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I like the high school experience that Pleasant Grove presents. The administrators work hard to ensure we have a safe and secure campus where we can achieve an excellent high school education. The administrators also help us towards a successful future.
I think that coming here and making friends was an amazing experience, and the academics were great. I had support from pretty much everyone while I was there.
Staff mostly just cared about the appearance of the school and not the actual students. Sports were put above everything else and got most of the funding.
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The teachers give students a lot of help even if you need more help they will stay after school for you. The sports are so good specially football season every one in this school stand for each other. You will never feel alone.
Pleasant Grove was a school built in a upscale neighborhood but it wasn't all what it was expected to be. Staff showed favoritism, allowing kids to ditch when they felt like it. The parking lot didn't fit the cars on campus so accidents were happening a lot. Pleasant Grove put up a tacky cheap fence and set up around the school making it look and feel like you were in a prison. The kids were all privileged and stuck up with their high designer clothes and no respect for anyone. Pleasant Grove gave me a poor experience of high school.
Whill attending Pleasant Grove High School, I really enjoyed my classes because most of the teachers at the school are excellent. The teachers are very kind and active and they are willing to help any students at all times. I also enjoyed attending sporting events and school dances as the school always puts in maximum effort into making events fun. Pleasant Grove is an amazing school and I would not change anything about it except if I could go back, I would join one of the schools many clubs.
Recently, Pleasant Grove High School became synonymous with "the racist school of Elk Grove". A student from our school brought national attention following a video she posted where she used racial slurs and harmful language. While I'm not proud of this event, Pleasant Grove's response to the situation is something I take pride in. Our school placed cultural sensitivity as a necessary part of our educational environment. Pleasant Grove held a forum where both students and parents could voice their experiences and opinions regarding our current school environment. A group of students came together and formed a committee where we could openly discuss ways where we, as peers, could grow as a community. We celebrated Black History Month as well as Asian/ Pacific Islander Month. Rather than accepting an improper label placed on our school due to the mishaps of one student, the entire student body came together in an effort to accept and even embrace our cultural differences.
It’s not horrible, but there are definitely better high schools in the district such as Franklin. It is pretty rigorous compared to the other schools though.
Pleasant Grove offered many academic and social opportunities. Most of the teachers are determined to see all of their students succeed, so they will offer tutoring for extra help. There are also a variety of clubs on campus and sports that students could join or support.
Pleasant grove wasn't too pleasant to be in ;). However, I did at least learn how to identify an isosceles triangle along with having the gracious opportunity to meet very kind and inspiring teachers.
The teachers for the most part were very kind and very funny. Most of them are super funny and know how to make class interesting. The food at lunch could be better but the outside lines are the best. The people there are really friendly, in my experience and they are pretty chill. Obviously, there are still fake people and people that are rude but just choose your friends wisely and you have a recipe for fun for 4 years. The club’s and extracurricular activities and sports are pretty good and I definitely recommend joining some! I feel like the general thing here and everywhere is that people will treat you how you treat others.
Pleasant grove high school is a very good school. From the friendly atmosphere to the amazing teachers, they really help you accomplish a lot.
My personal experience at Pleasant Grove has had its ups and downs. The academics at this school are fantastic; I always felt challenged in my advanced classes and enjoyed the majority of my teachers. Diversity wise, Pleasant Grove is not very diverse which is felt throughout campus. There have been issues regarding race that just recently gained huge media attention. The change I would like to see at this school is a more connected campus. Students and faculty need to have a greater trust and understanding in order to break down barriers that have affected our school. The reason I gave the rating “very good,” is due to the teachers I have had, the friends I have made, and the success I have had academically, although I know other students face obstacles which may lead my fellow peers to rate the school differently, a problem which could be solved when the school is unified.
Pleasant grove was a pretty good school. The admin is to strict and the rule are excessive. Somewhat racist school. But at least the academics are good. Lots of rich kids also.
Pleasant Grove High School is an academically challenging school that does its best at preparing its students for the future in college and life after. However, it has been facing a lot of racial issues and i would love to see solutions to these situations.
I like most of the teachers at Pleasant Grove, they are very helpful and always are willing to give you extra help(most). Although I believe there is too much parent involvement, especially in the sports. The kids that attend are not the nicest people, with lots of drama. Academically the school is good, athletically and socially not very much though.
My experience at Pleasant Grove High School has been a wonderful journey. Overall, as a senior now, I admire how teachers try to encourage their students to ask for help even if some people are shy to ask. When I was a freshman, I was scared to tell my question because I did not want to seem like I did not know anything. However, there was one saying my former teachers and my senior year teachers said that even smart people say their questions when they need help. And so, I began to ask questions without any hesitance. Because of their encouragement, I realized I was no longer shy and had the ability to voice out more. The most thing I want to see changed is the idea that a student can take as many AP classes as they desire. I believe that students should be limited to only 3 AP classes since some students partake in extracurricular activities and the toll 5 AP classes can do to a student is horrific.
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There is a lack of diversity. Although once a year they address it with a multicultural assemble, in retrospect there is very little regard to a lot of racism and hate crimes that happen on campus.
Pleasant Grove has gone through a lot of controversy and a lot of friends say they struggle because of the teacher's poor teaching, however, I personal have managed through and have been able to have good academics.
Pleasant Grove is a very good school that challenges their students academically. I have had a great experience here in the three years that I have been here. However, I would like to see our school become more unified.
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