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I had an okay experience with Platteville. I became close with some of the staff here and had a good time participating in the theatre programs they provide. Although bullying here is a problem even if they deny it. They also dont quite care about anything other than sports. So the Arts programs dwindle.
I enjoyed my time here. It was the kind of school where you could be involved in everything. I did track and cross country but was also in the musicals and model UN. The teachers were all great especially my French teacher, Liz Peters, who made me fall in love with the language and decide to minor in it at college.
At Platteville, I was able to advance myself by being in music, sports, and other clubs. I was allowed to prepare myself for collage and many other life experiences. Many of the teachers I had had a great understanding of their subject and really cared about their students. I felt that the education I received from Platteville High School was the best I could have ever received.
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I like the small town feeling, and feel as though the school is one of the best in the area. If anything I would change the budget, to fund more school activities.
The staff are just phenomenal, and they teach so many great things. Teachers are able to relate current topics/would issues to the material learned in class. Some of the technology lags at times, which is why I gave a 4/5
I think it is a good school although if we are late "one time", we are given an in school detention. I think this method is very effective because it has truly altered my preperation skills into a better way. With that being said, i've had little to No Tardies through the 3 years i attended the school.
There are clubs for pretty much anyone's interest but in some ways, it isn't very clear to some students as to how to get involved with them. For commitment to the clubs, it is easy to be involved in them and still have time to yourself and time to join many other activities in the school.
I have really loved being part of the music groups here at Platteville. The events and classes in which I had taken part with those students and teachers have really been the most memorable for me, memories in which I will take with my the rest of my life. I wouldn't have traded my music teachers for the world.
Most of the teachers at Platteville High School genuinely care about their students and try to create relationships with almost every one of their students. They try and create a fun, interesting learning environment for their students, from making videos to giving scavenger hunts as to enhance their learning capacity on the topic being taught.
Can be difficult to get into some courses as the are only offered 1 time which conflicts with other required classes.
Administration are making changes to have strong teachers at Platteville.
I feel safe having my children attend Platteville Schools.
Overall this has been a great place to raise my children. Administration has been working to fix the needs within the district. Changes have occurred and continue to take place to make Platteville a great place to raise our kids. I would choose this school again if I had to do it all over.
Our safety is one of there many concerns.
There is lots of types of clubs from sports to art.
The atmosphere is great, and upbeat all the time.
The teachers want us to succeed and are helpful.
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I think that overall this school is one of the best, but it's not the best school in Wisconsin.
Very strict principal and discipline system
Coaches are engaging and can lead to great success and have great fields to do so on.
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