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With a recent change in administration, I'm optimistic about the future of Plattsmouth High School. Changes are being made to make the school a safer place to attend. Teachers make an effort to invest in you if you're willing to invest in yourself and your education.
My school was alright my freshman year but then after that it started to change every year. Our school hasn't been run the same in 4 years. It isn't a bad school, they make sure that everyone succeeds, but it makes it hard when it is constantly changing.
The teachers are really nice and they care about your social life. The teachers are very helpful with homework and your home life.
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Plattsmouth High School is a very supportive school. Any issues or downfalls of this school can be related to many. The kids aren't always under control and some of the teachers are just there to spit information at you. It is important that we have teachers that are willing to bond with their students.
I liked how the teachers interacted with the students and built relationships with them. One thing that could change is to offer more help for the students struggling with a class, so more tutors and study halls.
I like how we do things other school do not. An our school is different in a good way they make sure the kids at our school have fun and enjoy school.
I like how the school is asking students to help change the school, instead of changing something without asking students. I wish that students would get more involved and actually care about school.
The teachers and faculty are generally good people. The school offers a lot of sports and other extracurricular actives for the students as well. Also we have fantastic facilities, our gym is a building itself. It towers over many other schools gyms, and we have a large walking trail that surrounds the property showing off the new football, softball, and baseball field.
I loved being able to go to middle school and high school in Plattsmouth. We have a very tight community. It was really fun to be able to go to school with the kids that I have grown up with. The school is smaller, which I liked. I knew everyone in my grade and that was very important to me. The teachers are very friendly and always willing to help you if you need it. It was nice to be able to develop relationships with various teachers throughout the year and they will have an everlasting impact on me.
I enjoyed getting to be a part of the band program as well as being able to take AP courses and gain college credit. I appreciated the teachers and guidance counselors always being available whenever I had questions about college and whenever I had an academic issue with one of my classes. I didn't, however, like it when they took out the AP Biology course as well as the Physics course so there wasn't a challenging science course that I wanted to take my senior year.
For a Class B school, Plattsmouth offers a decent amount of courses, programs and activities. For the most part, teachers and Admin. are great to work with and try to help the student to the best of their ability. The coaches are great and care a lot about their athletes (in and outside the classroom). Parent support is wonderful in all areas (sports, Arts etc). Downfall: Academics! Not enough recognition given to students who excel & also not enough classes for those who want AP or Honors courses. Also, some sports are funded & supported more than others.
Plattsmouth High school has been a great experience so far. I have met a lot of great people and learned a lot from my teachers and students. Every teacher wants you to do great, so they prep you well. They dont't give up and help you no matter what the problem may be!
One thing that is good at Plattsmouth High School is how all the teachers are willing to help athletes even if the student is not in any of their classes. The music department (choir, band, etc.) is well-rounded.
My experience at Plattsmouth High School was an organized chaos. As good as my grades were, the social aspect stunk and teachers often struggled on ways to end bullying.
By far, this school was one of my favorites to attend. However, the administration doesn't seem to be at all concerned with my actual education. I understand that discipline is necessary, but if the discipline gets on the way of my education, I don't agree that it should be allowed. I believe that this is a wonderful school, but the administration needs to start focusing on how well the students are getting an education rather than how disciplined they are, and maybe the drop-out rate would go down.
Teachers and staff members that currently are at Plattsmouth High School do the best they can to help the students learn and become mature young adults.
many student are there to learn with goals towards college entrance, some students are just there without future goals. Some ethnic diversity with absolutely no racial bias or feelings between students, staff, etc. Multiple foreign exchange students every year.
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security officer in building every day, very effective. Some kids participate in minor drug use and alcohol consumption, many students are athletic and very smart and not into that. No metal detectors in the building, random locker and car searches if probable cause is suspected. Random drug testing required for athletes. Rarely observed fist fighting, but never observed any type of weapons used. Overall a very safe school, administration does well to ensure student safety.
Lots of opportunities in athletics, lots of school support for athletics. Many academic clubs as well, maybe not as much support and recognition of academia however.
The parents of student athletes in every sport, band parents, and spirit squad parents are extremely involved and support all of the athletes (students) and all of the clubs. All of the parents who ARE involved, make a huge difference in the students success.
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