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I liked the caring approach my school took to my learning, and how they genuinely cared about me and the things i do in the classroom. I encourage others to go to this school for their athletics and the time they put into each student to pass with honors.
Platte Canyon is a very small school. The teachers in this school do a great job of giving 1 on 1 attention to further education.
Platte Canyon is an excellent school with staff who are completely dedicated to furthering the knowledge of the students and their student's well being. When a member of the student body died last year, the school made sure the students had everything they needed in the way of grieving. Students were given time to see counselors provided by the school, food, water, and anything else they might have needed to help heal from the loss of a dear friend. In this, Platte Canyon staff showed how they aren't just concerned with their students learning, but also with their overall well being.
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I love my high school because it is small. The teachers want to help their students, and will work extra hours to do so. The community works together is there are problems. Employees at the school care about the students' well being and education. Everyone is very friendly as well.
Platte Canyon is a fantastic, small school. The teachers are great and the staff all friendly. Here you get a rigorous academic education that will create create people of great character.
Yes, it is a small school in a sparsely populated area with a lack of diversity and class options. But, that can't be helped. If the district could control the demographics of Bailey, I'm sure more diversity in all aspects and classes of all kinds would be available to a larger student population. More students would also benefit the school's budget and result in an increase of quality in food and so much more. But none of these things can change with the snap of a finger, so it's questionable as to why so many disprove of PC in these ways.

That said, what it does lack it makes up in as a clean, safe facility nestled in the gorgeous CO mountains with an excellent academic course taught by passionate teachers who are prepare students for college. It also offers a plethora of extracurriculars, including sports that are non-school affiliated as well as a successful drama/theatre department.

Though there are some things I would like to change, I am honestly very proud to be a Husky!
I would want to see more diversity and involvement with the student body in anything the school does.
Ap classes are offered, but not many classes are offered because it's such a small school.
It is a rural school with nearly all white students. Diversity isn't common, and being different is very hard. The kids have more racist views on life including closed mindedness. Sexual orientation is not varied either. The students that are involved are the same for every activity.
With standards being so high at this school, the students often need help and the teachers don't provide it. It requires a 70% to pass all classes instead of the usual 60%. Many students come here from other schools, and state that it is nearly 2-3 times as hard. The teachers are overall horrible. Often students move away after moving here because it is nearly impossible for the average person.
The most popular and victorious sports are cross country and track. Not many after school activities or sports are offered and the same kids do all the sports. It is very much a clique system. The clubs are not run; the Key Club and National Honor Society has no student body leader or staff guidance.
We have already had a school shooting at our school, yet no safety regulations have been put in place to make the environment feel safer and more secure to both inside or outside threats. Not to mention, our fire safety rules regulate that we walk in front of our school by a very popular highway where anyone could drive by and injure/kill mass amounts of students. There are only four functioning cameras by main doors which are not monitored majority of the time. Our nurse is shared between the 3 schools in the district, so health care is no often provided for. The staff is more interested in harassing the students as opposed to keeping them safe or providing an education. No efforts are put in to stop bullying either due to the prejudices of the teachers and staff.
We're very concerned with safety.
We have little funding and few options. But the activities we do have are run passionately and well. The students are very committed.
Overall, it's a small, tight school. Most of the teachers are incredibly passionate and influential. There are some issues at the school, but on the whole it's a genuinely positive environment.
Most of the teachers are outstanding. Some are somewhat mediocre, however.
There is always some sort of safety officer on guard at all times
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There are some extracurricular activities; however, not many people are involved
The school is great for the people; however, there needs to be more activities for students.
Teachers generally care about students
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