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Pleasant Hill High School Reviews

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Very small school where a student gets a lot of 1 on 1 time with teachers. Academics are okay at best. Pleasant Hill High School doesn’t offer the variety of classes as seen in schools like Pittsfield High School. The teachers go above and beyond in activities and the content they teach, as most books are outdated. There are very few teachers, so they are often class sponsors who have to manage time between fundraisers and grading. The facilities are in terrible condition. Some windows are unsafe to use and the air conditioning is literally non-existant. A wall in the school is also falling down. Student life is okay in this school. Most students are involved in one activity or another.
Personally, I enjoyed going to this school. You never had to worry about failing or receiving bad grades. The teachers always go above and beyond for the students to help them. One thing I would like to see change is the course work. I would like for them to challenge us a little bit more.
The teachers are pretty good. Some have been her longer than others. I like it here because it is small and homely feeling.
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The extracurriculars are vast. They have almost every sport here except for golf, wrestling and a few others.
There are only a few teachers at my school that I feel like I learn a lot from. The rest I feel like they give me the answers.
We do a pretty good job of accepting everyone. There are some groups that stick to themselves but everyone pretty well talks to everyone.
Not everything we eat at the school is like a homemade meal that mom makes, but it is all eatable and really does not taste that bad. Most of the time I get enough to eat that I will not be hungry until after school.
Pleasant Hill High School is a very unique school. It is very small so you know everybody personally. You have a lot of friends and are always accepted. It doesn't have any involvement in the arts due to the size and lack of money. Overall a great school and a great town.
The teachers are very caring at our school. They are always there to help you with work or just to talk to you about an issue you have. They are very knowledgeable and always have very interesting activities and lessons. Most of the teachers grew up around the area so they know the issues we are going through and they are always there to lend a helping hand.
Not alot of diversity and if your different good luck.
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