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I have been honored to be part of a family type setting. I have enjoyed the friendships that I have made with faculty and staff as well as with the students. Pleasant Hill High school is like a big blended family. I rate my overall experience with Pleasant Hill High school with a 4. I have been nominated Homecoming King, All State in basketball and Mr. PHHS during my career her at Pleasant Hill High School. I feel like I have gained a lot of respect from the students and staff at Pleasant Hill high school which means a lot to me. I have enjoyed my school over the last 13 years of being a student here.
We have a really great nurse! Just the other day hoghschool virls were called into an
Assembly to talk about hygiene and taking care of our selves. I tend to think that our
School is a safe place. Our teachers are caring and have the best intentions.
For the most part a variety of students are present when it comes to ethnicity. But sometimes other views are not understood nor accepted.
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Most of the teachers at my school are well-educated and have a respect for students. They care about their jobs and are good at them for the most part.
Many of the teachers here love their job and will be willing to help any student that is in need of assistance. We have honor classes here and I am enrolled in some of those.
Athletics at my school has always been very important to the community and probably always will be. Mostly everyone in town comes out for the basketball games.
School is school. And every school has it's own set of issues. I do enjoy a small atmosphere and I take advantage of knowing everyone. I do not think I would change schools if I had the chance.
I believe that my school is a safe school. I attend a small school so there are many accessable ways to leave the school if ever in danger. We have practiced fire drills so we are well aware of what to do in an emergency situation.
The foods are unhealthy for the most part and are sometimes not prepaired properly. The food types are average but nothing to be in first in line for. The food makes you feel extremely full and tired.
There are few after school programs, but there are many students involved in those that are availble. These activities are mainly sports which include basketball, softball, track, field and baseball.
Most staff are willing to help or at least try.
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