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Plankinton High School was a good experience overall, and I enjoyed the tight-knit community of the school. However, there is little opportunities for students who are not athletes.
It was a good high school experience
The administration in this school is not of a proper level of adaquacey. Our school principle should not be considered a principal. Our guidance counselor is never available. Our office staff is wonderful, however. Small technicalities tend to be blown out of proportion by the administrative staff which makes everything seem almost petty.
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I believe that my overall experience at this school is okay. I have enjoyed getting to know not only my teachers but my class at a personal level, however, at times this was an issue. I have been frustrated with classes offered, I have tried very hard to take as many high level classes as possible, but it has been hard. Overall this is a good school for the average student.
I feel that our food at the school is not good. The general taste of food is poor. The portions are not to given standards, they are less.
Our school does not have many extracurriculars for a variety of students. Our school focuses either on student leadership or athletics, there is not much for anyone who is interested in other topics.
I believe that my school has average student culture and diversity. We tend to keep to our own ways which sometimes offers challenges, however, when it comes down to a serious situation we accept each other.
My school is average. Completly
While our school follows the national requirements, we are seriously lacking in in a good teaching staff. Peers have graduated and have come back to say they are very ill prepared for college. There really is no challenge in any of the classes. I truly feel the teachers at our school just "push" us through the system to get us out of their hair. There are very few AP classes offered and what there is, is offered through a V-Tel approach. There is no one on one contact.
Our school has several different sports opportunites. We also have a wellness center that we can utilize during the off season to keep in shape. We always have a terrific fan turn out for any sports function we have and the support that is shown to the spectators is AWESOME! I believe every player on the court and or field play together as a team. There is not I in "team".

Our coaching staff is wonderful and I am so happy and proud to be a part of a team who does not put winning first, but RESPECT of one self, each other and of the game.
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