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The staff at Pleasant Hill High are super nice to students, and the office staff have proven to be very attentive to parent concerns (for example: I had broken a bone on a school trip, and the principal would take notes in regards to my mother's concerns about how teachers handle accidents).
Actual Rating: 3.5
The teachers are great. It's the curriculum that sucks. The teachers are not given enough information on some subjects and honestly, aren't given the most effective ways of teaching the subject. The teachers are there to help you about eighty percent of the time, which is nice. I think they understand that some subjects are hard to grasp and that's also their job to help us out. Great teachers, sucky curriculum.
To my knowledge, our school is very accepting of other people. We always have at least one new student a year, although, we always have people moving away too. We usually have a foreign exchange student every year as well, and everyone is always very nice and kind. Some even make a new best friend. Although our school is primarily white, we accept people from all over.
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We have a lot of extracurricular activities, but the majority of the school is in band or choir. I'd say about 1/3 of our school makes up the band or choir. We have clubs like DECA, FFA, FBLA, art club, Rachel's Challenge, SADD, etc. I'm one of many who participate in band, but I do not participate in any of the others. As far as I know, attendance for clubs is good, but there could probably me more participation.
Throughout my almost four years of high school, there have been many great things and some not so great things. Like any other school, Pleasant Hill High School is trying their hardest to make sure we are prepared for college/real life. The school offers as many dual credit class as they can, but being from a small town and school district, we are limited. On the down side, there will always be the occasional drug bust or someone's carrying a knife scare, but what school doesn't have those? The only real downside is that the teachers are not provided with enough information to really teach. They do the best with what they have, but I think that our curriculum will always be behind.
Can be in more than one activity at a time. Teachers work with students to fit their schedules
Top notch! Care about students and quality teaching
Large enough to offer several different activities but small enough for everyone to participate if they want to.
The teachers and staff members care about the students. It is a small community and school and you feel a sense of family. Our daughter has had a wonderful school experiences with her grades, show choir, track and softball.
The teachers and other staff are great at the school. They do the best with what they are given. The problem lies more within the curriculum. The teachers can only teach what they are provided with and told to teach. It's not their fault if it's not necessarily up to date with other schools in our area. The staff themselves do a great job with teaching and giving knowledge though. They do their absolute best to try and provide us with what they know and ways that can help us retain the information.
Students here accept pretty much anyone and if they don't they are still nice to you and there is really no peer pressure during school, most of that happens outside of school with drinking and other stupid stuff.
Some teachers are more knowledgable on their subject then others and teach very well and other teachers don't teach as well and I feel I'm not getting as much knowledge as I should in that class.
My school does not tolerate bullying and makes sure all its students are safe at all times. It is very hard for an intruder to enter the building and there is no bullying since there are teachers pretty much everywhere in the school at all times.
Most of them include great coaches but I do wish we would get more sports at our school such as tennis perhaps.
All parents even my friends parents will help me if I need it, weather it be getting food at my wrestling tournament or informing me on a school related topic I missed or forgot about. The parents are very involved and have a huge impact on other kids and the school.
Most of the teachers here at PHHS will do what they can to help students grasp the concept and help students who are struggling. I am very appreciative of most of the teachers here in school.
I feel fairly safe at school. The doors remain locked during the school day and visitors must sign in. Bullying is a problem and perhaps an anonymous threat report system would work, but currently there is none. There are no metal detectors or security or police but I would hope there would be no need for them.
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I wish we had a bit more of a variety of clubs and activities at PHHS. A dance team is one I would have liked to have seen before I graduate and I would have happily been a part of it. Show choir is the activity I've been most involved with in my four years at PHHS and I've very glad we happen to have a show choir program, as most schools don't. For the most part, we have your basic clubs and activities such as sports and the popular FFA, FTA, DECA, ect. but I would have liked to see a bit more variety of options available to students and perhaps I would have participated in more activities in high school.
Pleasant Hill has been my hometown forever. I was born and raised in this small town and it's all I've ever known. It may have it's flaws but it's really grown on me over the years. The community is very closely knit and everybody knows everybody else. The main activity I participate in in PHHS is show choir and we're very fortunate to have a show choir program where most other schools don't. I toughly enjoy the privilege of being in show choir and I love that Pleasant Hill of all places has several active show choirs who actively compete across the Midwest. While our school lacks some of the benefits bigger schools get to enjoy, I have grown attached to my small community and have for the most part enjoyed being a part of it.
Most teachers really genuinely care about you as a student and will do their best to listen to what you have to say. Majority of teachers do a good job listening to student feedback and doing what they can to accommodate everyone. Teachers are very open and honest with students and treat them with respect.
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