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I would like some of the areas to be changed around the school. The pond life is beautiful but I believe having two is unecessary and not useful.
My experience at PESH was amazing, I made friends and had a lot of fun. I wouldn't change it for the world.
Plano East Senior High school is such a diverse environment! I experienced my best years at that school. The school has so many different programs, and the teachers are top notch. The football team is excellent, the clubs are very well organized, the counselors are there to help, and the cafeteria is not the cliche nasty high school food, its actually pretty good. I am still best friends with the same people I attended Plano East with, and we always talk about East when we get together. One day when I have a family of my own, in the far future I plan to have my kids attend Plano east as well. I will forever be a panther.. PLANO, PLANO... EAST EAST!!!
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Going to Plano East will give you an advantage in moving forward to college. Everything from the set up of the campus to the difficulty of courses will help to set expectations of what is to come. In addition, there are a lot of different activities and courses you may get involved in to help further your interests. For example there is a culinary, pharmacy, and mechanic program on campus.
The overall experience was ok, however, the school should strive to have more minority teachers and administrators.
I enjoy the school atmosphere, however it is very crowded. There are a lot of opportunities offered to the students, such as the IB World School, the many AP classes and the Health Sciences Academy. It can be a rigorous academic workload, depending on the types of classes you take, but it's unforgettable.
Plano east is a big campus but only because they offer so many electives and new opportunities for all their students. I loved this school so much because it was very different you were walking into the school to look at people from all over the world and everyone accepted each other . The teachers and staff always made sure that not one student was left out . And honestly I wouldn't mind it at all going back . It was such a wonderful experience to have my high school life here
Plano East Senior High School was definitely one of my best memories from my childhood. The infrastructure is great, the education, the atmosphere is something special. It is an enormous school, so there were always things to get done. The academics are also great, without the quality of the classes I might have not been prepared for University.
I basically grew up at Plano East. I like how diversity doesn’t effect much of anything, the students are given so much freedom from not only administration but also from their teachers, I also like how the whole school comes out and supports it’s sports teams. everyone comes together and supports their fellow panthers and cheers them through their ups and downs. I did not like how some teachers who taught the same subject/class worked on different calendars and gave their students different requirements than others, giving one class an advantage over another.
this is overall a pretty good school, there are a wide range of AP classes and pretty good teachers, they do not offer much college guidance
I loved the teachers and the opportunities for extracurricular activities. I was a member of the drill team and enjoyed supporting my school's football team.
High school isn't the best time of anyone's life in all honesty but my experience was very mediocre. I didn't think very highly of my experience because the only people that benefited the most were the students that were involved in sports or that were affiliated with media classes. I was not presented with many resources that prepared me for college and teachers did not care, their only concern was to get you through the year and out of their class.
Plano East Senior High School holds a very special place in my heart. The memories I have there are some of my most prized possessions. Although the insanely large student body makes it slightly difficult to be involved in multiple organizations, the relationships you develop in whatever organization you are a part of are deep and meaningful. The teachers dedicate and sacrifice so much of their life to their students, and it really makes a difference.
PESH is a really unique experience compare to all the other schools I had been to. It is diverse with many students. Everyone there including the teachers are nice and tries their best to fulfill their goals in mind. The teachers tries to work with their students to help them persevere through school to attend a good future. There are some troubling events that does happen every once in a while that disrupts the teaching environment such as a walk out happening last year. I hope there will be less and less disturbances in the school each and every year in the future until there is almost zero disturbances occurring.
I enjoyed Plano East because I believe it was a really good preparation for college. I did find it a bit annoying at times socially because of all the cliques that were there. Some of the teachers could be rude, which I don't believe was very conducive to learning.
I loved how prepared I was to go to college. I felt like my teachers and classes prepared me for what was to come, and I think it helped me not fall behind when I started college.
I loved attending Plano East Senior High School. The staff and culture was amazing to be a part of. I was in the International Baccalaureate program, and it was a great experience because I got to meet other, goal-oriented students. Throughout my academic journey I’ve had many opportunities that have helped me to gain proficiency, and experience, to advance myself in the pursuit of a higher education. Since I actually live on the west side, moving to Plano east for this program was a huge step for me. It took a lot of perseverance to stay involved in IB because of the long drives to school and the very little personal time involved with this very rigorous program. These struggles are worth it though because I have definitely benefitted from being in this program.
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I was in IB, and it was a great experience because I got to meet other, goal-oriented people who were willing to work for their achievements.
I loved Plano East as a whole. Most of the staff and culture was amazing to interact with, experience, and learn about. Although my experience was not always the best, they did their part in helping me to succeed.
I think it is a good school, but not one to succeed in. There so many students, it is nea4 impossible to get a high class rank. You need a 4.5 gpa to get top ten percent. All the top spot are pretty much automatically given to ib students. But, if you don’t care about rank, then it is a pretty good school.
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