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I liked Plano Senior High School because it was pretty diverse, and most of the teachers there are great! However, there is a lot of people in this school, and the school is pretty competitive. The counselors over there were helpful. I met a lot of great friends and was able to make efficient study groups. They offer many AP courses so you can get credit for college.
It gave me an opportunity to connect to different groups and interests. The teachers were fantastic and helped me with whatever I needed. Overall, a good experience.
Good academics with focus on college prep and a wide variety of classes were offered. Numerous organizations to get involved in with potential leadership roles. Because of Plano's size the pep rallies were a lot of fun. For the most part, the teachers were able to get to know the students pretty well.
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The teachers here care a lot about their students. The overall up keep and resources used by the school is poor. The student pride for their school is very high.
I like all of my classes and teacher; I think the school is a very good place to be at and I have enjoyed the two years I’ve been able to spend there. After being involved in varsity volleyball I can say the athletic facilities and resources are very good and greatly provided for with coaches, equipment, and more. I was also enrolled with DECA which shows the competitiveness outside of sports. The great teachers who sponsored the club always worked very hard to make sure we were prepared for competitions. Caring Cats was another club that could found on campus that was used as a system to give the Special Education students a buddy for the year that they could do fun activities with. Personally I have never ate cafeteria food once and that’s all I have to say about that. Plano Senior teachers and administration also cultivate an environment of learning and academic excellence.
My experience at Plano Senior High School was one of the best high school experiences i've ever had. Aside from the occational hard to work with teacher, the staff was extremely flexible, supportive, hardworking, and kind to me. The curriculum was usually very easy to grasp along with the teaching methods used by my teachers, and every event or fundraiser thrown by the school was successful. I'm extremely grateful to have attented the school in-person, and I'm still grateful I get to attend it online for one last year.
There is so much school spirit at Plano Senior and the community is outstanding. My two years attending this school are two years that I will fondly remember and be grateful for.
Everyone is friendly and helpful. The band is one big happy family. We work hard and play hard and enjoy each other's camaraderie.
This school consists of faculty that seeks to help you excel in your education. While that’s the case, it also brings the best out of you as a student. With a wide variety of courses that consist of different types of rigor, you have the opportunity to take your education to whatever level you choose. With that being said, the schools spirit is one to remember. Throughout the year you see students showing their pride for their school whether it be in clubs, sports, or simply just for attending the school. All the different groups within the school make it special, and one that will forever be special to you. This is a school where the teachers intend to help you with whatever it is you need help with. They’re there to support you with your education, and they do their best to do so. One thing that also makes this school special is its diversity within its students. This school not only provides an unforgettable experience for students, but also a great education.
I liked my experience. Every one of the teachers were super nice and also wanted to make sure that we succeeded. Not to mention the school had a lot of schools spirt which was awesome whenever we had football games.The counselors were more than welcoming and helpful.
A very loving, accepting community with something for everyone. I'm in the band program and I always feel very accepted and loved whenever I am surrounded by these students. The teachers are pretty good and the campus is nicely laid out, with more of a college campus type feel with separate buildings with a pond in the middle.
Some of the staff is not up to snuff, and many of the lesson plans are trivial at best especially in the AP curriculum. Communication between departments is also lacking which causes additional and unnecessary stress on the students, because the departments seem to be unable to coordinate when work load heavy projects are and seem to be scheduled all at the same time. That being said the Arts departments are phenomenal and make central cluster proud. Although our football team is not the best, the band and theater department are excellent and continuously surpass any and all expectations. The resources available to the Art department could be more generous which would only add to the extraordinary talent exhibited from the Art department and the talented students who create there. Overall Plano Senior High School, or PSHS is only worth 3 stars but I still am proud to call it home.
Plano senior High School is a large school with over 2,714 junior and seniors. The school offers many academic resources for student like a verity of AP, and science courses. The school also provides a college readiness class called Avid that pushes for students success. Though the school provides a great academies the school lacks on diversity with around 20% of its staff non-white, and a majority white student body. The school could do better with by hiring more diverse staff. The school also doesn't do a great job about speaking about topics such like bulling, race, sexual assault, school safety, and other hard to talk about topic. Even though the school had its problems it was a good school that provides many recourses, clubs and activities.
I was quite nervous to be part of the Wildcats as it was a big transition from a small school where you know everyone to a school that you see a face every time. However, I was mistaken to be nervous. The teachers and students are wonderful. There is a variety of classes for any career path. This school is always there to help you.
My experience at Plano Senior High was needless to say, less than fabulous. The administration I had contact with treated like I had zero braincells and couldn't be trusted. The school was too large to give any sort of unity and several of the attempts were poor and not met well by the students.
The people, the students, and staff are extremely warm and friendly. The education could be much better. For starters, the school should hire capable and competent teachers. The methods of teaching can be improved as well. I must appreciate how the AP classes create tests that model the actual tests. The exterior ambiance is beautiful yet the corridors and some classrooms are very dull. The pep rallies are substandard. Clubs were not very appealing either.
I love PSHS. The teachers and staff treat you like adults and students have more privileges and freedoms than at many other schools. It's a large, open campus which gives students a college-like experience. The teachers are excellent and are very dedicated to the students and their jobs. It's a very tolerant, accepting environment. The administration does a great job of finding a fitting higher education path for everyone. The school does a great job of providing and assisting students living in poverty, especially during the coronavirus pandemic. The school provided breakfast and lunch everyday for students and allowed each student to take home a school-issued chromebook to complete their online schooling. PISD is one of the best districts in the nation, and I really love attending the schools here.
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I enjoyed the overall environment provided by the campus and the freedoms we were allowed. The campus is open, centered around a pond with lots of greenery, and allows for nice walks. The student presence is powerful, events are always popping up and there's groups for every type of person and interest. Generally, the student body, as well as the staff, promote a really positive environment and don't tolerate bullying. The academics are wonderful and the accessibility to resources like laptops and art supplies is truly phenomenal, making sure all students have what they need no matter their financial or home situation. Administration does a good job of supporting student needs. However, PSHS could improve on inclusivity and mental health support/awareness. The campus police were known by students of color to not be entirely supportive and certain members of the counseling department had ways to go in offering quality, genuine support to students in need of mental health support.
The diversity at Plano Senior High School is excellent; however, the campus life isn't great. Fights tend to break out violently, and many of the teachers do not provide attentiveness to this. In fact, many of the administrators tend to have a condescending attitude when speaking with students that scares many individuals. However, many of the teachers across all departments have some sort of passion towards their course of teaching, with exception to Physics. Overall, the school is average.
I enjoyed attending PSHS very much. Most teacher were very accommodating, and I feel my academics helped prepare me for college.
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