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My experience at Platt Technical high school was absolutely one of a kind. The academic side of the high school experience was challenging but, manageable because the staff truly cared about helping you learn the material. On the trade side of things, it was one of the most beautiful and necessary lessons I will ever go through in life. My instructors showed me what working would really be like in the real world. They were hard on the students because they wanted to crack open all of their potential. I've never been to another school where they cared so much about their students success in life. While the learning experience was wonderful the actual structure of the school is awful. The building is falling apart and needs to be rebuilt for the safety of everyone inside. I will never get another high school experience and I am so glad to say I wouldn't change a thing about mine.
School doesn't prepare you for college or future, math teachers are horrible. The food is trash, sports are trash , classes are dirty , school stinks, food is infested with rat poop probably, I learned nothing, it was too easy to get through
Platt is a great school if you are really interested in a trade. For example you can go into Automatic, Electrical, or Carpentry. There are many choices you can choose from and all the instructors are very polite and friendly. Teachers for acedemics are also great and teach very well. The staff is very polite and there is always help if you need it. Safety is always number one because they want their students to feel safe and not injure themselves. There are so many activities you can join to get involved in the school and make new friends. Overall I do recommend going to this school.
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What was great about attending Platt Tech for four years was the school environment. Everything from the staff that reminds you of your own family members, to interesting classes and trades that can please many different people. If I could change Platt Tech for the better I would remove all electronic based learning programs, such as Aleks, and I would make sure the school had a secure staff. Towards the end of my third year and all of my forth year more than half the teachers I had since my first day all transferred to other schools. Overall Platt Tech was a great experience.
I like how helping the teachers are in my classes. I would like to see a rebuilt platt. I feel like our school is falling apart because it’s so old.
If you get the right teachers, the experience can be really amazing. Always strive for honors or college classes if you want a challenge. I received UCONN credits for three different classes at this school, definitely worth it. Majority of the staff is nice and the school is pretty fair. Just follow the rules and there will be no problem. The school is not terrible and if you truly want a good education then take the opportunity when it comes.
My experience with Platt Tech has been a very good one. The staff and students have always been a very welcoming group and have made my high school experience a fun one. The school regularly holds events for students such as haunted houses or field day which are always fun, even when rushed.
Platt Tech was a very interesting experience. The school is outstanding at preparing students to have success in the working world but the school isn’t intended to prepare students for college. If they would have made that a little more clear during the orientation during 8th grade, a lot of students would actually pursue education elsewhere.
My experience at Platt Technical High School was decent. The main reason I went to Platt because it was a technical school. Honestly, I think everyone should go to a technical school because it helps you test out different career paths & see what's right for you. I study architecture while I was there, coming in as a freshman I said to myself I want to go to college & become architect. As I went through that shop I realized at the mid-way into my junior year that it was not for me. I glad I had the exposure because it save me time in college. However, what I did not like about Platt was the inconsistency. My fours years there they changed the principle each year expect my senior. Also the assistant principal changed each year as well. I left like teacher & faculty were coming in & out of the school. Another thing I did not like was how they weren't prepared or had a plan when a shop teacher left.
I love this school! The work has been challenging and the teachers are always there to help. There is always something to do and while they don't have as many clubs as other schools you can always find something to join. I would highly recommend this school.
My school experience has always been amazing. My school gives you the opportunity to chose what you might be good at. The school has a great quality of learning and it is very diverse. Something i would love to change is to give the school more culture and have Spanish heritage week and other cultures.
My experience at Platt Tech was good only in the very beginning. As each year passed, the teachers seemed to care less and the school in general looked awful. The trades in this school were awful. Some trade instructors almost seemed to not care about our education. The worst part about this school, in my opinion, was that some of the teachers agreed that the administration werent good at making effective decisions for the school. The only reason i attended Platt Tech was because i wasnt accepted into another school. In this trade particularly, the teachers had favorites and it showed very clearly. I was respectful and kind to my instructors and i was still ignored and underestimated constantly.I even donated a whole recipe book with refreshing ideas on desserts and i never saw it again. It was frustrating to go to that school every day and deal with all of the drama that came with it.
One of the best technical schools in the state. The Teachers are very involved with students and with the exception of the aleks math learning program. The shops offer experience sending the students prepared for the workforce.
The administration and teacher are hit or miss, either your teachers teach in a way that, compliments you or you will have a hard time adapting to their curriculum. this is largely due to the cycle changes and how each teacher approaches teaching, grades, and tests because of this. Another thing is shops, if a shop teacher decides to leave midway through the year it will be to your detriment, it often takes administration at least half a year to find a replacement, I've even seen it go for two years.
My experience for four years was very good. I took HVAC for these for years and learned a trade. It was a very good learning experience for my future. The only thing that I would like to see change is that although Platt is a technical school, some students also wish to go to college afterwards. The school does not focus on college readiness very well.
I hate this school and i'm only a sophomore. Old and needs a major update. staff and administration need an update too. terrible teachers.
My experience at Platt tech was OK, could of been better. I've made a lot of friendships and memories here. A lot of the teachers left so there was often a sub in my classes or the teachers were overly critical of work. The smallest error on a paper you failed, pretty much. The students here are also crazy and immature. when you walk the halls you wouldn't be able to tell the difference between the students and a zoo, because that's how some of them act.
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Being involved in this school has allowed me to learn a few things that might help me get through the simpler things in life, such as: learning to fix and work with electrical circuits and learning to work with eletro-mechanical machinery and tools in my shop class. Many of my classmates as well as I, haven't been able to learn much in the field of study (Electro-Mechanical Technology) because the teachers was disorganized, could never find the proper equipment for every project, and lacked the ability to properly give instructions on those projects. Most of the teachers have had illegible hand writing , so one would have to play the game of guess the word. During my four years at this high school, there was never a class to help prepare us for college, nor give us the proper basic procedures to go about looking for scholarships, colleges in ones interested field of study, and ways to save money to pay for college.
Platt Tech is a great school for someone who likes hands on learning. There are a ton of bullies and I was bullied through out my 4 years at platt tech. The building is nice and friendly.
I lost brain cells going to this school. Most teachers don't put effort and get annoyed when students don't understand a new concept right away (especially the math teachers). Administration was bad. Assistant principles weren't friendly. The trade part of this school was great. I loved shop and my shop teacher, but that's the only upside. I had overall an okay experience here but you're better off going to a different school if you really want to academically learn and be respected by the staff.
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