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They have one of the schools out there for education. There teachers are outstanding really good and know what they are teaching. Even though there is alot of students the teachers are always there for the student so they can succeed and pass the class. There is alot of diversity in the school. They really prepared me for college. I am glad I graduated from this school.
Great School, i went here and had a lot of interesting memories. Administration is also cool. great location
Plano West is extremely competitive, but it truly depends on the crowd you surround yourself with. In terms of teachers and staff, Plano West is top notch. The courses are extremely competent and challenging.
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It was harder than almost any other public school in the area so it really helped prepare me for the college courses I am taking now.
The instructors guide you through the challenging coursework and empower you to discover different, personalized methods of studying that best work for you. The music and arts department is very advanced especially for a high school, and there are countless clubs to participate in as extracurricular activities.
Plano West is an extremely academically rigorous high school, and one of the top schools in the nation! If you want a quality education, this is the school I'd recomend.
The rigor of Plano West's AP classes prepared me well for college classes. Almost all of my teachers were extremely helpful and experienced. There were numerous opportunities available to students, and the academic & fine arts programs were very successful. There is a wide range of clubs to join. The culture of diligence and excellence unfortunately contributed to coordinated cheating efforts. There have also been concerns raised about the diversity of faculty in the school. However, the student body is diverse.
My experience at Plano West was quite good. It was fun, most people are nice to one another and very helpful. I only gave it 4 stars because I feel like the counselors don't listen to what you want to do with your academics. At least hear what the students thinks what is best for them then they should put in some tips and heads up about certain things.
I like Plano West Senior High School. I feel like the school is excellent in terms of academics and the ability to make friends. The only reason why I didn’t give it 5 stars is because of the environment. The school is very large which has led to a lot of competition amongst the students. The competitive nature of the school pits students against each other and has the potential to deteriorate someone’s mental health if said student feels too much pressure. That being said, the school had a great administration and wonderful teachers that help students focus on what is actually important. The curriculum is also very broad which allows all students to find classes that appeal to them.
Overall I had a great time at PWSH! The teachers mostly did amazing jobs and I loved the clubs and activities that were offered. However I think because of how big the school was it never really felt like a family. The only time it felt like it was when we all wore our blue shirts for assembly days. I think if we had more activities it would connect all of us.
Plano West Senior High School is a top-rated, public school located in Plano, TX. It has 2,765 students in grades 11-12 with a student-teacher ratio of 17 to 1. According to state test scores, 93% of students are at least proficient in math and 12% in reading.
The environment was very competitive, and if you weren't in any AP classes people would sometimes judge you. I tended to hang out in the music and art departments, however, and the communities there were very accepting, and the programs were phenomenal.
It is a great campus with wonderful teachers. Most are friendly and will be patient with extra help if needed. The majority of the student culture shows both extreme competitiveness and wanting to help others better themselves. That being said, there are those that do not want to help others and realize that Plano West is highly competitive, causing them to form large cheating rings in order to rise above everybody else in rank. They often are caught at some point, but there is no way for the teachers to know what else they have cheated on, meaning they aren't punished for other times they've cheated, keeping them with a much higher rank than they deserve. For the rest of us, it is unfair. That being said, the school itself very much embodies "ranking is just a number" by providing an excellent education for all that want to learn, Once people let go of the idea that they need to be rank #1, they realize what school is: a place to learn new things with some amazing people,
Plano West was a beat school for me, it offered every kind of help I needed. The staff was super nice and the campus was open and beautiful. I wish I could go back.
In my past experience as a senior, being part of the Plano West community aligned with being very active in academics and being very well rounded as an indiviudal giving Plano West such a high standard. One occuring issue I found though was the excessive competition in students gearing their mind to a constant state of comparison causing stress and anxiety.Because of the highly competitive fields of GPA and rank, and poor achevient of football team, a lot of behavior of many students I found were deemed unhealthy. Likewise, I would hope that Plano West offer more funding towards their football, more awareness throught the student commity on preparing yourself for College, your career goal, and being focused on one's well being rather than being in a constant state of stress and comparison. This would allow students to become focused on themselves and less likely to worry or degrade other students based on GPA,rank,etc.
Very academically rigorous School with a large breadth and depth of course offerings. Teachers were a hit or miss-since students perform so well at this school, bad teachers have no reason to get fired from the district's perspective. Forced me to do lots of self-studying and outside tutoring.
My time at Plano West a journey to say the least. The diversity was significant, which helps with the academic competitiveness in the entire school. They need to make these high schools 4 years as the school culture seemed to be ruined. Many athletes transferred out so the sports couldn't compete in the district.
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Awesome 2-year school with amazing staff and campus resources. Plano West has a beautiful campus with activities for everyone to take part in. The diversity in extracurricular activities is perfect.
The life AT school is extremely competitive and over the top in terms of tests and grading. However the friends u male there r pretty chill and it makes for great times outside of school.
Lots of fun organizations, very competitive high school, many AP opportunities, I went in to college with 39 credits so I really can't complain. Also, Mrs. Ishman is the best, if you plan on taking CS classes try to get her as your teacher. The football team sucks though. They didn't win a game the entire time I was a student there...
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