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I liked that it was such a small school and that the teachers cared for the students and did anything to help them thrive. Everyone new everyone and even the teachers new every kid by name and that’s how they were called besides hey you or something besides their name. I would love to see the school get another building for high school though. Although it is a small school the students are constantly growing in number and the hallways are getting harder and harder to get down because there is so many people trying to fit in one hallway.
Pleasant Home was a small school with amazing teachers and staff that always kept you informed and involved with everything.
Pleasant Home is a very small school, and in many ways that's a good thing. You're closer to your teachers and classmates than you would be in a larger school.
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My experience at Pleasant Home has been one I will never forget. There are many things about this small school I have grown to love. Although it had its up and downs just like any other school would, I never once doubted that attending this school was a mistake. All teachers knew you by name and cared about how you were doing. I believe that this small school allowed me to have a close connection with teachers and full availability to get the extra help I needed. This school has prepared me for college in more ways than one.
I am a senior at Pleasant Home School and have spent my entire school life here minus two years. In the two years I was gone, I came to the conclusion that Pleasant Home is the place for me.
It is small but that is one of my favorite things about it. Growing up in a small town and attending a close knit school, you know everybody. While that can have its pros and cons, I personally wouldn't want it any other way. I know most of my teachers personally and know that I can trust them if I ever have a problem. Our staff works together to make sure every student has a safe and enjoyable learning environment.
I am thankful and blessed to be coached, taught and loved by the staff of Pleasant Home School. My parents attended this school and my children will also. There's no place like Pleasant Home!
Over all I would say that I have had a great experience at Pleasant Home. It truly feels like home, and there is no place I would rather graduate from. I have enjoyed all the faculty and other students at Pleasant Home. I am super excited to be graduating as a Pleasant Home Eagle. There is really nothing I would change about the school, I hope that one day other people will be able to say they had the same joyful experience I had.
It's a small, friendly school and everyone is so sweet.
good for the size school that it is
not a lot of demand. very small school in rural area
Football team is young. But there is alot of school spirit and support
Teachers are caring, but unless a child is in the lowest percentile with a disability they seem to ignore it. There is a community atmosphere, the school is safe and overall a good school.
It is a good school but if you have a child with a learning disability however you can have some challenges. My oldest, not Sera has a learning disability and I have struggled with them to try to help her and honestly was very disappointed which some of the responses I received.
I have never heard of such things at school.
The administration doesn't actually care about the students, they only care about themselves and making themselves look better. They are mainly there to get experience to qualify for higher positions, say at the Board of Edu..
I love this school, no matter what happens everyone mostly gets along with each other. It is a small school so everyone has to kiss and make up eventually.
The teachers are something else. They don't know what they're talking about about half the time, we spend the vast majority of class talking about something completely off subject. These things may sound like a dream to most students, but it is hurting my GPA in the long run.
I don't play sports, but from what I hear it is an alright program. The teams enjoy it and so do the crowds.
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I love playing sports here. The only down side is the community isn't always behind you all the time, especially in football. But other than that, i love it.
Bullying is not tolerated. they keep a close watch on what older kids do to the younger kids and make sure they are taken care of. They watch what you wear fairly closely also.
The food is good. No its not as good as home cooking but the lunch ladies do put time and effort into it to make it as good as them can.
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