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I love how diverse the school is. It has all different types of cultures and people. The teachers truly care about the students and not only academically. They try to help you and motivate you throughout your high school career. The student athletes are treated great, even provided with an athletic therapist on campus.
I am a very shy and I prefer to work alone but plant city high school has helped me come out of my shell. I was able to find my group and I am more open with my fellow classmates.
One thing that I love about Plant city high school is the school spirit! its amazing all the student go out for our events and many love to show a lot of school pride. Another thing that I like is that Plant city is very competitive especially in sports. There is many amazing and helpful student there. I always feel safe and I can't forget about the teachers! The teachers there are amazing, very inspiring. Over all Plant City High School is such a great school great people, great building, great school. if someone were to ask me about a outstanding school it would be there, I would recommend it. they have great programs and organizations.
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Plant city high is a good school but the student life suck you can't have for at that school and the teacher don't care if you fail or pass their class they are just they for the check and the food is so bad that I don't like getting food from school I just wait until I get home to eat.the restrooms and do bad that I don't like using the bathroom at school I wail but If I have to use it really bad I would ask but my teacher say no because we are a no pass school
Great school:) many friendly faces and many want everyone to succeed. This school have many clubs and extracurricular programs that are available to everyone.
i liked plan city high school cause i met the love of my life. i also enjoyed the clubs that were established in the school like hosa,jrotc,avid and girls united
I am well known in my community for my hard working ethics and respect towards all people. Not originally born in Plant City, Florida I initially had difficulty adapting to my environment whether it was making friends at a new school or adjusting to an unfamiliar rural setting. Over-all acceptance was a huge hurdle I had to overcome in life. I often had thoughts of giving up trying to fit into my surrounds or act like my peers. But the multiple things I had to learn was the knowledge of accepting myself, accepting those around me, and not to be afraid to express my views. I live in a house of 5 including my mother, grandparents, aunt, and myself. My father resides in Atlanta,Georgia but has always been in my life constantly & I visit him at least once a month. Once again this scholarship would be such a huge help towards helping me and my family fund my college education and future career in the industries of Business Marketing/Computer Science.

Sincerely, Zachary Williams
I love the way that the community of the school is. There is something for everyone and the staff is very supportive.
Plant City is a average school. There are many different things that they can improve on. Some things that they can improve on is better cleaning and better food. The teachers overall are okay.
I love how Plant City is very diverse. The teachers are great, they always want to make sure we're doing our best. I play volleyball, and we have a great sports program. We now have a physical trainer who is fantastic.
What I like about Plant City High School is that we are great on what we do. We are involved in our community almost everyday and we like to help each other out. I'm an athlete in the school and we don't only practice everyday but we also contribute to the community by hosting meets at Plant City and helping with food drive. This goes for any other sports and programs, that's because we are a helping hand and that's what makes our school great.
What I love most about PCHS is our AVID and Student Government programs they both are great ways to get involved in school and meet new people. I also love the schools Musical Theatre programs the teachers of all three programs are all super supportive and care about our futures and how we grow as students and young adults. These programs take students like me and bring us out of our shells they give us goals to strive for and dreams to make. This is where I've found some of my best friends, amazing peers and grand role models. PCHS has been a great experience so far.
My experience in Plant City High School is so far rated as excellence throughout my journey from freshman to currently senior year. The teachers are fabulous and encourage you to make goals to be successful in a career you are devoted in. That's one of my many reasons on becoming a teacher in a few years. I want to encourage students to have fun while at the same time learn new material everyday. The environment at Plant City High School is terrific even though it can be quite overwhelming with the freshman's it is a safe school with great academic, disciplinary, and encouraging environment and teachers that make this school great.
Plant City High School is definitely not the best high school in its area or district. I don’t know if it’s a school thing or a district thing, but the food is over priced, unhealthy, and limited. If a student doesn’t have access to free lunch they must pay $2.50 everyday no matter what it is. Most days , you get one slice of pizza and a juice pack if there even is any left. For $2.50 it definitely isn’t worth it. Our school offers sandwiches and salads which do taste better but they have one line for both the sandwiche and salad so by the time someone gets their food, they have about 5 minutes left to eat if they were at the end of the line. The teachers at Planf city High school ( or atleast the ones I’ve experienced) are phenomenal. The AVID , social studies, and science teachers are by far the best. Administration though, isn’t the greatest. They expect the students and teachers to be full of school spirt when they have nothing fun going on.
im in band and im a proud state champion implant city high school. in plant city high school im able to express my self through color guard and have won a state champion metal along with the rest of my team. there are a few teachers who have an amazing impact on who you are and help you make those choice that you need in order to success in life. those teachers are around only a few years but truly change your view on life.
Plant city high school (PCHS) is a great school that is all about college readiness and student involvement. Plant city high’s faculty and administration are very caring and understanding , they’re all about preparation and safety of they’re students . PCHS has amazing coaches for all sports that they have. The atmosphere of the school is very diverse and the clubs are very involved in the community.
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Good school, good teachers. You will meet and become close to a lot of them by the end of the year as they push you to do your best.
My experience at Plant City High School has been very eye opening and interesting, which I've seen for the past two years now. At the school we are all family and that's one of the biggest lessons they teach us, if we need help you can ask anyone. There are so many classes and clubs to be in that will help you succeed in life and will not only help you see what's in front of you, but give you a vision to look forward to. In my perspective Plant City High doesn't need any improvement, but I can say that the food could be better.
Plant City High School is an amazing school , with amazing people, staff , clubs , activities...etc. Its a safe, well respected school and the students there are just beyond nice.
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