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Plattsburgh senior high school has been crucial in my own development as a person in the past years, the school and the faculty have been really good to me in many ways. whether it was to help me understand what i needed to do in order to maintain a good GPA
Overall I had a pretty good experience, however there are a few things that could be fixed around the building and there are teachers that can be rude and condescending(very few) but besides that it's pretty decent and considered the best in this area.
I love that there are so many CAP, AP, and extracurricular classes. Senior privileges are being slowly taken away. Soon there will be no senior release or allowance of seniors to come in late.
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There are a lot of opportunities available with the number of classes and extra curricular's offered.
I am currently a senior attending Plattsburgh Senior High School. Through out my high school career, I have felt the education at this school is very thorough and a step in the direction for college readiness. The teachers are very suite for there jobs and care about there students and want them to succeed. I’ve enjoyed the classes they offered such as graphic design as a computer class. AP and CAP courses are offered for different subjects allowing students who would like to have a step up on preparing for college a chance to do so. I think if there should be change, it should revolve around activities and making budget increases for necessary classes.
I had an amazing experience at Plattsburgh High School, it is truly a school where everyone fits in and feels welcomed. It offers many different courses and has many opportunities. The teachers are great and very helpful. It isn't a big school so there is not a lot of diversity, however it being small is also an advantage to it.
This school is okay I guess. They offer many advanced classes including honors, AP, and CAP courses. The teaching staff is great!
Its close to Plattsburgh state university. There's is a lot of good activities and sports you can get involve in.
I have enjoyed and learned a lot in my four years at Plattsburgh High School. The teachers are always there to help you when you need assistance. I took challenging courses which should help me prepare for the college level.
I would choose PHS over and over again. The students and teachers were all extremely nice people and I couldn't have had a better environment in which to grow up.
My high school teachers were fantastic and prepared me well for college.
every year theres a little bit of a mess up in the scheduling and it usually affects one fifth of our school at most. but you still have to go to guidance and fix it, which can take a while.
There are two types of teachers at this school: those who are teaching because its their passion, and those who teach for the money. My current global teacher has worse grammar and spelling mistakes than a student in elementary school, and has no clue what they are teaching. You come across this type of teacher quite a bit, so much so, you become reliant on going o other teachers after school, or buying a review book for that subject. We do have teachers who teach flip classrooms which i personally like, and am glad that our school has variation.
Our nurses are great, we do have a part time cop at our school, and we have security cameras. Not a lot of bullying in our school. Our water bottle fountains are sensor activated and eco friendly and we have very good janitors. I think school is generally safe except for the kids who smoke ecigs, weed and cigarettes in school, which can be bothersome to students.
We have a wide variety of clubs, but not many teachers want to run clubs.
There are many extracurricular to choose from at Plattsburgh, and unlike most other schools in the area, most everyone is involved in multiple things or one big time commitment, like Drama Club, so it's not considered "uncool" or "for weird kids." This is something I have observed in the attitudes of most students from schools around here. And thus, we have one of the best and largest drama clubs in the area, a Science Olympiad team that goes to states every year, and many other new and developing clubs.
If this is the area you live in, Plattsburgh is the best you can possibly get. As an antsy graduating student, it would be very easy for me to simply say "terrible, don't go here, worst 4 years ever," but I would be lying and just speaking out of my excitement to go to college. The teachers and traditions here are things that other nearby schools just don't have. While there are teachers that are just terrible, the great ones are people you will remember and thank for the rest of your life. My classmates were amazing. If you're open to befriending anyone, you'll have a great time here. Isolate yourself and you'll pay the price. In terms of traditions and school experiences, I don't know another school that has something like Elf Day (you buy seniors and they're your slaves for the day, in the name of charity), or Mr. PHS (a Ms. America parody with male students from each grade), or the winter talent show (talented people doing their thing). We also just won the boys NYSPHSAA Class B soccer championship and are set to have a great baseball season. Parents and students show up in droves to get rowdy for our teams and make sure the other schools know what's up. That's it mayn. #PleaseDontSwaUs2k16
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Some teachers are amazing and others are just so-so. Usually you're stuck with whoever you are assigned, since oftentimes only one teacher is responsible for a certain class, as is customary with a small school. Even if you are only in AP and honors courses, you're still definitely going to have one of the lackluster teachers at some point. However, the good ones really make up for their colleagues' indiscretions.
The school is not likely to be threatened
Some clubs have been discontinued
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