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I liked that seniors had the option to go in early (for 0 hour), and then we were able to leave early due to senior release.
I also liked that the teachers were very accommodating when you asked for help.
It was also nice that we didn't have to remain on campus for lunch, and were free to wander.
Going to Plano Senior High School was quiet an experience. They have a marvelous education level. The only big problem that the students had was that the principals would make students do things that the did not want to do for different prizes. Either you got in trouble for getting into an argument for someone else starting it or you getting paid to tell teachers different things.
Plano Senior High School proves to be one of the highest academic achieving schools in the U.S. The curriculum is challenging but doable, and in the process helps with college readiness.
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My Plano Senior High School experience was filled with many hardships. However, I had many friends to help me through them. Senior High school is a completely different experience compared to Junior High school. There are more people, more homework, and everything you do as a junior has a huge impact on your future. Although I do enjoy Plano Senior High, the school could have a better teaching system with less focus on huge magnitudes of homework, and more focus on in-class learning.
I enjoyed how accessible and helpful the administrators always were and the opportunities given for students to improve their academic life as well as personal life.
I liked the diversity at Plano Senior. The food was not very good and the choice's of food were poor. I feel like some classes I am ready for college but others I am not prepared for.
Some decent teachers. It’s pretty old so nothing special but it gets the job done. Cafeteria food is kind of nasty but nit a bad school overall.
Great school, with a variety of extracurricular activities and events. I graduated in 2013 and those remain some of the best years of my life. Friendly classmates and mixed culture community influenced a very supportive and positive atmosphere.
The wide variety of courses allows every student to find what they will excel at, and the strong sense of school spirit unifies the student body.
Plano Senior High School has a beautifully diverse campus. The wide array of classes and clubs at the school make it a welcoming environment to all students.
The feeling of community is strong within Plano Senior High School, especially during football season. One constant problem on campus has been the number of fights between students; which the staff cannot control.
I love the school spirit, and how connected everybody is. They always try to include everyone in everything. However, the school automatically assumes that every household is financially stable enough to afford a $100 calculator, which is an issue I’m able to overcome but I’m aware that not everyone else is.
The teachers and students are all very nice, but I wish there was more room; the halls are normally crowded.
I love going to this school. I've gotten to experience all of the amazing things high school can offer at this school. There is a tradition of excellence in every program. The academics are very hardcore here, giving everyone the opportunity to be in higher classes or even take college courses so we don't have to in college. The fine arts program is one of the finest in the country and I've been in the band for both years and I love it. We play at every football game and compete on our own. It's taught me discipline to pull through those hot summer practices and to see the final rewarding product when we preform our last show at competitions. The campus is beautiful and open giving a college feel. We get to eat anywhere on the campus or go off campus to the fast food places nearby. The only downfall of having this kind of campus is that we are not the safest from potential threats.
Plano Senior High School is a school where everyone can fit in no matter what ethnicity, religion, or academic standing you are in. Plano Senior makes sure that all of the students’ needs are met and that they graduate college ready. For me, Plano Senior was a new experience because I moved from a very small charter school. Going from a graduating class of twenty kids to nearly fifteen hundred kids was quite a new experience for me, but Plano Senior made sure that I felt right at home. The staff there are always there if you need assistance and the student life atmosphere is second to none. There are plenty of student clubs to join and meet people who have similar interests with you. All in all, Plano Senior High School is a great High School to go to and use as a stepping stone to a greater future.
I love that Plano Senior did a great job preparing me for College. I was always warned that College is very tough but I have found that is just not true. I have been able to easily manage all aspects of my life while maintaining great grades all because of the preparation that my high school gave to me. I also love the huge population, which make socializing and making friends easy
I loved my time at Plano Senior High, but the academics were crushingly competitive and rigorous, in part due to such large class sizes and a record of academic excellence to maintain. I suffer from serious anxiety that has affected my life and my academics at university stemming from the pressure to be perfect placed on me by this school district. Additionally, my time at this school was cut short due to serious disregard by the administration for a severe medical issue I was dealing with at the time. The quality education I received in academics and the arts were unmatched, but the culture of perfectionism is too much for anyone, but especially children.
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Teachers were great, counselors and advisors were very nosey and were always looking to get in student business and drama. Lots of classes available and the teachers really are about their students and try to prepare them as much as possible.
When I transferred to Plano Senior High School, it felt as if I was at home. PSHS is a heart-warming community of students and faculty that make you feel like family. I went to 3 other High Schools before PSHS and I just didn't feel that kind of atmosphere. It is a very good academically challenged school and the Diversity there made me even more comfortable to be at a school and made me welcomed. There isn't a race that dominates any other and majority of the school get's along like family with all the ups and downs. The campus is formed and shaped just like a College/University campus, so it mentally prepares students on what they will be expecting at a College/University atmosphere. Along with the College like atmosphere, the on-campus events that go around campus makes Plano Senior High School a fun High School to be at where you can feel comfortable!
Fantastic school. Traditions galore. Such a loving and comfortable environment. It is a big school, 1300+ per class, but you definitely feel like part of a family. Football games are great, band is the best in the city, so many great things about this school.
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