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The Teachers work Hard to make me fill safe and to help me learn more about who I am as a person. They also have and amazing Choir program at the School That is lead by Jim Wilcock .
Like in most schools the teachers will range from "life changing" to "the bane of your existence". My 2 favorite things about Pleasant Grove High School were the P.E./Wrestling coach (Brock Moore), and the Concurrent Enrollment program in conjunction with UVU. I was able to graduate with a 3.9 GPA and with my Associate in Science from UVU. I was never offered drugs or alcohol while going here. I firmly believe that at this school if you search for the help you need, you will receive it from somewhere, whether it is the free tutors or just getting help from a teacher after school. Food was trash though.
I have loved my experience at Pleasant Grove High School. The school has amazing teachers and staff members that are dedicated to student success. PG had all the classes I needed to earn my Associate's Degree concurrently through Utah Valley University. Besides academics, the sports teams, music programs, and theatre always perform well in state competitions. The school spirit is inclusive and fun. The school is focussed on giving back to the community. There is a new charity effort going on every week and at the beginning of the second semester, the school holds a Save Farris dance that gives all proceeds to a child in need. I am so glad I got to go to Pleasant Grove. I will always be a Viking!
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It was okay. Not special but decent. Good people good community. Everyone is loving and outgoing and the school colors are great and the vikings are awesome and our wresting team is amazing.
the school it’s self is very big but the teachers could care less about their students. as a transfer student i have seen many bad things at my current school than my old school.
I enjoy the school spirit and culture. People are very friendly and the extra curricular is great. We have some great programs and I'd like to see more recognition for all the hard work students put into projects and events.
The whole student body. We should be more aware of students health, both mental and physical. It’s a great place for learning. I would like to see our principal working more with students instead of making rash decisions. Students should have their opinions and solutions heard, not shut down.
It's a very friendly atmosphere with a lot of great teachers who care about you and your experience! There are a lot of academic, musical, and sports options available to everyone, as well as countless extra-curricular activities. Bullying was very rare. Overall, it was a great experience and I will always be proud to be a Pleasant Grove Viking!
I have the privilege of going to PGHS, & the experiences I've had there have not disappointed. The teachers are inspiring people who make me want to become better every day I am there. The environment is very positive & I feel openly accepted when I fail at things or need help with something. Definitely been one of my best life choices.
I enjoyed my time at Pleasant Grove High School! There were definitely teachers and experiences that weren't perfect, but overall, the classes were good. There was a lot of school spirit, and the administration and student council planned fun activities to be involved in. I'd say my least favorite subject was English; I had a teacher I didn't like all 3 years at this school. I didn't mesh well with their learning styles, and one teacher had a back surgery and was gone for most of the year. I still felt like I learned the material in my English classes though, and I finished out with overall good grades.
Pleasant Grove high is the absolute best high school in the state. I've loved being here every year I have attended because everyone treats each other as family showing respect and love to everyone we come in contact with. I feel like there is little to no bullying here and everyone doesn't discriminate based off looks, gender, sexual orientation, race, etc. We are all family and are together as a whole.
My experience at Pleasant Grove High was a great one. I loved how the teachers always found ways to help you understand the subject of the class. The counselor's really try and help guide you in finding what career path you will take. My senior year I went to MATC Technical school and my counselor helped me fix my scheduled so that I could finish highschool and technical college both at the same time.
I absolutely loved my time at PGHS. It was so fun to be involved in clubs and activities and sports. The best part of PGHS was definitely the teachers. We have so many incredible teachers who are ready and waiting to support us in our endeavors. Love this High School!
The Pleasant Grove High School is a community supported school. The community is greatly involved in its success. Constant donations and support at events from the community encourages students and makes a big impact on our learning. There is constantly service projects run by the student body and the clubs and teams that give back to the supportive community. One of the best things academically about Pleasant Grove High School is most of the classes offered at PGHS is concurrent enrolment through UVU. This allows the students to receive college credit for high school classes. This allows for a big academic boost. The community is largely members of the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter Day Saints, and is represented with a seminary building just off campus. Even if you're not a member of the church, the high values and morals are contagious making for a morally clean and vulgar free environment. Pleasant Grove High School is for everyone.
Pleasant Grove High School is a Great School. There is Heaps of student clubs and opportunities for students to excel. The environment is open and easy for one to make new friends. The class choice is extensive and offers a wide variety. The teachers are my favorite part they care about the students success.
I definitely think they try there hardest to give kids the best learning experience. They push kids to become the best version of themselves. This school has amazing teachers and kids
It was an amazing school. There are great teachers and an excellent place to make friends and to learn. There are so many fun things to do, whether it’s going to sports games or joining a club you will find your place
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PG High has a history, it has been around for over 100 years now, but because of renovations and the way the school is designed, it does not feel like an outdated school. The faculty were always friendly and personable.
Pleasant Grove High School is a great place to attend school! The teachers are incredible and want to help you succeed. The Math department is phenomenal and they have an incredibly high pass rate for the AB and BC Calculus tests. The arts are incredible and award-winning. I loved attending school here!
I transferred to Pleasant Grove High School only 3 weeks ago at the start of this school year but I already love it! Every teacher, student, and faculty member, I have run into so far have all been incredibly kind and helpful. Their music programs are the best out of any others I have participated in, every single teacher cares about each of their students and strive to help them succeed. The student body well represents who we are as a school and as individual students. Pleasant Grove High School is my favorite school I have attended yet and I can't wait to see what the next two years at PG will bring to me!
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