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Plano ISD Academy High School Reviews

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Although there aren’t any honors or AP classes, the school is very challenging in the sense that there is your classwork onto of your project work. This school does not hold students by the hand and guide them constantly. The Academy teaches students how to learn, manage their time, and other necessary life skills.
What I liked about this school was that we did project based learning which was much more fun and we got to grow a lot through the projects. What I would like to see changed would be making club time longer in the afternoon.
Where do I start to tell you much and why I love this school for my kids!

First, a short note about the school "We are an innovative, project-based 9th-12th grade learning community. With an emphasis on science, technology, engineering, arts, and mathematics (STEAM) and interdisciplinary.

The kids get real, hands on experiences. As freshman, they learn about a region of the country and a fruit from that region and a product with that fruit. They create a business plan on how to promote that product. They then learn from industry experts about marketing, and supply chain and many other facets of a business. Then real business professionals come in to the school and provide feedback on the presentation for their product.

As the kids get into higher levels, the projects get more diverse and harder and the students learn even more.
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The academy is a great school with few flaws. The teachers are friendly and you get to know each one and in turn they get to know you. You can have conversations you would never be able to have at other schools with the teachers that really help students to grow in the real world. The school teaches you hands on work and encourages you to make things in your own free time. The only problem is the fitness ethics of students, being in one of the “smart” schools people aren’t really encouraged to work out in the gym. The physical education teachers are very good at pushing students to move and work out but it’s up to the students to do that themselves. Best school ever.
Terrible grading system that is incredibly subjective. This school is great in theory but executed extremely poorly.
The facilitators are what makes the school great!! I would do anything for them, however admin makes the school not so great. Admin does not trust the facilitators to do their job and anything the facilitators have a new idea admin rejects its.
The Academy is a unique, project-based learning school that provides important and special opportunities to students.
Attending this school has been a challenge. Because the school is so young and untraditional the administration is still working out all of the curriculum and learning styles. It is so important to learn to work with others in a group setting, and this school has been the best tool for students to practice that life skill. I have learned so many life skills, and the school has prepared me for the modern workplace. The school does not offer AP courses or any honors programs. This STEAM school struggles to fully incorporate true engineering and technology into the projects. The school also struggles to incorporate all of the required TEKS into the project based learning. They compensate by having traditional learning and assignments while having a group project on the side that vaguely incorporates the true concepts of the traditional Texas curriculum.
Experimental school, working out the kinks, but for a new school, incredibly well managed. Staff is excellent and personable.
It’s a very unique school due to it being a Project based learning school that focuses on implementing what you learn in class to put into your project. You get to work in groups all the time helping you gain skills in the team
This school has everybody take mostly the same classes, so individual progression is limited. There are many clubs available, in fact, it is required to join a club. There are no sports, but there is an ultimate frisbee club, as well as an FRC club which is the closest thing that resembles a sports team.
It is more than just an engineering school, it's a school for nerds like me to go and make our future. I'm no engineer, instead I'm a history buff and I still received the same benefits as everybody else. I wish my friends could go to this school, they would've loved it.
The school is a real hit or miss for most kids who attend here. Someone gripe and complain because they don't try to expand or leap at the opportunities, while others try to fill all of the free time to expand their knowledge. This school does give you a lot of time and freedom for you to explore your own passions. As far as the teachers go, I think that this school has a good ratio between teachers and students and students learn how to interact with teachers very well and learn how to present. I would give it a 10/10 in the social aspect, but a 4/10 for the educational aspect. Students here develop socially but not academically (as much as initially expected or set by the school's standards).
Hi, graduating senior of 2017-2018 at Plano Academy. I have gotten to work closely with a lot of different people over months-long group projects and have learned excellent mediation and people skills, not to mention gained a lot of friends! The subject matter we learn is all tied together in a final deliverable for each project incorporating Science, Technology, English, Math, and Art in some way. Some of the impressive projects I have done include filming a movie trailer, building a PVC submarine, blueprinting a tiny home, working directly with Southwest Airlines to help solve problems, pitching a city construction project to the Plano City Zoning Committee, and my personal senior capstone project of CADding and 3D printing an ergonomic video game controller shell. There are so many great topics I have learned about here, it's if i'm already in college, studying abroad! Would absolutely recommend this school to anyone looking to take charge of their learning and their future.
This school provides a unique high school experience that allows me to learn with others in a project based manner.
While the Academy prepares me for life by teaching me important skills such as public speaking and collaboration, my study habits have declined due to the lack of tests. I personally agree with the 'projects over tests' mindset, however the school does lack in college preparation because of this.
I like how easy it it to connect and form healthy student and teacher relationships. My prior experiences did not allow for a connective was with my teachers but at the Academy, many teacher go out of there way to help students when they are struggling. I would hope to get rid of Satellite time on Thursday because these time can be used more effectively for more class time.
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It was very different than the typical public school education. The class size was much smaller, the curriculum was project based and tied into the real world. All the subject were intertwined and worked hand in hand. The first year of Academy was amazing but as the years went on and the administration changed so did a lot of the standards and the reputation of this school.
This school is far better an experience for me than traditional school; the learning is integrated into the projects well and the teachers really so care about their class content and their students. There are some values that the school seems to have contradicted or outright taken away, but this is for reasons I may or may not fully understand. Hopefully they can go back to their ideals without government or parents interfering. These decisions are the only reason this school does not get five stars.
The Academy is a pretty good school for the most part, but there are some problems. The teachers are very engaged and involved with the students, though some fail to grade things on time. The school is based on project-based learning where we learn by interacting hands on. The technology there is amazing! A room full of Macs which is called the apple orchard, every student receives a Chromebook, and macs spread out throughout the school. We don't have a band, orchestra, or choir but we have other involved clubs such as robotics and solar club. Even though we aren't a traditional school we try to act like one in many ways such as doing prom and homecoming (even though the only sports club we have is ultimate frisbee). The cafeteria food is very very terrible, its food that has been pulled out of a box and microwaved, just bring your lunch to school or go off campus and you'll be fine.
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