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Pleasant Grove High School, located in Texas, is a nice place. Like any school, it has its questionable moments, but overall, not bad.
The school is very nice and brings me pride to be a part of. You can see a smile on peoples faces often. The athletic program is where we strive most, with our football team going to state multiple times and winning some of those times.
The relationships with the students and teachers are amazing which makes the learning experience so much better than it should be. Being able to go to this school has taught me a lot on growing up and using my brain to its full capability. Pleasant grove high school is definitely a school I will recommend to anyone for their kids. There is no change other than the food.
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I went to Pleasant Grove since I was in the 3rd grade. It was an alright school, but I would like to see more diversity within the students and better teachers that are actually familiar with the topic they are teaching.
Pleasant Grove is very involved in the community. The only issue is teachers and principals. It is a very expensive place to go to but it is worth it in the end. There are many great programs to be involved in.
What I like about Pleasant Grove High school is the well funded departments such as the arts, technology, and sports. With these programs being well funded it gives the teachers and student the ability to be learn creatively and excel. They also invest in well qualified teachers who know what they are teaching and are passionate about their jobs. Lastly, they care about the safety by having campus police that constantly patrol the campus.
High Striving, but low funded. Students are typically viewed as exclusive, or privileged, but all backgrounds are represented.
I love the atmosphere at PG. I've been a student here since Kindergarten and have made many friends due to the friendly environment. I've also enjoyed being in the classroom because the teachers are so nice and helpful.
A lot of different faces, cultures, ethnicities and exchange students.
Great award winning sports, fine arts, band programs.
Some parents are preppy. Some parents get their way because of people they know. The rest stay quiet.
They are average teachers. Some go above and beyond.
The teachers I have had the past few years have truly taught me the fundamentals for being successful. They want you to do your very best and they will help you do so. They challenge you to trying and doing things you never thought you could. Through college applications, they have also been extremely supportive. My teachers have left a lasting influence on my life.
Pleasant Grove High School gives us many opportunities in furthering our education. They help us connect with our community by doing service projects and holding community wide events such as Fields of Faith. Through my years of high school all of my teachers have always put their students first. They believe that by the end of high school we should be well prepared for college. My school also has many clubs and organizations. I am currently the HOSA Club President and I have enjoyed getting the chance to understand the views of the medical field. One experience I loved at my school was going to football games and seeing the student section packed and the bleachers filled with cheering fans. From Colorguard Captain to band nerd, a PG Hawk is who I am and I would do it all over again.
The school is small enough that the teachers, staff, and everyone that works in the office knows all of the students. I have always felt safe at school.
There are a lot of extracurricular activities to be involved in and thee entire community is supportive of all of the athletic teams.
I've got a great group of friends and have enjoyed attending Pleasant Grove.
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The staff and people I have came across are good people to help you be guided own the right path
The school is mostly white with a few other races. Few are gay, but most people are accepting of different people.
Most of the students are alright and the police officer is probably enough for the school's defense. No need for security. Some of the students will inevitably make bad decisions and the high school has lectures and programs to bring awareness to it and tries to limit it as much as possible.
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