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Classes, friends, activities, food, open campus, band, sports all were great and I enjoyed going there and will remember my experiences for a long time.
The school was full of opportunities and clubs for student involvement. However, I didn't enjoy the focus on football over other sports and the way teachers placed tests near other class tests.
My first year going to Plano East was very nerve-racking I wasn’t sure if I was going to be able to get around by myself because it was so large compared what I’m used to. The teachers there are very humble and very reliable when it comes to helping the students.
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I really enjoyed being a part of the IB Program at Plano East. The Ib program was challenging but I met many diverse people. We were all working towards the same goal, so I was surrounded by motivated individuals.
Too many people, many of the teachers could care less, unhealthy atmosphere and too much emphasis put on athletics, especially football.
Great, diverse school where you never feel left out and will always find a friend who will support you along the way. As well with the teachers who care about you and will make sure to help you as much as possible.
The teachers there are really nice and have a good teaching style. They try their best to make themselves available to help their students. What I would like to see change is the counseling department. I have heard a lot of negative responses from the students about their lack of assistance. With personal experience I can support their opinions, the counselor do not help the students very much.
In my opinion, Plano East Senior High School is a great place for high school students. The school offers an IB Program and has exceptional academics. This is due to the great teachers who enhance the educational experience. Furthermore, the high school has a variety of clubs from Computer Science to Fashion and more. Similarly, there are many sports like tennis, soccer, football, volleyball, and others. PESH, as the school is commonly called, is a diverse environment as well with students from different ethnic groups, contributing to its diversification.
Upperclassmen are given the privilege of eating lunch off-campus while lowerclassmen are restricted to the campus. However, the cafeteria's food is above average and there are many great locations to eat. PESH's long chain of buildings encompass a large pond with fountains, serving as a scenic lunch spot. Facilities like the library and lunch-time tutorials are also open. Overall, I think that Plano East is a great school to attend.
Well, as I transitioned from a junior high to this school, overall, the Plano East experience has been amazing. The one thing I would complain about though is the amount of traffic that happens during transitioning periods, since its so crowded. However, they did expand the campus to fix this problem, but it just doesn't really fix the hallway traffic jam issue.
Plano East Senior High School is an amazing and inclusive environment. not only did I feel comfortable walking the halls but I also felt supported with all of my academic decisions and struggles. the counselors are absolutely understanding and are well equipped to handle almost every single problem you throw their way.
The Plano East Senior High Band has firmly established itself as one of the leading band programs in the state of Texas that has fostered my love for music. It has a great IB program that I have attended.
As a student in the Plano East IB program, I've enjoyed being at this school. I'm somewhat cut off from the rest of the school (non-IB world) but I've had good experiences, not having much trouble finding helpful academic resources nor dealing with too many incompetent teachers. School life is vibrant and relatively diverse.
Students here perform well above average on all state tests, have above average college readiness measures, are making above average year-over-year academic improvement, and take more advanced courses per student than the state average. This school is high performing in all areas and competes as a part of one of the best school districts in the nation.
An amazing high school! The staff were very supportive through my time of need and helped see that I receive all the assistance I needed.
Plano East Senior High School was a great experience with a wonderful set of teachers. I had a great 4 years and got a good education out of it.
It was overall good but stressful. I met new people and I did different things I didn’t think I would have done. Sometimes the work given didn’t improve the skills for students. Also they need to improve the academic section in any subject or class. The school needs to focus more about the students opinions on things so they can improve and do better in their classes. Also too much homework is given at times and they need to limit that because the students don’t need to go home and have more hours of school work to have done.
I entered Plano East as a lonely, confused soul. It was all so unknown to me, and I was doubtlessly terrified. I had spent about 6 months in Plano because I enrolled at Plano East, but I still felt like a stranger.
It was only about 2 days into the East Side that all my cowardliness disappeared. The teachers, the students, the principal - they were all so welcoming. I could easily relate to each person at East. It slowly started becoming a place I wanted to get up every morning and head towards.
Today, I call Plano East my home. It is certain I spend more time there than anywhere else, and I am not complaining. For friends that turned into family, for unknown places that became home, and for memories unforgettable- I thank you, Plano East.
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Its one of the best schools to get your education, very diverse and involved. The faculty members and academic advisors are very helpful in helping you succeed.
It’s a very good education system and a good community. It’s also a beautiful campus. There are so many extracurricular activities that students can submerge themselves in and many challenging courses. The athletics program is also amazing as well. The fine arts department usually brings a sweepstake every year. It’s a well rounded school run by hardworking staff
Plano East is a decent school, the academics are great but there's too much competition. I've struggled with mental health since childhood and I've had issues in school because of it, and the Plano school district's competitive nature in regards to schoolwork really made me feel lesser than everyone else once my grades started to fall. I'd like to see more effective support for mental health issues at Plano East as well as a safer environment for LGBT and minority students.
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