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Platteview is a very small school. I like that because I became friends with people in all grades. The hard part about the small school is that people have their cliques. If you are an outsider, it is hard to make friends unless you are involved at school. I’ve made a lot of friends through playing the awesome sports they have to offer and getting involved in the fun clubs. My favorite part about Platteview is the academics. I feel like I have been challenged in classes but have had a lot of fun classes too. Platteview offers classes that fit what anyone is looking for.
I love Platteview. The staff is so supportive and willing to reexplain confusing topics. The students are also well motivated and work hard. I would like to see more classes offered in order for all students to get more exposure before college.
The teachers at Platteview High School are very friendly and welcoming. Some teachers although cannot teach, and should consider how they run their lessons and classroom. Overall, I had a good experience here.
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Great teaching staff! Wonderful experience for kids in a small school. Excellent learning environment with improvements happening each semester. Lots of activities for kids to choose from to stay involved.
I love the education system and how they've added more teachers and courses. I admire how the new principal, Mr. Ron Alexander, wants to keep expanding academic studies and athletic performance. My overall experience with PHS ahs been amazing, I love the teachers and their styles of teaching and I've learned very well. We also have a "John Baylor ACT Prep" during our advisory periods, which I thought was a fantastic idea. John Baylor will really prepare us for the ACT. One thing I dislike about PHS, is a minor flaw. Some of the rules regarding dress code or behaviour is simply, ridiculous. They're just annoyances that don't really need to be addressed, just focus on our education.
Platteview Senior High School is one of the few high schools that genuinely care about the students and their future. The teachers are constantly asking for feedback from the students about how they can turn platteview into a better place, and the school is always adjusting to the students needs. Platteview is a very safe environment for all staff and students, making platteview the ideal place for learning.
I felt I got a good education at Platteview High School. During my entire education I made a strong connection with my teachers and I was able to get the extra help when it was needed. I was active in many clubs and sports which made it easier to met new people. It was a smaller school which was also very appealing to my education. The teacher actually took the time to know me and give extra time to get school work done when we had to leave for activities. It was a small community which was very supporting during my time there.
Platteview High School gives the students a small town feeling right outside of the Omaha area. Your child is not a number at this school, which is exactly what we were looking for. There are many activities to choose from, therefore, there many opportunities for every student. The teachers and staff really care about their students.
I like the small class size, the opportunities to get involved, and the community support the students receive at sporting events, band competitions, and drama events. I would like to see more electives offered and more honors classes at the freshman and sophomore levels in all core subjects.
I have always had an appreciation for the size of Platteview High School. A small community is a great place to get to know people and really feel involved within its society. I personally feel like I have received an amazing education because Platteview students are able to receive one-on-one time with their teachers due to its humble size. Our new principal has clearly seen our school's flaws and is ready to implement a positive change. Being highly appreciative person of the arts has left me with a slight disappointment in our school's previous recognition for it. As with many other schools, athletic activities seem to be the prime entertainment and sole purpose for school pride. I hope that in the future years Platteview High School grows a deeper appreciation for the band, choral, and drama groups within our school, as well as other non-athletic activities.
There is barely any bullying and the school is a very safe place to be apart of.
There are many different groups and sports teams to be apart of.
I would go back to this school and do it over again because of the close group of friends I met. Also because of all the activities I was able to be apart of.
It was a nice small school.
The principal is very involved. She sits in on classes, holds meetings every year to go over policies and what she expects of the students. It is a great refresher after long summers. She monitors hallways and is always there for help when she's needed. She is very friendly and so are other staff members.
Clubs like FBLA and FCCLA do a lot of out of school activities. They go on trips and attend fun organizations with clubs just like them! They meet tons of people!
Lots of activities to get involved in! Only downfall is that the sports are very competitive and the athletes have been on the team from the beginning. New players have to work hard to gain respect.
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Most of the activities are for athletes or for drama people, people who don't like either of those things don't really have many options of what to participate in.
We have a weights class and a lifetime sports class that offer kids the opportunity to be active during the day.
Student resources are readily available and helpful
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