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Plaquemine Senior High School Reviews

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My experience with Plaquemine Senior High School was okay. The one thing I would love to see change is more opportunities for getting involved in clubs. I also wish Plaquemine Senior High School would get more involved with volunteering to do things in our community. The few times I have volunteered for things through the school were great experiences! Nothing makes me happier than making the world a better place. Plaquemine Senior High School has great sport teams and offers many opportunities for athletes. I think Plaquemine Senior High School could improve by giving more options for clubs. I also believe this could be a perfect way for students to unite together by adding more options for everyone who has different interest. I would have loved to join a book club in school!
The staff is very involved with the students, and always look for ways to make our lives easier while still giving us a great learning experience.
Student support and potential. That’s two major thing that I love about Plaquemine Senior High School. We have extremely talented band members, dancers, and atheletes. The Friday night lights, parades, and school pep rally’s is what I’ll miss most. One thing that should be changed; in my opinion, is the school food and the academic opportunities available to students! We should have college tours, career days, etc. things not just centered around band, dance, and sports! Challenge the students!
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I had a very good experience at Plaquemine High , I just wish they would have more college prep things and teach more ACT things.
The school did not prepare me for college only prepared me for eoc tests. Which weren't very useful on the ACT nor in college.
Plaquemine Senior High School was a great school, that had awesome teachers and administration. The administration help me apply for scholarships, help me whenever I had trouble in one of my classes, and protected us.
Plaquemine High School is a moderately intelligent high school. Being part of their student body for 6 years has shaped me into a brilliant, friendly, and interactive individual, but this year, my last year in high school, Plaquemine High has impacted my life by revealing to me the changes that can be made to help students like me in the future. If I, or anyone else attending Plaquemine High School, wants to further their education knowing what's in store, Plaquemine High should better the education given to the students by getting students college ready and focus in the classroom.
I go to MSA West, but technically i go to Plaquemine High. It’s an ok school. MSA is supposed to be a academy, but it isn’t.
I don't attend Plaquemine High, I attend MSA west in plaquemine, Louisiana. It is a magnet school so my home school is Plaquemine high. Our sports tie in with plaquemine high. I over all have a great experience here at MSA. Msa is a very hands on school. We have many dual enrollment and AP classes. I am currently enrolled in two dual enrollment classes and I am excited for what this school year will hold!
Plaquemine Senior High School is full of pride, energy, and, most importantly, compassion. The teachers and administrators are more invested in their students' lives than their own. The staff constantly works towards making sure the students are growing in not only their intellect, but also themselves as people. There is also a fair amount of diversity in the courses you can take as well as the personalities of the students. Here, you are not short of a chance to gain experience outside of the classroom. There are multiple programs and courses you can take that will certify you to work right out of highschool if college isn't your goal. The "B average" label of the school simply cannot compare to the enriching highschool experience you would have here. While the label can be a downfall, the school is always evolving to become a place you can surely be proud to attend. I look forward to seeing the progression of the school in the next few years.
I graduated from this high school in 2014. I am now studying at BRCC. I did fairly good in high school but college is a different ball park. I wish the school would have more classes to better prepare students for college. I took two classes in high school that really help put my foot in the door for college. Also I personally like how the high school offers aid in helping students apply for colleges.
It was a good school but graduation sucked because of all the problems with the tickets that we had.
The students and the environment is very chaotic. It's hard to focus on learning when their is so much noise going on in the class.
I was only there for 4 months. Doesn't seem like much can be done for this school. It's the students and its location that give it a bad rep.
I like PHS because the classes really help you get prepared for college, the teachers really take their time out to sit and help with you. The school offers college classes that you take when you are a senior.
My experience at Plaquemine High School has been incredible. From the extracurricular activities, to the academics the school, students, and staff are excelling. Myself as an individual and the school at a whole.
Plaquemine High is an improving school. There're many extracurricular activities and electives that I enjoy. I would like to see my school deal with discipline better.
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I would like to see the school changing by allowing classes that apply to real life applications. For checks, financials, furthering education.
Plaquemine Senior High School is one of the most diverse schools I have ever seen. Students from countries across the world attend this school, which is what makes it so amazing. Additionally, the education is great. There are so many astounding teachers at Plaquemine Senior High School that are all willing to help a student in need.
Plaquemine High is pretty much your normal high school. The lunch sucks but there are days where it's fantastic so I give it an overall 8/10. The teachers are hands on and they actually care believe it or not. The principal is strict (but what principal isn't) but he does what he have to do to keep school interesting and fun. The pears are just your average teenage classmates. In 2010, there would have been a lot of things I woud have changed about my old high school, but today I can honestly say that I can't think of anything I would change. The school and administration is great and I couldn't have graduated from a better school for me.
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