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Great School Spirt! Academily positive leadership opportunities . Has made my path to great things to come in my life.
It's very easy to get your GPA very high and get into a good university. They will allow you to take any AP class that you want and it'll easily boost your GPA. The teachers are 50-50 some are great and some are complete trash it all depends on who you get.
It was an good experience. I’d like to see more praise given to academics students and not as much to football players.
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Plant high school is the best public school offered in the district. Your education experience is up to you and how serious you take it. The majority of teachers a well qualified, although some won’t teach and it’s up to you to learn it. The only thing that is deceptive about Plant the schools ranking- the education from school sometimes isn’t enough and many students rely on tutors to learn. Thus, the test scores arent 100% reflected on the teachers abilities.
My experience with Plant High School has always improved every year that I attend. Ranked as one of the top public schools in the state and in the top 100 in the nation, Plant has a strong culture of academic excellence with very many opportunities to challenge yourself and get involved in athletics and tons of interest clubs. Its teachers and staff are beyond amazing. For its student body size, Plant actually lags in diversity being mostly white and for its campus size, it should probably improve on safety given that there a many points of entry. Lastly, given the school is nearly a hundred years old, the facilities would be better off with some remodeling and renovation.
It’s a good school, best if you’re ready to get involved in clubs and after school activities and communities.
Egocentric and doesn't really pay attention to the fine arts programs all that much. Also Plants success is due to wealthy families being able to pay for tutors and many extra curriculars.
I loved everything at Plant and how they try to work with every kid to make sure they have a chance in life.
What i like about my school is that the staff always help the student become the best they can be. Everyone is very friendly from the counselors, teachers,etc.. I love my school
As good as a high school could be, students generally polite and nice and a nice no tolerance policy for bullying.
Plant is designed to help affluent, white, college-bound students. If your child is in the minority due to race, disability, or low income, you will get very little help. Much of the touted academic success is due to private tutoring outside of class. During class, many students are absent due to sports or activities, and those at school are looking at their phones or vaping in the bathrooms or even in the hall. "Good" students use drugs outside of school. Parents are vicious with teachers, demanding good grades in order to keep students eligible for extracurriculars. It is a high-stress, unfriendly environment.
It was a incredible experience! I truly believe Plant High School prepared me to excel in college. They surround you with teachers who truly care about your future and to teach you about the subject. Also, Plant High School has the best of the best students and you are always competing with them in education, sports, or art. I love my 4 years here and I wouldn’t trade it for anything. I have made so many connections with friends and teachers. I think Mr. Bush (principal) and the administrators are welcoming and trying to start a relationship with the students and help them in their lives too.In all honesty, I don’t think Plant should anything. There’s a reason why we are 1 in our county for education and sports. I will always bleed that black and gold (school’s colors). “PLANT PLANT PLANT”!
I liked that plant prepared you for college. What needs to change is the diversity in the school. Unfortunately, not a lot of culture was present within the high school. Diversity is very important in a school community, what students can learn from other cultures and learning from the struggles that come with these cultures can help a community come together. Thinking of ways that can prepare students for a more diversified future rather than keeping them in a narrow hall way with no form culture or pushing to understand culture.
my principal's list gifted child moved from a 'zoned 8th' grade to freshman year with a 'standard transition,' and he didn't get his freshman schedule for 9 weeks into the school year; this set him up to fail from the beginning, which spiraled into major stress and $120k medical bills, resulting in him missing the year, failing every class, and having to move schools, repeating 9th grade. Way to go Plant. The stain and stress on our family is incomprehensible.
My over all experience at plant city high school has be good so far . The reason I say good is because I feel it could have been better.
Plant high school is a great environment to be in. It has set up a variety of ways to ensure that I am successful.
The people at Plant can be the nicest people you've met however there are some outliers which are self-centered and cocky. However it is a really nice, clean, and safe school.
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It is a good school. Nice students (most of them) and good staff. I have family in other schools and we compare the schools and I can say that Plant High School is privileged. No violence at the level of other schools and more attention to the students and their problems. A lot of AP classes for those interested. Sports and clubs to furnish the students extracurricular activities.
Plant High is a wonderful school with great involved teachers and students. There are many subjects offered and a lot of ways to get involved. Overall, teachers and administrators are willing and able to assist you if needed. I highly recommend H.B. Plant High School
As a proud Panther, I can walk the black and gold halls of Plant High with pride. Our motto "Strength Through Unity." which is a statement we hold seriously making Plant a true community school in the heart of the big city of Tampa. H.B. Plant High School is one of the most prestigious schools in Florida and the best public school in the Hillsborough County Public School District.
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