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Plantation High is seriously amazing! I’ve live pretty close to it since I was in elementary. I was always afraid of the big-looking school. I totally regret it, I am enjoying it a lot! As a junior I’ve seen some stuff I don’t like though, too many fights. But the cool security guards handle them quickly. Other than that the fun activities the teachers allow us to do and big events like homecoming was the best! I wanna graduate here!
The one thing liked about Plantation High School is how the teachers won’t stop at anything until you fully comprehend the lesson and also can do it on your own. There isn’t much would change but one thing I would change it the school lunch.
My experience at plantation so far is great the teachers are awesome and the clubs and programs are great I'm actually in aerospace and the program is really fun. It's a good school and not half bad.
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What I liked about Plantation High School is that the faculty spent money and resources into renovating the school. What I didn't like about the school is that some of the teachers don't necessarily try to make an effort to teach students. Also, there will be certain rules implemented sometimes for no given reason at any point during the school year.
I like the teachers and how they are super nice and they educate us very well. Although the cleaning of the bathrooms could be better. Security is always there in a min of 2 minutes so that’s good.
Average school, for average students. Teachers weren't much for encouragement. Extra curricular activities were the best part of being at the school. As far as academics, you're on your own.
The school itself is fairly clique-y but everyone is friendly, especially if you're new or from a different country. The majority are migrants from the caribbean countries. The teachers do their job, but nothing more. You have to be able to work independently and focused if you want to pass. Some barely ever teach so you'd have to teach yourself and just ask them questions. The safety procedure sem a bit extreme though, since the Parkland shooting they've made it harder for you to leav class and use the bathroom and you need to have visible ID on you at all times or you could be fined $5 for a new one. The food is just enough so that you aren't starving, there are helthy options though.
Plantation high school was a breeze for me I never really worried about my safety had lots of laughs and was learning different things the one thing that I missed was the papa johns pizza line since that was where I usually got my food from.
Plantation High is said to have a bad reputation, but as a student, I beg to differ. The school offers a wide variety of subjects and now offers the Gifted Academy and has been offering the International Bacculaureate Diploma program as well. To expand on why exactly they have a bad reputation, there is said to be a lot of fights and delinquent behavior; but what school doesn’t have delinquent behavior? In my 4 years of going to school there, I have only witnessed one fight which happened to be a ‘cat fight’ with girls. The Academics are great at Plantation High with graduates going to University of Florida, Harvard University, Cornell University, Brown University, Boston University, Duke University, UC Irvine, and more. While the academics and teachers/staff at the school are amazing, the school spirit is basically nonexistent which I feel is rudimentary to a high school experience.
You feel like you belong apart of something great and you won't forget the feeling. People are welcoming and they care.
I liked the International Baccalaureate program, as well as the faculty. I don't like the lack of organization and priority in certain extracurricular groups, over others such as the priority of football over organizations such as Chorus. There should be a balance of importance in each athletic and art-related organization, as they all benefit different types of students, and may provide them with resources to be accepted to higher learning institutions and to be able to afford these institutions.
Attending Plantation High was the best 4 years of my life. It has helped me gained the confidence I needed to become a better student, leader, and all around person. I will forever be grateful for the time I've spent here.
After going to plantation high for fours years, the school environment is good when you meet the right people to hang out or talk to with and I mostly did a lot of sports and I would say that our sports team is usually a good environment, since everyone is nice even though were not as good as other teams. The players is what makes the sport fun.
It wasn’t nothing but positive energy. Fun activity, I was always ready and happy to come to school. Great teachers
The teachers at Plantation High are what make the school great. Throughout the year I've had those special teachers who you'll never forget. The ones that teach life-skills and lessons that you will tell your kids. Also the IB, SO, and Honors programs provided are great. We also have great vocational programs such as business, tech, construction, and horticulture. Oh also some of my friends are in the different art programs including band, art, choir, and theatre. The school offeres an endless amount of extra curricular activities that are all different from athletic, to school oriented, to community service. The school is very good at allowing students to lead themselves. Overall some of the students are bad apples but it's still a great school in my opinion.
It seems like a pretty good school, my cousins went there are seem to be doing relatively well for themselves. Both are in college and one was in their IB program.
It was terrible. The guidance counselors especially were the worse. Especially Ms. Knight. She has a serious attitude. The teachers I've had were disrespectful and I don't recommend it to anyone.
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I like the diversity of students in the classroom. This has allowed me to be more open-minded and have a greater understanding of different cultures. However, what I do not like, is the lack of professional security and health crew to help a student in need due to an emergency.
There are so many teachers that care and want to see you succeed. Which made it possible for so many students that were struggling to actually graduate and go off to college. Without the staff, security, teachers, and admin to help a lot of us wouldn’t have made it.
What I like about my school is the programs that’s being offered. The career/technical programs that’s being offered gives students the opportunity to receive a certification in whatever program they’re in (ex: finance, aerospace) and to make it easy for them to get a job with their certification. What I feel should change is the learning environment. There’s lots of negativity circling around and unnecessary predicaments that can get in the way of our education.
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