to help when needed and the athletics department is still growing, yet exhibits strong camaraderie.
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Bullying is not a very large issue at Pleasant Hope High. The school nurse is good but is not always available, as he spends half of his time at the middle school because he is the nurse there too. Visitors are required to sign in in the office, and students and staff are required to wear ID cards at all times. There are security cameras throughout the school, and the doors lock during classes and can only be opened from the inside.
Some organizations are better than others. FFA is the largest and most active organization at this school, and it is run very well and has many activities for students to participate in. The sports at this school are generally below average. Some, such as track and field and softball, are better than other sports, but in general the sports in Pleasant Hope are not great. Most clubs are fairly well run but some do not have as many activities as others. Student participation is not high in some clubs, however FBLA, FCCLA, and FFA have healthy participation in most activities.
Pleasant Hope High School is alright as a whole. The quality of education is not the best available, but it is not the worst either. The school administrators and teachers are friendly and helpful for the most part. There are many clubs and organizations for students to participate in, the largest and most active being FFA. If I could do it over again, I think I would choose to go here because I like the smallness and familiarity of it all. The teachers know all of their students by name, and they are able to give each student the personal help and attention they need. Most students know each other, and the size of the school creates a close atmosphere.
I have learned so much at this school. I have been taught by some wonderful teachers, and have been given great advice. I have made amazing friends, and learned not just educational things, but things to use in life also. Joining Student Council my freshmen year was one of the best things I have ever done. I reached my goal of becoming a student body president when I won the election that day of becoming student body president it was the best day of my life honestly. I will always be a Pleasant Hope Pirate. Once a pirate always a pirate.
Most of the teachers are very caring, but others don't have the experience to push you forward.
We are not a very big school, so there are not as many things offered, such as foreign language and things of that nature.
My high school wasn't very spirited, so not very many people got involved. Each year there are less and less kids getting involved and getting excited for their high school.
There is hair in the food. The food is uncooked, the cooks are extremely rude. We have no choice in what we eat and there are barely any snacks that we could buy .
They did nothing to help students prepare for college. I felt like I was in kindergarten trying to go to school with adults. It was very difficult for me.
Most of our policies I feel are pretty standard and acceptable. Nothing really I feel is out-of-line. Faculty members are good about not letting kids get bullied and taking care of any problems that occasionally occur. The dress code is usually controversial with some students but I feel that the teachers are correct in this case.
The teachers here overall I feel are pretty good. A lot of them have been around for a while. They all have their own specific ways of teaching and I do prefer some more than others but as a whole I feel that my teachers are very good at educating us as students. They are very knowledgable and some you can tell are very passionate about the subjects they teach. I feel that all my teachers are interested in their students and being from a small town really do care about all of us. They have always, I believe, been fair to all students and are consistent in their grading.
The food here is just satifactory for me. Usually I feel they do a good job of incorporating different types of healthy food. For lunch we are given two choices of main dishes to chose from with healthy sides. Most of the time we also have the option of salad. The majority of students however, buy packaged foods and soda from the school store or purchase items from the ala cart.
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