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Plano West Senior High School Reviews

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I enjoy West. I think that some of the classes need to be considered for high level education because they are so hard. I really like all the opportunities that West has. I think admin needs to be more determined to have more of an individual connection with each student.
Some teachers were really good, while others didn't care about anything that was going on. You either had a really great time or it was miserable.
I currently attend Plano West Senior High School, and the teachers will prepare you for anything that the real world could ever throw at you. The business classes can range from entrepreneurship class to business law classes. The level of intensity prepares you more than you would think for any type of college class. I have had handfuls of friends that have gone from Plano West, to Ivy League schools and still remained at the top of their class. Then have continued on to work for great organizations and been proud alumni of Plano West.
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Plano west is one of the best schools in Texas or even the country,located on the west side of City of Plano.I went to school there for my last two years of high school,and it’s been awesome so far,the only thing that can be improved is the building that could be connected to each other for the vey cold or hot days.
Its an ok school very competitive so if you want to have a easy time trying to get auto admission to the Texas schools this isn't the school to go to. If your looking to play sports this also is no longer the school to go to there is one up the street thats just for you. Has a good selection of classes at all difficulty levels.
Plano West is overall a decent school, however there are some teachers that are just plain out bad, there are some good teachers but the bad ones unfortunately outweigh the good ones. The counselors arent that great either if you want to change your bad teachers, you would have to undergo this entire process including your parents which is a pain. Another thing is that their football team is pretty horrid, it’s annoying when you’re playing another sport that goes to state and still gets downgraded by how the football team is, and they just recently fired the coach responsible for not winning a game for two straight years. This may be a negative review but everything else about West is pretty exceptional including the other sports teams, clubs, etc. Thanks for the opportunity to review
The best thing about West is that there are so many different types of people. We haven’t won a football game since I’ve been here, and no one has any school spirit, but I guess that’s ok. Parking is a bit rough due to the size of campus, but there’s always a spot in Africa. The CTE programs are a good way to get experience if they have one for your interest.
Plano West is a perfect school to prepare kids for college. The atmosphere is academically inclined and has a great extra curricular experience for students. It is one of the top high schools in the country and continues to show that with excellent participation and community.
Plano West Senior High School is an amazing school with great academics and top-notch fine arts programs!
Overall a positive experience. However, for a good school system the teachers are not that great. The biggest problem is with the admin who are hard to relate to and overly strict. Plano overall is not tolerant of diversity.
I liked that the teachers were always willing to help out the students. I love how I could go to office hours and get all the help I needed for my classes. I like the vast amount of classes available at the school, and I love all the available extracurricular activities. The school has a couple thousand students but I never felt out of place or like I couldn't succeed there. One thing I did not enjoy was the overly competitive vibe flowing between students. Some students just cared too much about the GPAs, rankings, etc., and it interfered with learning and created a somewhat toxic environment. But I didn't let that interfere with my path and my goals. I am very happy with my secondary and post-secondary education. Plano West provided a lot of resources for my learning, and the staff helped me along the way. I participated on the drill team which helped me get involved with the football games. Overall, Plano West was great.
Academically, this is a great place to be. There are many opportunities to concentrate your education on a subject you're interested in. Teaching staff is excellent for the most part. However, West is a massive campus. Around 3000 students overall and this makes for a less than friendly administration staff. A lot of rules have to be put into place in order for this school to function the way that it does, and that can get old after a while.
In my opinion Plano West is a very intelligent school, no matter what reports you may have heard on the news, our programs and teachers are willing to sacrifice their jobs in order to help a student get through and excel in a program rather than to just give us answers but to honestly see our brain expand right in front of their eyes. Some say its a miracle, but learning at Plano West is more than a miracle it is more of a diverse world encouraging school and we are always welcoming new faces into new places..
The level of education and learning environment is excellent. Lots of friendly teachers along with fun and engaging lessons.

Though the food served at the lunch lines could be improved.
Plano West has some of the most passionate students anywhere in the country. There are so many clubs that students can participate in, and you are sure to find something you are thoroughly interested in and want to be a part of.
Plano West has been a real eye opener for me and shows me how in 1 year I’ll be off on my own by how they make us depend on ourselves to fix any of our mistakes. I’m also a Plano West Cheerleader which is another reason I have some many great experiences because I get to lead the school in a great and give the students and teachers spirit.
As a senior in high school, I can honestly say I've had some bittersweet moments at Plano West. As a whole, I have actually enjoyed my two years at that school. Even though Junior year was not a great year for me and our school spirit is not as high as we claim it to be I have made some unforgettable memories at West. The friendships I have made are some I believe will carry on for the rest of my life. Joining clubs and extracurricular activities actually live up to how people describe them. My senior year so far has been a year of new friendships and adventures. Though our school spirit is nonexistent Plano West has a way of including people together and representing all of us as a whole.
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Very competitive school which prepares you for college. The cafeteria food can be better. Teachers are very nice and helpful. Students are very kind and they would help you as much as they can. There are so many different types of clubs and activities.
The large faculty size allows for a wide array of classes to be offered. These range from art history to sports & entertainment marking to even floral design.
I liked the community within the school, of friendly students and staff. However, I would like to see more microwaves, as we only have two and this is a huge campus. Therefore there is always a huge line whenever I need to heat up my food.
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