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My experience overall was great considering I was in a special gifted program. The program is great for advanced students and the school's environment is good.
Plantation High is a very diverse school and opens your eyes to many other cultures. The students are filled with enthusiasm and determination! However, the school is pretty dirty and teachers don’t really care much for students. Some teachers will fail you, simply because they don’t like you for whatever reason they have. The administration will suspend both parties that were involved in a physical altercation even if one told them about it prior trying to receive help. Guidance counselors only talk to the students when necessary, for example, graduation requirements. The school vending machines are ridiculous! $1.25 for a tiny bag of chips that I could get at Walmart for 50 cents. Also, the school favors the football team over any sport. They get all the money from the vending machines and other ways. Meanwhile, some teams have had the same uniforms for years, and make some teams wear another teams jersey because they’re too cheap to but new ones for “underdog” teams.
My experience with plantation high school was amazing I wish I could have one more year with some of my favorite teachers and be able to go to the afterschool Friday nights football games. What I would like to see change is some of the teachers tend to do overboard workload but it’s all worth it
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Plantation High School introduced me to good friends but overall was a poor experience. I was enrolled in the IB curriculum and it immediately fell through in my Junior year, the most important one. No faculty knew exactly what was going on which left the students to their own devices. This showed that the school was not prepared to aid its students. Towards the end of the year was when things started to look better. However, this experience showed that the school was not prepared for such things. The facilities were not up to par either. The bathrooms were always a mess and the classrooms too small with the AC constantly breaking at least once or twice a year. Fights broke out constantly and the food from the cafeteria was a mess. The main positive things of the school were the welcoming teachers and student participation in school activities such as talent show and music that would play during lunch. Students would dance while friends laughed and recorded which was a nice sight.
Some things I liked about Plantation High School is the learning environment was accepting. And the Sports is one of the top I ever been
I loved the diversity of Plantarion High people from many different cultures are all grouped together by this one school.
I liked the spirit weeks we have and how everyone was always participating the clubs they have after school the amount of support if you need someone to talk to.
I attended Plantation High for all 3 years so far. Plantation High is a school that connect with the students making sure the students is on the right path and making sure every student has a chance to have a good fairly education. I would like Plantation High to change how they go about student involvement, making the students to have a chance to show their school culture
Plantation high school is a great school. It has numerous programs to succeed such as gifted academy, Ib, and many others.
Plantation high school is a nice school. There are plenty of clubs and organizations to get involved in. There's much opportunity to make everlasting friendships as well. Some people even find their high school sweethearts at this school. The teachers are all very knowledgeable and nice to the students. They're very good at what they do when it comes to teaching.
Within my two years at plantation highschool I have encountered a plethora of different types of people. It's not like the movies but overall my school is pretty chill. There is of course drama here and there but it depends who you know and who you hangout out with. My meeting experience in that school is okay. There is a fair share of teachers who can't teach though you can ask anyone at that school. Also don't come here expecting school spirit because we have none.
Teachers were overall fairly friendly and students are a hit or miss. School is very dirty with a poor security team. The school plays favorites allowing certain people to do as they please and others would be stopped or harassed for no reason. It is high school in broward county so expectations and results should be low.
Plantation high school is one of the best schools, the teachers are very hands on. Also safety of the students is the staff's number one priority. I would recommend plantation high school to anyone.
Plantation High school is like a second home to me. I love my teachers at my school and especially the ones that I have. They make me going to class more fun and gets me motivated. For the most part the students in my class all seem like they want to learn and participate. The school could be more organized and clean but, my school gives a lot of opportunities for students like me who want to go to college and need financial aid. They also give out service hour opportunities and scholarships.
Plantation High is a decent school once you are in it’s IB program because then you are given many opportunities that help you with getting into college. Non IB students still get a fair shot at certain things and tend to have more diverse friend groups.
Its a good school but it also has alot of downfalls to it. When you have the right mindset and have the mindset of wanting to get everything done and not focus on people around you you will get far but if you focus on the people you will find yourself in alot of drama
Plantation High is alright it is now working to become a better school now that I am a senior. I am currently the international Baccalaureate program and unfortuately the advisor left us in the dust. So the class of 2020 has to try and get the diploma with out any guidance from our advisor.
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My experience and what I like the most about Plantation High School is the teachers, and the great influences they’ve given me. Plantation High School is a school with a great and understanding teachers who will take time out of their day to help you out in your studies or in outside of school troubles. My experience there has given me a wide view of what my life will become in the future and given me exposure to new things that I haven’t experienced before, such as: events, field trips, the cooking teachers cooking, and the different type of teaching strategies every teacher has. Plantation High School May have its ups and downs but it’s a school with that can give you memories to cherish, with people that help make your life better.I don’t know if everyone have or had the same experience as I did last year but I hope the new students that decides to come enjoy it as I did.
The education you will get here at this school is excellent. Also the students there are very nice. The teacher teach well and the staff members are very understanding and help you reach your goals. The classes are very nice and the school, for the most part, is very clean.
I've attended for 3 years. Teachers are very mice and care for the most part. Admin is not that helpful but safety on campus has improved.
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