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I wish the building was more up kept and the administration listened to more of what the students wanted rather than what made more money.
I have gone to Platte County High School for all four of my High School years. I enjoy the diverse personalities and the common drive amongst most students to thrive. The faculty members at the High School also help motivate students to work towards their full potential and try to improve in places they don't feel as confident.
To put it very short and so that I don’t have to write a full essay on the amount of problems with this school; not everyone here is bad and the facilities are very nice, but it is very apparent that a political agenda is being forced upon the kids at this school. If you don’t support politics in schools, social justice, political correctness, or modern day left leaning ideologies, then I highly recommend you don’t attend this school or any public school in the “metro” area of Kansas City. It doesn’t help that it seems a lot of the time that the staff is somewhat careless and just want to go home, and that this school is rampant with and supports the sickening trends and rap culture that is popular today and introducing horrible charactistics into today’s youth.
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I had the opportunity to spend 4 years at Platte County High School and would do it all over again in a minute. The teachers really care about there students and want to set students up to be successful in school. The community support Platte County High School Academically and the students give back to community by volunteering their services.
It's a great place to be and with a lots of learning opportunities. All sports teams, which include: Football, Cross Country, Track, Golf, Volleyball, Swim, Basketball, Softball, Baseball, Tennis, Soccer, Archery, and Wrestling, have awesome coaches and all athletes are given the best opportunities to succeed. We also have an amazing Fine Arts program including Choir, Band, Theater, and Art. All of these programs have won many titles and awards plus is a fun and safe environment to be in.
Platte County High School was a great experience for me, I did well in school because the teachers were understandable and taught very well. You can make connections with them because they take the time to care and thats very important in a child's education.
College credit courses are offered through MO west university with many credit hours not being accepted by other universities with a higher standard. Northwest and Mo west seem to be the default colleges for this High School with many of the teachers being hired from there. Graduate from Platte go to Northwest then come back, get your masters to increase your pay and retire at 50. Very few kids taking the harder college prep courses.
Lots of clubs available but most of the support at the school is for the wrestling and football programs. Academics is absolutely positively way down the list.
Got really tired of the constant speeches with "live the pirate way", "be a pirate" etc.. The kids joked about that meaning to rape, plunder and pillage as during my students four years some key athletes were arrested for vandalism, the HS principal was arrested for soliciting a prostitute, several teachers swapped spouses, multiple rumors about affairs by administrators and the school was vandalized by students to the tune of over 30K in damage. They have a character trait program which is sponsored by area businesses it would be good but most of the younger students don't even know what the trait means when they receive the award. More of a feel good marketing program for parents. There are some great teachers who mean well but administration holds them back.
Teachers know they are going to get their raises no matter what so only a select few go above and beyond to see that the kids do well. Many just give high grades even when possibly not deserved to keep the parents happy and I saw a website that showed that almost 30% of R3 students had a 3.85 or higher GPA but the average ACT score was the Mo State average. That tells you something.
The curriculum at my school is very high and well taught. There are many different ways you can learn and there are many different methods of getting assistance if you are feeling lost or falling behind. I can brag all day about our administration because everyday you see them going above and beyond to meet one's needs or ambitions.
The diversity at this school is well accepted yet ignored. No one knows anyone by the color or religion or sexual orientation. Everyone is so accepting and if you needed to confess something about yourself, there wouldn't be anyone looking down there nose at you. Peer pressure is non existent at Platte County, everyone is like one family and do whatever they want to..each student is so different in many ways yet we are all in one family.
There are several upon several different extracurriculars here! From psychology club to SADD to fashion club. There is such a wide variety of different clubs and organizations, there is something for everyone, for sure. The administration supports everyone and all eh clubs, and make it to almost every event.
My overall experience at Platte County has been truly unforgettable! My favorite times of the year are home football games where the whole student sections is buzzing and just having the time of our lives cheering on our boys in orange in black. All seasons for choir, many concerts and holiday tour, singing around town and in the spring going to contest, always receiving excellent scores. I will never forget special bonds I have made with my peers and faculty. Everyone is so connected in one way or another and if I could do high school all over again I definitely would still choose PC over any other school.
A lot of teachers at Platte County are very personable and there whenever you are in need of anything, either assistance with home life or school work. It's always a friendly environment and over my 3 years so far I have seen a handful of teachers come and go because their style wasn't exactly accepted here. And what I mean by that is that they were under educated and last minute choices for our district. It is a laughing matter now but the teachers we have had and currently have are truly incredible and make sure we meet all of our educational needs and goals.
It is a great school no problems with other kids. Everyone looks out for each other.
All the teachers are good and will help if you ask.
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Always felt safe in this school,going to miss it.
Their many activities to choose from. I was glad I was able to be in many of them.
It has the best teachers, coaches and staff!
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