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i have been at PHCA since preschool and the elementary years were great. the teachers were personal and were great teaching but when i moved to highschool it has its pros and cons. pros would be classes are small enough to be more personal and ask more questions. but the cons first is the class choices there are barely any extra classes it's just the set standard and that is one of my biggest frustrations. And the administration wont do anything if you have a problem , if you have one good luck getting any help on it and the discipline is a joke there are some things that they need more discipline but they are almost ignored. and with being a small school rumors spread FAST even if they aren't true people will make something up bad about someone and everyone will know about it by the next day.
I am a senior at Plaza Heights. My experience with this school has been mostly positive. The teachers are extremely supportive and caring. However, the discipline and the administration are not very good. It seems to me that it doesn't matter what you do, if you yell loud enough you get your way. I believe that this is just the administrator's fault and not the teachers. I believe that a change in the administration here would help make an average school turn into a great school.
Plaza Heights has a good learning environment in which you can develop personal relationships with all of your classmates and teachers. However, it is a small school so there are not very many class options to further your education.
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This is really small school. All the teachers are kind and willing to help students. The problem is that our school does not offer many classes. I had to take online classes.
Plaza heights is great because you are really able to bond and connect with your teachers and your class. Being able to talk and make an impact on the younger kids is great as well. I love that I am able to worship freely.
Really great teachers that really invest in students lives. Not as big so less opportunity for big colleges.
Plaza offers a highly academic program while teaching biblical truths. The small classroom sizes ensure your child receives individual attention. The students I have met are kind and respectful. The staff and teachers really get to know and care about the students.
My child has consistently scored well above average on national testing since attending this school and my child has grown leaps and bounds in their faith and understanding of the bible. I highly recommend this school.
Our son has attended PHCA for several years. We really like the "family" atmosphere and chance for every student to participate in many activities. Being a follower of Christ is emphasized in all we do.
This school is amazing! The faculty and staff truly care about the students! This school is a blessing and a wonderful christian environment to raise kids!
The teachers are hit or miss. Some are great and care about the students, others are flat our rude. The worst thing about going to this school was the way they treated everyone like a small child. If you were in first grade or a senior you are treated pretty much the same way. The schools building has problems in almost every room. The teachers are not paid what they deserve at all. There is bad communication between school and its parents/students.
I like how close and personal the classroom setting is, because I feel like I am important. I do feel that they need to better prepare the students for college. A lot of activities we do are unorganized, and the teachers are very obvious about who their favorites are. I would not choose to do it all over again if I had to. I am very glad this year is my last year. I graduate in May!
Plaza Heights is a small school and our sports are very important to us. This year our varsity girls basketball team won the 1A state championship for Christian high schools in Missouri. Our boys soccer team took 3rd in 2A state, our varsity boys basketball took 5th, and our baseball team took 4th. Physical education, and weightlifting classes are offered and sports are heavily encouraged. Being a smaller school, we all stick together like family. This makes a great culture for school spirit!
The buildings at Plaza Heights are nice, but could be improved. We also have a full computer lab. Plaza Heights offers small class sizes with teachers who are always willing to give you the 1 on 1 attention you need to succeed. The support system at Plaza Heights is incredible. If you ever need anything, there are always caring teachers and even administrators who will stop what they are doing and help you. I've never seen another school quite like this one.
At Plaza Heights I was always served a balanced meal with fruit and vegetables that fueled me for the day and always tasted great.
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