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Plano West Senior High School Reviews

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In my opinion Plano West is a very intelligent school, no matter what reports you may have heard on the news, our programs and teachers are willing to sacrifice their jobs in order to help a student get through and excel in a program rather than to just give us answers but to honestly see our brain expand right in front of their eyes. Some say its a miracle, but learning at Plano West is more than a miracle it is more of a diverse world encouraging school and we are always welcoming new faces into new places..
The level of education and learning environment is excellent. Lots of friendly teachers along with fun and engaging lessons.

Though the food served at the lunch lines could be improved.
Plano West has some of the most passionate students anywhere in the country. There are so many clubs that students can participate in, and you are sure to find something you are thoroughly interested in and want to be a part of.
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Plano West has been a real eye opener for me and shows me how in 1 year I’ll be off on my own by how they make us depend on ourselves to fix any of our mistakes. I’m also a Plano West Cheerleader which is another reason I have some many great experiences because I get to lead the school in a great and give the students and teachers spirit.
As a senior in high school, I can honestly say I've had some bittersweet moments at Plano West. As a whole, I have actually enjoyed my two years at that school. Even though Junior year was not a great year for me and our school spirit is not as high as we claim it to be I have made some unforgettable memories at West. The friendships I have made are some I believe will carry on for the rest of my life. Joining clubs and extracurricular activities actually live up to how people describe them. My senior year so far has been a year of new friendships and adventures. Though our school spirit is nonexistent Plano West has a way of including people together and representing all of us as a whole.
Very competitive school which prepares you for college. The cafeteria food can be better. Teachers are very nice and helpful. Students are very kind and they would help you as much as they can. There are so many different types of clubs and activities.
The large faculty size allows for a wide array of classes to be offered. These range from art history to sports & entertainment marking to even floral design.
I liked the community within the school, of friendly students and staff. However, I would like to see more microwaves, as we only have two and this is a huge campus. Therefore there is always a huge line whenever I need to heat up my food.
Plano West is an amazing school that I am proud to have attended. The staff and student culture is very diverse and vibrant making the experience very unique. the school has done an outstanding job preparing students for college and providing the resources students need to succeed!
Very large and impersonable. It was hard to make friends. Off-campus lunch was awkward as I never had anyone to go with. Good academics.
The teachers are extremely reliable and encouraging and actually make me feel like they enjoy their jobs.
Personally, I don't see what the big deal is about this school. The school is very diverse but we are not really equal. There are things concerning the dress code and how people treat one another. Some of the teachers don't teach worth a scrap of paper. Plano West is just one of those schools where I'm just trying to get my diploma and get out as fast as possible.
Plano west senior high is an excellent educational institutions that provides good quality education. It gives students various opportunities to excel academically and in extracurricular activities. Sufficient facilities are provided to the students.
Although I was only in attendance for one year, but I had the best senior year possible. Many opportunities for growth and involvement. Tons of kids got to go to their dream schools.
I love my highschool in almost every aspect, except for safety. On a large campus with 7 different buildings, I rarely feel safe. I wish they would hire more cops or install metal detectors.
This is a great school to get you ready for college. They are very good at making sure you have all the knowledge in order for you to be successful.
Plano West is a great school with great spirit and opportunities however those opportunities come with a cost as the school is so big with 2,800 in my graduating class you definitely have to push yourself to set yourself apart. Overall the staff is awesome and the school is great and I miss it
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I enjoyed my time at the school. The teachers were nice and they cared about the students. The students had a lot of opportunities to take AP classes and get also get dual credit from the community college. I was not into sports, but it seemed like those who were into sports were also pleased with that aspect of the school.
Lots of diversity, tons of amazing students, athletes, etc. horrible administration on part of the counselors, sometimes it felt like they had no intent to help students
Moving to my senior year. It’s only been 5 months here at Plano West and so far everything has been really good. The teachers are all very understanding and friendly. Cafeteria food is really good too. The school is huge! So it might take a day or two to adjust with the schedule. A lot of clubs to join and students are very competitive. Counselors are very supportive but the grades they gave me for the marks I got in a different country were very less. They weren’t able to understand my educational system in my country so they credits they awarded for that report card was far too less than what I expected.
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