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I truly loved pleasant a lot, however there is a bullying problem that needs to be fixed. The music program is pretty good, but there needs to be more funding for it. The sports here are well loved but can sometimes be prioritized over other things that need more attention. I wish there was an orchestra program when I was in high school but that was one of the first things to go when budget cuts were made.
My experience so far at Pleasant High School has been great. With the Great Teachers to help me keep my grades up and me involved with the sports is even better. The administration and environment is great to be around.
A VERY large majority of the students are straight white people. Being a minority is a silent stigma people are often joked around with. Anyone who is not 110% straight is outright bullied and made fun of, and anyone called into question on it is bulled "just in case". It's abominable.
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The scheduling process is easy, however it is easy to lose out on classes you want to take or to get locked out of classes. The guidance counselor is willing to cut a few students here and there to accommodate certain periods for other students. In classes, the material is vigorous and the homework/tests are nonstop. The work load easily becomes overbearing and you need to have known material before it was taught or it becomes tough to understand. There are very few options for class, because almost all of the advanced classes are scheduled in the same few periods, forcing kids to seek PSEO or off-campus classes to fill a schedule.
We recently hired a full time security guard for the district. The doors to buildings are all locked but students opening the doors for strangers is a large issue. As well, once a visitor comes to a door and buzzes to the office, they unlock the door remotely and just HOPE the visitor comes into the office (which is down the hall from the door) to sign in.
There are many, many, sports to choose from at Pleasant, although there are relatively few academic activities to participate in after school, merely robotics/book club/mock trial.
This school is going downhill. The staff are getting antsy, the building itself is falling to pieces (50 years old and very few renovations), it's always a freezing temperature, and the new administration is in constant fights with the student body.
A lot of the teachers try their hardest, despite setbacks in pay and many more classes being added to the curriculum.
There's an attitude problem at this school along with outdated ideaology on dress code. We had our homecoming for 15 minutes before everyone left because of the new principal and the AD. Our football team has gone down the drain while most of our teachers are leaving. They see what's happening to our school and they leave while the students are stuck at the school. The teachers have every right they are paid horribly. We also have religious posters up everywhere that should not be allowed since this is a public school.
So far, my experience has been alright. We have many faculty members this year though, ones that are very... hard to get used to. But the sport events are always fun, and there are always many activities to get involved in. Mock trial, Teen Institute, the musical, softball and moot court are my favorite to participate in. One of my leave favorite things about this school is the favoritism towards the athletes.
I would choose it again. The academics and athletics are great. They have outstanding math and art teachers.
The school has a few really great points that outweigh the negatives.
There are plenty of options, and everything is appealing to look at..
When they see a problem, it's corrected. The staff tries to keep things in check.
Sports are a big deal at this school. A lot of students keep their grades up, just so that they can play.
Some of the teachers try hard, and some of them just don't care.
Sports: basketball, golf, softball, baseball, soccer, football
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There is plenty of potential.
There are enough classes offered to keep you busy, but there aren't as many as one would hope.
Other than the doors being locked and visitors needing to sign in, there is no other security.
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