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At Plano High School, it is all about numbers. Staff above the teachers only care about how many students are in AP classes. what is best for the student is not taken into consideration. On the bright side, the teachers will help in anyway they can. Teachers do not agree with the staff above them.
I have had an amazing four years at PHS. My teachers have taken time to help me be the best student I can be. They have supported me in and out of the classroom and have inspired me to become a teacher myself.
The communication between administration and staff was really poor. Often, we would have assemblies and the teachers would have no clue about it until the principal had us meeting in the auditorium for it. This meant a lot of lesson plans were messed around with, and the students didn’t have full class periods to learn. The communication between staff and students was also poor, as students would never really know what the protocol for half-days or test days was until that very day. However, a lot of teachers there are very sweet, and I cherish my memories of most of the teachers I’ve met during my four years.
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I would like to see teachers more engaged, along with Administrators more active & a school who focuses on their students, not their numbers.
The people at PHS keep going to school interesting and the hall monitors and most teachers make close connections with their students to make class enjoyable. However, there are still teachers that do not know how to teach properly. Although those teachers did not last more than a year, they still robbed many students of a credit by not being terminated sooner.
I have learned a lot during my time at Plano High School. It has been an adventure and while there have been some bad times, it was overall a good time. I like most of the teachers and how involved they are with the students because it makes me learn more and feel apart of the class. I would like to see more involvement with the student body because it would strengthen the unity of the school and teach kids more than just academics.
I have gone to Plano all four years and I liked it. My class size is less than 200 hundred students and everyone knows each other. The teachers are really helpful and are really good at finding various ways to teach something.
I'm a current senoir at Plano High, and over the years there has been a lot of change, both negative and positive. School spirit has gone down, athletic performance has gone down. Other than all the negatives that have gone around, some positives of the school are the various clubs that make a big difference in the school, such as the National Hispanic Institute and National Honors Society.
It needs to become more organized, but the amount of AP classes and other advanced classes they have is amazing.
Plano High School has a very wide range of courses to choose from. They have a wide range of classes for the average student but also have a wide range for students who excel at academics. The staff are very well trained in the course work and are always available to help students out. There are many opportunities for extra-curricular activities, with either sports, service hours in the community, clubs. Overall, its a very well rounded school.
Plano is a good school, once they give all team players recognition it will be great. Also some of the teachers they have are great but some are mean stricken, for example you should not tell any kid that they will never amount to anything, if anything encouraged them to a challenge of what they like best about school.
I'd like to see the school more focuses on the needs of the student rather than focusing so much on AP classes to the point where they are forcing students to take those classes.
I love my experience at Plano High School. The fact that the school is small makes it easy to get help if needed. A lot of the students have a close academic relationship with their teachers. School Events are fun to go to and watch how competitive our teams are. What I don't like about Plano High School is most of the focus on sports is on Football. I like how the teachers know when something doesn't seem right with you and they pull you to the side and ask if you are okay. They stay after school to help the students with homework or anything they need help with. I love the relationship between the students and the teachers. They make going to school fun.
The clubs and organizations along with athletics at the school are great. Everyone gets involved and engaged, enjoying the events that take place.
The fact that this school is small makes it easy to get help if needed and it makes one feel safe. Also most of the students have closer academic relationships with their teachers which helps with the learning processes. Also school events are fun to attend during free time.
The teachers are very caring and respectful of the students. They stay fairly consistent and keep the interest of the students. Some teaching style however are harder to understand and follow along with, meaning some teachers do not give as much direction as need. They are normally always willing to help if students need it though.
It's a small school, so there aren't many options for classes. Also, they're too greedy to get off of the obviously crappy "Michelle Obama" lunch system. They'd rather rely on government subsidies than make some real food for their kids.
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Teachers care about the students, and are open to supplying extra help if needed.
The teachers do I fine job, but I think the teachers should also get to know their students a bit more so both gain respect for eachother which will allow the student to stay on their game and the teacher can understand and help the student succeed. A student and teacher relationship is important and allows them to communicate more about school and the types of tools that will help the student
This school is pretty good in the drug and safety policy but when it comes to verbal bullying I think teachers kind of brush it off and they think it's just kids joking around. Now a days you will most likely hear kids joke around by calling eachother names but I think the teachers need to learn the difference between joking around and hurtful stuff being said to one another
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