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I have never had a bad experience with a teacher or a student here. Everyone is so uplifting, and all of the teachers are willing to work one on one with the students to make sure everyone understands. The classes are amazingly fun and so are all of the activities. Pleasant Grove by far has the best events such as dances, spirit week, and sports events. You cant find a better student section anywere. The school facilities are nice, clean, and well laid out.
It's a fair high school, as a student who attended the full three years here, I wish I'd have gone to a different school from the beginning. Some painfully bad teachers, some incredibly good. Counselors and assistance are okay at best, often unavailable, often incompetent.
It is a great school home to a wide variety of great teachers who care about the students. They all try to have every student succeed.
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I’m a senior at PG and play football, and am on the school and state hope squad. I’ve learned a ton of lessons going here, I’ve learned how to handle trials and take risks, every day I walk into my school knowing I’m going to walk out with something that will make me grow. I’ve made connections with people that will stick to my heart forever, I’ve learned that everyone has hard things in life, I’ve learned to support others, and be there when they need a friend. I’ve learned that growing isn’t about who the smartest person is, but about the person who can brighten someone else’s day just from a smile. I’ve learned not to judge off what the have, money, looks, interests, and I’ve also learned that judging isn’t a bad thing. I’ve learned that judging someone is something you have to do, not to bring them down, but know how to raise someone up, to know how to connect and touch a life.
My experience wit Pleasant Grove High School was great. I liked the atmosphere of the school and how helpful the teachers were with tutoring and helping me to understand the subjects I didn't know. The school was kept in good shape, there were lots of fun activities for the students, and the teachers were overall friendly. There isn't that much that I would change concerning the school. It was a great experience.
I loved going to this High School! I enjoyed going to school each day, and I felt that the faculty and staff genuinely cared about the students and their education. The biggest issue with the school was the drug issue, its was always a focus and it had a negative effect on the social aspect of the school.
Pleasant Grove High School is a place of learning and opportunities. Due to the large amount of students that attend this school, there are many options when it comes to extra-curricular activities. There are diverse likes and dislikes, making it a place where most people could find friends that have similar interests. The teachers at Pleasant Grove High School are overall interested in their student's success and want what is best for them. They are willing and able to help students on various levels of learning.
I really enjoyed my time at Pleasant Grove High School. It was a great atmosphere and I made a lot of friends. All of the teachers were very nice and I could find my way around the campus easily. The only thing I would change is the parking. It is very hard to acquire a parking spot with the limited parking options.
Pleasant Grove High school is a wholesome community. The drama and choir departments are excellent. There are many opportunities to participate in various councils, clubs, and sports.
At my school everyone knows everyone and we are all friends, I don’t thibk I had one day where I didn’t get a hello or high five in the hallway. The teachers are great and they connect with most the student so it’s never a dull day in class. Our student body president is the nicest person I’ve ever met and the student council and hope squad are some of the best leaders.
It’s been an overall pretty good experience here at PG High. The teachers all nice for the most part. And I love most of the classes I take.
Great school for those interested in sports, they do very well in wrestling, baseball, volleyball, and have good programs for the other sports as well. The teachers and staff are helpful and friendly, and the school has many recent updates and renovations so its a nice place to be.
It was overall a great experience attending the school. The staff and faculty were amazing and totally willing to invest in and help students at an individual level. Extracurricular activities were fostered by the administration and supported by the student body. Overall, the environment was very positive and enriching.
Great school, very nice facilities and dedicated staff. I had a lot of great memories at this school due to the great teachers, coaches, and other faculty members.
My experience at Pleasant Grove High school has been amazing. Everyone is so kind to one another including administration, teachers, and students. We are the mighty Vikings and we are dang proud of it.
I loved the academics here. It is full of teachers who really care about the students developement. Several of the teachers there have helped to shaped my life and have become my role-models. They created a fantastic atmosphere that promoted learning and prepared us well for college and the future.
I am currently a Junior at Pleasant Grove High School, located in Pleasant Grove, Utah. Pleasant Grove High School has made my high school experience incredible. It has given me the resources to become a better student and individual. The staff and administration instill in me a love for learning, and I am continually inspired to achieve my academic and personal goals. I would recommend this high school to anyone and everyone. I have had an amazing experience thus far and I am grateful I have even more time to learn and grow.
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I love Pleasant Grove High School! The students are amazing! There was such a friendship there between the whole school. The teachers all love the students. Athletics are decent--volleyball and wrestling usually take state!
I had a very good education through Pleasant Grove High School and I was able to easily complete all of my credits. My counselor was amazing at helping me get ahead by getting me signed up for online courses.
I went to this school for all my high school years. This school had very nice facilities (classrooms, gyms, and hallways in very good condition). The students and teachers had a strong sense of community. The clubs are very diverse and fun.
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