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Platte-Geddes High School Reviews

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I enjoy how involved the staff is with the students. It creates an atmosphere where a student truly feels like the teachers care about them. Teachers are always available to help. The community is small and supportive.
This school has many problems the students know but the teachers don't we need more communication
The school is such a welcoming place to anyone. When we get new students or teachers we always make them comfortable. What makes this school very unique is that it is about a 300 student high school. With 300 students they really become your family, you get to know everyone so well and always have someone to trust. The staff is also so amazing, whenever you need help you know you can ask them whether its dealing with school or out of school things. All the sports here in our school are for everyone and you don't have to be athletically talented to be in one. Our band and music has always been such a great experience in our school. I am so thankful I had the opportunity to grow up here and I would never change what I experienced I would certainly do it all over again.
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New cell phone policy, dress code no spaghetti straps shorts skirts dresses longer than fingertips, no tube tops
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