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It’s a great school, focused on getting students to graduate and facilitating that process. The only issue is that it’s not Diverse, mostly Caucasian school. ESL program has an excellent teacher, but some teacher don’t help students who are learning english still.
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Plant high school is a very active community and we all collaborate as a family to overcome problems and come to solutions. The school offers many great opportunities for being successful and great extracurricular activities and clubs to get involved in.
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Plant is a good school to go to and is one of the best in Tampa. People generally get along and there are fun clubs and activities to be a part of. Most of the teachers are pretty good with exceptions. The band and chorus are very good and always participate in competitions.
All the school mainly focuses on is football. There are other sports who get nothing at all and when anyone complains to the A.D about it, she brushes it off. Not to mention there is music and art programs at Plant but are just brushes off once again. The education you get at Plant though, is very good and the school has an A average. You will come out of school knowing many things that some other school just will not teach you.
I love the experiences that Plant has provided me in about a year and a half. Getting to know people is easy with most people being very nice and open to inviting all people into their own group. Also the teachers are very willing to help whether it be showing up early, helping after school, responding to messages fast or how friendly they are I haven’t had any huge problems with any teachers. The community is very supportive and helps to maintain a good academic standard while also raising lots of money for our athletics. Overall Plant is a very fun and enjoyable place to go to high school.
Prepares you for college. facilities not well kept. Hallways aren’t functional for the number of students in the school. It’s a toss up really for teachers, you could have a teacher that cares, or a teacher that is rude or that doesn’t care.
Plant High School is a very well brought together school. Plant has a very well put together Administration as well as, l put study body. The student to teacher rations is 30-1, which makes the learning environment more excelling for those around you. Plant has a very high test passing rate as well as a 95% College readiness score. Within the school, you will become family to those around you. Now, it's not like your typical teen movie, that will force a certain highschool stereotype. But, the school will guide you into a belief that you are in a huge, loving, and caring family.
I had 3 children graduate from Plant High. It was a great experience for all of them, they were happy attending, and they were well prepared for college. They all got accepted to many colleges of their choice and are very successful today! The only issue was that the school is old and needs additional renovations. It is overcrowded as well because everyone wants their kids to attend this excellent school. It's in great neighborhood. It is probably time to change Plant's boundaries once again or expand the school somehow .....although, the property is small, so it would take some serious planning to make that happen. Perhaps a 3-story parking garage, then use some of the parking area to create another building? If that is not possible, again, boundaries need to change.
I’ve had a good experience with this school. There’s only been one teacher I did not like, and she was teaching my only non-honors course. So, suffice to say, my experience with non-honors was not very good. There’s a bit of a vaping and drug problem but neither me or anyone I know feels any peer pressure or forced encounter with it. I’ve learned a lot and had good relationships with my teachers, and my experience with the rowing team was good as well. Never dealt with any bullying. The campus is spacious, beautiful, and there’s police officers guarding the school. My only complaint is that some of the bathrooms can get very dirty.
overall school is fine, limited resources of office administrators that care. personally the school is just as goods any other I would not go out of my way to attend, although in a prestige neighborhood its just your average school. I have attended this school all 4 years going into my fourth year and there are teachers that really care and some that don't. the academics they provide are average I would wish they provided a culinary class like other schools I think that would help some students and realize how much they might like it.
My overall experience with Plant High School has been relatively nurturing. Besides having teachers who genuinely try to help, the school is also gorgeous and very accommodating. That being said, my experience isn't comparable to many of my peers. Several of my friends consistently have mental breakdowns due to the overbearing workload that honors/AP classes require. I can attest to this to some degree, as the stress is overwhelming sometimes.
This school truly prepares you for college. It gives you lots of opportunities to get involved with sports and clubs. Plant also has many Ap classes that you can choose from and even encourages you to do duel enrollment at a local community college to get ahead. I would recommend this school to anyone.
It’s not a bad school but it’s really overcrowded. There’s not enough places to eat lunch when it’s raining outside and the hallways are jammed with people between classes.
Plant high school is a great school but the new policies they have and the whole school district leave you shaking your head. The air conditioner has been broken in the gym for at least a year and they have portable units with tubes going p the side of the building. You get a parking ticket for parking anywhere except the school lot
Plant is a very rigorous school that provides many opportunities especially in the music department.
Graduated from Plant High School in 2009, my father and siblings also attended plant prior to myself.
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I would like more information abouts this school. We are thinking to move to this school. My son is now grade 7 . Please need your advise. Thanks
I attended private school all my life until my Sophomore year so it was a big adjustment. The classes are a lot easier.
I wish to see more diversity at this school. Most teachers are concerned about your work and will reach out to your parents while some may not. The BRACE advisor does send out information about tests and scholarships which allows me to make plans for my future.
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