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While Pleasant Hill's academic (and to a degree, athletic) programs tend to be fairly limited, its shortcomings are more than made up for by its strengths. It has a wonderful staff and administration who genuinely care about students, in addition to a fairly close community and coaches who also find ways to get involved. These positive factors also help build the school's academic and extracurricular opportunities. In the past year, introduction of an agriculture program, robotics program, expansion of health sciences, and planned growth of the math and science programs have also occurred. I'm glad I went to Pleasant Hill, and it's only getting better.
A good school with teachers genuinely interested in helping their students. Some teachers are more connected than others, and some are more involved with their classes than others. The kids are pretty nice and the community isn't bad either.
Pleasant Hill is a tight knit community, and it's the same on campus. We all know each other's names and are very close. I've been with the same people since first grade. We all look out for each other and continue to be involved in many school activities with students in our class.
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I have a strong love for my community. We are very close and come together at a moments notice for anyone in need. My family grew up here and I am thankful to be a part of this community and school district.
Our school is very sports oriented and there is little emphasis on clubs besides organized sports.
Due to how small the school was, students were forced to get along with each other. This meant that there were fewer cliques and bullying was not nearly as serious a problem as it is in many larger schools.
Some teachers are better than others. One of the biggest factors that help show the ability of the teachers is how the students treat them. There are teachers who are liked by the majority of the students and then there are teachers who most students want fired.
We don't have any problems for the most part so they don't have good secruity.
I'm only apart one one club which is the robotics club. I would join more but there are none. We don't receive enough funding and we don't even meet at the school because they don't want to provide us with space.
The teachers aren't the best and the school isn't very good but the people are nice. The counselor tries to push community college and if you aren't doing that then she doesn't really try that hard. I feel like they can do better.
The teachers are all very friendly at PHHS, the classes are all different and interesting and the learning environment is positive and nurturing.
Bullying at my school is not tolerated at my school. The school nurse is amazing at his job and he sacrifices a lot for others!
I love the extracurricular activities at PHHS! The sports and activities are meant to include everyone and they are very fun.
My experience at PHHS has been magical so far, I'm sad my time here is almost over. I love going to my school, everyone is so full of spirit and everyone is very supportive.
I love the teachers at Pleasant Hill High school! They are amazing, funny and very helpful. I will miss them all when I graduate, but most of all I will miss my History teacher Mr. Meinzen.
I love this school. The small & tight-knit environment is wonderful. The teachers know you personally, and th relationships created are very helpful in the enjoyment of your schooling.
Our sports have a lot of involvement and motivation. The players and coaches are competitive, have positive attitudes, and work well as a team. Part of the reason that these teams are so invested in their sport is because of the school spirit from the audience. As a school, we work together to pump each other up, whether you are a player or a spectator.
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Of all of the friendly and inviting administrators, the school guidance counselors stand out to me. Other than their daily tasks, they are always there for students as a reliable friend.
National Honors Society, IMPACT, Cupcakes for a Cause and Reach are some of the volunteer based clubs. Anime, Chess, Snow Club and Ascensions are some others that allow students to express their hobbies with their peers. Whatever club you are a part of, you get to decide your own time commitment to the club and how many clubs you are a part of. The administration is quite involved in each and every club.
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