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Platteville Middle School is a great school. They do a great job of keeping the classes small so that students get best education possible. Very encouraging to students that need a little extra help. They offer workshops/presentations for parents and the PTO does a great job of supporting the school.
I learned a lot about myself by going here and I hope other can as well.
I love the teachers at my school. If we were all kids in a school together I think we would all be really good friends. Also not all teachers teach the same so they all are very original and work hard to make certain parts of class engaging.
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I think that my school is very open to get other students involve. Yes, we do have the occasional bad apple, but the students are very excepting of one and other and they strive to make sure everyone is doing okay.
The current problem we are having with our athletics program right now is our need for space. The gym is just too small to fit 50-60 kids in which is on average the normal size of a class. Not to mention the space tends to get a bit dangerous with that many students in one place.
Personally, I love music so we have a school choir split at the grade levels and the teachers and staff for the music program are very supportive. If I didn't have their support I don't think I would have made it as far as I have.
The students and staff are only mildly concerned about bullying. The school mainly suffers from space issues due to a local school shutting down and all of the students moving here. Overall they do okay with the size that they have and work hard to add some technology into our education.
The teachers here are amazing. They do a great job at making everyone feel like they have the right to learn.
This is just a regular school lunch here in Wisconsin.. there's nothing special about it, but there's no negatives either.
We have good spirit and good teams, but some of the equipment could use a little love.
I always felt very safe while attending this school.
Teaches love what they do here... and they're good at it!
This is one area that could use a little work. Diversity is not very much at this school, so it's nice when we have a change.
This school is very welcoming and easy to come to. Students and staff are always willing and wanting to help!
So many activities going on at all times... from sporting events to book fairs, there's always something for someone!
This school is a very good one. The expectations of the students are very high which is a positive thing because it makes the students want to learn and do better. All members of this school are very positive and helpful. I would go back if I could, it was wonderful. I would give this a positive review anytime asked.
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