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This is only my second year at Pleasant Grove High School. I have enjoyed it very much so far. The resources are much better than those from my old school. If I would not have transferred to Pleasant Grove I would not have known about Dual Enrollment nor gotten half of the opportunities that I have. I am very grateful for the Counselors as well because they are very informative.
The thing I love about Pleasant Grove are my friends. My favorite things about the school are more social and less academic. But there are some academic aspects that I enjoy. I love my core classes (I'm an advanced student) because I feel like they really challenge me to actually study like I'm supposed to. I also like some of the teachers and how they go above and beyond to help us students. And the ACT prep is pretty good. But, unfortunately, I feel like there's really not that much opportunity for a student who might want to do something different. Coming from an artist, I feel there isn't that much attention on the field I'm interested in, or music or programming and things like that. The bigger focus is on athletics, science, engineering, medicine, etc.
i really enjoyed how involved the teachers are in our life. they really work hard to keep a positive image and attitude toward everyone. the one thing i would like to change is the offered programs i feel as though i should be more things to be apart of.
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My experience at Pleasant Grove High School has been my top favorite. There's just something about the atmosphere and the people there that makes me feel so comfortable and at home, like I've truly been a Spartan during all of my school years. However, there is no love without constructive criticism. As a student, there aren't many opportunities for aspiring astists, photographers, writers, etc. There should be more focus on the students' interests for future careers. Also, the students themselves need to participate in school functions and activities. The students are, of course, the heart of any school, and their lack of participation and enthusiasm can be a real letdown. So, while I love Pleasant Grove High with all my heart, there definitely needs to be improvement from both staff and students.
I graduated from Pleasant Grove May 2018. This school was the true definition of high school. We didn't have much excitement other schools did but we learned to be accepted into clubs. Pleasant Grove was more of a liberal art school many students had talents. instead of pushing our dreams away they embraced it.
I really loved the band program. It is where I spent most of my time with my friends and we were like one big family.
Small school. Great teachers overall. I had fun. It’s was easy to get involved in whatever you were interested in.
I love my teachers and how easy it is to get involved. You can decide what you want your high school experience to be like and Pleasant Grove offers many opportunities and much support. I would love to see a little more unity between students at Pleasant Grove.
Pleasant grove is a very nice environment to be in. The teachers work with students no matter what it is.
I was student there and honestly the school is rubbish because they teacher don't even care to teach anymore all they do is give projects and work packets and they expect student to learn like that. Most kids there have no manners always running there mouth and cursing all the time. The kids now come to school high and smelling like marijuana so if i was you i would smell my kids clothes. Also the teachers do have favorite students and will treat other bad but give special treatment to the ones they like. Honestly i hated that school and would of prefer to go to either Bessemer or Hueytown.
I have had a pretty decent experience at Pleasant Grove high school. It is an okay work environment majority of the time. There are a lot of teachers that actually want to teach the kids and try to help them get ready for their future. I would recommend getting parents to be more envolved with some of the things that go on.
Pleasant Grove is a great school. Teacher are very helpful, love the school been going here since I was five years old. Wouldn’t change school for anything.
My overall experience had its ups and downs socially and academically. Some of the teachers did not teach to properly prepare me for college, I basically had to learn, through the grades I've gotten on papers, how to properly write a decent paper. Some teachers were rude to students, there were few that I could really count on to help me through my high school experience.
The school is very safe, has sports, and extracurricular activities. Also, lots of award/recognition programs.
Pleasant grove is an interesting school that has you to be like wow what a great school that makes you ready to learn. I would improve the school lunches, educations, student and teacher relationship, etc.
Pleasant Grove High School is where i spent my entire high school career. It is a a nice supportive community filled with wonderful people. It is a fairly large school with just around 500 students. It has many great teachers that have been there for many years, and they are great at their jobs. Although I have had my fair share of bad teachers, it doesn't take away from how great a school it is. The only bad thing about the school is that it does not have a plethora of elective to choose from like most other schools in the area. This is a great school overall though.
I am joyed every opportunity that I had at Pleasant Grove. I look forward to using my education to expand my career and my future
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The hardest AP classes come when you get to you Senior year. Pep rally's are whatever you make them and it's like family there everybody knows everybody.
Pleasant Grove High School offers a wide range of activities and programs for me to experience. Such as art programs, honor society, FBLA, Bowling, Debate club, and other select areas of involvement. The teachers are certified, and is always prepared for any questions or concerns that a student may ask. Our principals have a great sense of strictness and understanding when it comes to their staff and fellow students. The Office administrators and counselors constantly updates the school on college opportunity's, and advice for a bright future. Overall, Pleasant Grove High School is a great place for a student to receive great education, and leave with wonderful momentum and knowledge of the outside world.
The safety qualities at this school are very well , but the health is not as good as it should be .
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