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Platte Valley High School is a small public school in Kersey, Colorado. I had the choice to attend Platte Valley or a bigger school in Greeley. I wanted to be able to be a part of student council, various clubs, and sports while still having time to spend with my friends. What made me decide to go to Platte Valley was the "home town" feel. The teachers and students were very kind and welcoming and I knew that I had found the right school to spend my next four years. I have since enjoyed becoming the vice president of the student council and qualifying for nationals in FBLA. I love being able to know every student in the school and I have grown tremendously as a person and student. The teachers go above and beyond for their students and I would not have wanted to attend a different school.
I have been going to Platte Valley since preschool and I am a junior now. I have honestly enjoyed all my years in Platte Valley. There are quite a few sports programs, clubs like FFA, FBLA, Brain Bowl, and so on, with an overall friendly environment! I am a little bias because I have only known Platte Valley, but it really is a great school.
Great. I found places I could be interested in and scholarships that will help me get there. Now, I've applied for several and have opened my mind up to going to different universities across the country.
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The grading scale (7pt scale) makes it more difficult versus other schools. That being said you have to work harder to keep your grades up!
I really like this high school. For the most part, classes, students, teachers, all have been positive experiences for me. I would recommend this school to new students. I would definitely choose this school again if I had to do it all over.
I do not like lunches at Platte Valley. The salad bar is good, but some meals aren't great and are very small portion sizes. Not enough for the big guys.
Not sure about this topic.
We have passed a bond to improve the sports facilities so they will be greatly improved by the next school year.
The teachers at Platte Valley are very good. They are open to student ideas and conduct their classrooms in ways that allow us to interact with each other as well as the teacher.
FBLA is one of the clubs available at my school. We have a large membership with many active members. We have support from the administrators as well as the 2 sponsors and the other teachers at school. We compete each year at the district and state levels and each year have officers at the state level.
We do not have much of a variety at school. Its either the regular lunch or the salad bar. They do serve healthy options and I do see the accommodating t for food allergies. Most people with allergies bring their own lunch though.
Most students that get sent to the principals office have a long talk with the principal. Unless students have broken a big rule they don't get punished.
Sports are a huge part of this school. Majority of the students at this school play sports or have tried sports. The parents are always their cheering us on and students that aren't in sports attend games constantly. The sports and fitness program at this school is truly great.
I would have to say that the teachers were okay simply for the fact that there is a very vivid line between teachers. There are teachers who cared about really engaging us in their topics and others were not so interested in doing that. I can say all teachers did want to help their students out.
Extracurricular activities were always there. We had art guild, band, winter guard, and FFA. FFA was the only organization that really was praised by the administration and got the help they needed.
I feel as if I was pushed into a world that I did not understand. Everything in high school was sugar coated for us. The teachers were always by our sides helping us through everything. It was not a bad thing but it defiantly gave me a false sense of comfort. College was rough my first year. I had no idea how to study and I didn't have those teachers around to sugar coat things anymore.
Certain teachers were very helpful in assisting me in my goals. The FBLA chapter has many involved members and most get to attend the state conferences. The school has a very large and dedicated chapter of FFA. I would possibly choose to go to this school again if I could do it over since a smaller school has teachers who have more time to help out individuals.
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Many teachers are very helpful and positive, but some are not as organised.
The administrative staff attempts its best at helping out the student achieve his or her goals. Attendance does seem to be a bit lenient however.
The teachers know what they are teaching about and the work load you have is comparable to a college workload.
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