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Not just a waste of building materials, and tax payer money, but a waste of human capacity. If you're anything but the highest of extroverts, this school isn't for you. A complete lack of organization on behalf of the principal and his staff, an absence of investing in any of the school's programs other than sports, and a dangerous inflated view of "Eagle pride" manifests itself in a majority of individuals attending this wretched excuse for a school. The School's employees are always in a bad mood also and they are very lazy. Went here from 10th Grade to Oct. of my Senior Year. Terrible school, the bullying was terrible and teachers/staff didn't care and never did anything about it. The School Administration plays bullying off like its nothing. If its not from the cancerous food your being fed, it will be to the other students or even staff. Look at someone the wrong way, and their trying to fight. The staff is even worse.
It sucks, bad bullying problems, Don't let your kids come to this school. Ugly school, I legit thought it was a parking lot the first few times I passed it.
Discipline is horredous(up to 10 days to "investigate"), poor variety of classes, nothing pushing these kids to strive for more just basics, if your last name is the right one then you can basically get away w murder here. Yeah they allow kids to speak of religion here(thats great). However they also allow the students and teachers to use religion to bully others. The racism at this school is unmatched by anything I have ever seen. The fact that adults turn a blind eye and make excuses to it makes it worse. Their teachers lack basic education on special needs as well as how to engage appropriately w students. Some have been known to use foul language at students, put students down publicly as well as putting their hands on kids. If your kid isnt stellar athlete, has a special need of any kind or just plain needs a bit more from teachers ....... GO ANY WHERE ELSE!!!!
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Plato school districts administration do their absolute best to see us succeed and get us ready for college. Our breakfast and lunch selection has improved greatly and there is rarely a meal that no one likes. We have multiple athletic and club programs that are very competitive with their competition in the area. In all honesty the one thing we lack is diversity, we are mainly a Caucasian school district with few exceptions. The school district has spent great amounts of money in hopes to keep their students safe.
I have never felt scared at Plato. They do a good job keeping the school safe.
Plato has a unique method to delivering lunch. It's more like an elementary school in the sense that you only had one option. That being said, the options were still very good. I would say that they try their hardest to feed everyone with something different everyday. Though the cafeteria didn't have a whole lot of options for special dietary accommodations, I can say that the school would have been quick to act if there were such a need.
It's my belief that Plato hasa mediocre administration and absurd policies. Most of the administration at Plato is too strict at enforcing rules that are hard to follow, and don't serve a purpose. They are reasonable to an extent, such as keeping phones away while a teacher is talking, but others are absolutely pointless. An example of this is the dress code. The dress code at Plato is heavily enforced, and is almost exclusively enforced on girls. If your shorts were even half an inch shorter than they liked, you had to get new clothes. Shoulders needed to be covered, however the boys however could wear tank tops and no one would care. Almost all of the policies need to be reworked to be fair to students.
Overall, I can't say much bad about the sports and fitness at Plato High School. They could use a few more sports, though given the school's small size it's easy to understand why they don't have a huge number of sports. Areas and equipment made for sports were well kept, except for the male locker room. I believe that the locker room is too small to fit a normal-sized class inside. Other than that, the gym teachers are laid back enough you don't feel overly pressured, but excited enough to encourage you to do better.
The teachers at this school know what they're talking about. They handle rowdy students appropriately, and treat you with respect. The teachers also seem to have a good amount of experience. However, the teachers did sometimes get a little too harsh at times. I would say overall the teachers at Plato High School are an excellent.
There are several teams and it is fairly easy to join one, but the coaches often don't give people a chance once they have decided who the starting players will be.
Sometimes it seems like the administration is more concerned with implementing policies than teaching students.
I mostly feel safe when I am at school. We are a small community and there is not much of a threat.
Our school has good athletic teams, but really needs more equipment for most of the sports.
We have just about every club for each type of personality, although I wish we had NHS, but I guess Beta Club makes up for it. As with the sports, I think we could add 3-4 more.
We recently have gotten new cameras and locks on the main campus doors for security reasons since the Connecticut shootings. The nurse is also very good at keeping us informed about new medical scares going around the school and letting us know how to keep away from them.
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