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Plano West Senior High School Reviews

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This is a great school to get you ready for college. They are very good at making sure you have all the knowledge in order for you to be successful.
Plano West is a great school with great spirit and opportunities however those opportunities come with a cost as the school is so big with 2,800 in my graduating class you definitely have to push yourself to set yourself apart. Overall the staff is awesome and the school is great and I miss it
I enjoyed my time at the school. The teachers were nice and they cared about the students. The students had a lot of opportunities to take AP classes and get also get dual credit from the community college. I was not into sports, but it seemed like those who were into sports were also pleased with that aspect of the school.
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Lots of diversity, tons of amazing students, athletes, etc. horrible administration on part of the counselors, sometimes it felt like they had no intent to help students
Moving to my senior year. It’s only been 5 months here at Plano West and so far everything has been really good. The teachers are all very understanding and friendly. Cafeteria food is really good too. The school is huge! So it might take a day or two to adjust with the schedule. A lot of clubs to join and students are very competitive. Counselors are very supportive but the grades they gave me for the marks I got in a different country were very less. They weren’t able to understand my educational system in my country so they credits they awarded for that report card was far too less than what I expected.
I had a pretty good experience a west. It is a nice school with really good teachers. The best part about this school is the level of preparedness this school gives its students for college. They allow so many AP classes which challenge you in order to get you ready for college.
Very challenging and competitive yet rewarding. The teachers care about you and give a lot of independence to the students - allowing you to go off campus for lunch. I learned a lot at this school.
I liked the student culture at Plano West. Being in a large public school, however, made it difficult to get the one-on-one focus.
Plano west is one of the best leading high schools, which motivate you toward your dream and interests. The courses are challenging, but this prepares you for college. I think it’s good pressure coming from the school to make us work smarter, and achieve higher and strive to the moon.
Plano west is a great school academically. The students and teacher staff are very friendly which is very much needed for a big school like that.
I attended Plano West for the 2017-2018 school year. Academically I think Plano West it with some the greats. They have a great selection of teachers and have an extensive coursework. However if your looking for a diverse class this school is not for you.
I honedtly didn't like anything. The school is an open campus and was never fan of that. All the buildings would be open meaning anyone could literally walk in at any time, when it would be cold or rain you would have to go outside for your classes. Diversity, not much mainly white and asians.
The variety of classes that they offer are really inclusive but the only thing about those classes is to make sure that you get a good teacher. Most of the teachers are really nice but they may suck at teaching. It's mostly a 50-50 chance with this school.
Plano West is highly academically competitive, large, and often intimidating, but the friendships formed throughout the 2 years (11th & 12th Grace) you spend here will last forever. Beautiful open campus with multiple up-to-date buildings to accommodate the 3,200+ students who attend. Highly recommended you join an extracurricular such as Theatre or a Music to enhance your experience here. Most of the teachers appear to enjoy their jobs as educators and are open to students’ ideas and questions. Plenty of options for Honors, AP, and Dual-Credit programs for students to find their right level of difficulty. Overall, wonderful school with minor areas to improve on.
The academics are very rigorous because the courses offer many opportunities to learn and grow out of one's comfort zone.
Pretty good. Precal was a little hard, but in the 2 years I was here I never had a bad experience with a teacher. Some students are butt holes but most of them are nice if you’re nice.
Plano west is a great place to learn, I have had a great experience with the teachers and other students. It has incredible diversity with unmatched academics.
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Overall great school, prepares you thoroughly for college and AP exams. Most teachers and staff are committed to students' success.
I found it to be a very laid-back environment and the staff expected the students to take care of their own business. I found this to be a very helpful attitude when it came to preparing for college.
Plano West Senior High School is a great academic school. It is mainly a mixed school. When it comes to academics it is a great school, they will get you ready for colleges and get you ready for your future plans. It is only for 11-12 grade students. They expect mature and independent students and you have to show you are a ecstatic and growing student with no one to stop you.
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