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It's a decent enough school. The food could be more varied and healthy, however, and administration leaves something to be desired.
This school has the worst no-bullying policy ever. I've had someone threaten to kill me and the school said NOTHING to them. Almost everyone here are bullies. It's a bully or get bullied school. The school looks like its about to fall apart. In the bathroom the ceiling is falling off. The teachers are rude and horrible, one of the teachers threatened to choke a student and actually hit him! I've failed or gotten close to failing so many classes because the teacher doesn't know how to teach. They just give you a worksheet and expect you to have it done in 30 minutes. They don't actually teach you the material. There's so much more wrong with the school, I really don't recommend it. Experiencing it firsthandedly, it sucks.
Not much racial/ethnic diversity but definitely a lot of unique people here (can't blame the school, it's more just a Plainwell thing). A lot of great teachers; funny, caring, understanding. Handful of teachers that make you wonder what got them into that position, though (Surely it's not the pay; this is America, after all). The building could use some renovations. I would prefer that the bathroom stalls actually lock (or at least close). Again, probably just an issue with the American public schooling system, and certainly can't have anything to do with the brand new gymnasium floor. Most students get along, not much bullying or fighting. Could do a bit better in the counseling department.
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I graduated from Plainwell and it was a great school. Although I switched my freshman year, I feel like I didn’t fully adjust until junior or senior year. The teachers there are amazing and try to make your experience easier. For the most part they all want the best for you. The staff strives to prepare you for your future. Most classes give you a first taste of what first year college classes are like. However the bar is set pretty low for students. It doesn’t take that much effort to get an easy grade in many lower level classes.
My 3 older brothers and I all graduated from Plainwell High School. We all played sport and had a wonderful experience.
I think backpacks should still be allowed in classrooms. I also believe that pulling 14-18 year old girls out of class because they're "distracting" with their shoulders hanging out is disrespectful to women as a whole and makes women feel like their education is less than their male peers.
I had a few teachers who helped mold me into the person i am today. I will forever be thankful. there are a few people who really made a huge difference in my school.
I like the classes offered at Plainwell High School. There is a good mix or challenging and hands on classes. There are lots of AP's you can take, such as AP Chemistry and AP United States History. There are also classes that are fun and hands on like digital photography and aerobic fitness. I also like the sports programs. The teams are very well coached and financed and we have had great success and great wins because of it.
Through my High School experience, it was quite difficult. Being someone who wanted to over achieve, it was never encouraged. When I found ways to take advance classes they didn't have to offer online, they were not as encouraging as they should have been, and at first refused. When completing the online courses, a proctor was needed through the High School, and there was always miscommunication between the two. The teachers were always friendly though, and ready to help, even when the counselor's would not.
When it came to resources, we were given the best of the best iPads, yet we never used them for their purpose. We still used the old textbooks and paper homework. The food was what you would expect of a High School in America. Very fatty, although they did give a sandwich/salad bar as an option.
In the end, even though I feel I did not get the best academic readiness I needed in college or for the real world, I made friends and learned to use my resources wisely.
I loved the spirit of PHS. The band is my life, and some of the people there are the best I have met. While some schools are average and median, my experience has shown me that Plainwell is the school of extremes: we have some who are the highest of highs, and some who are lowest of lows. I can only say this for my grade, but it at least holds true for our seniors this year. I would love to see that gap be filled in coming years so that even the lowest are getting better and better. I would also love to see our school change from one of standardized testing and class grades to one of learning for passion and caring about the students' progress over the years.
Plainwell is a very great school. Our education is important to the staff and they do a great job teaching us. Our test scores are what really pull us through and make us stand out. I wish our diversity was better because i feel that would strengthen our relationships and overall the school.
The music program was phenomenal and the almost all the teachers were understanding and willing to work with you to improve your skills.
Overall, I enjoyed my time at Plainwell High School. The teachers were good if not great. The classes were never overfilled or crammed. However, I wish there were more clubs that I could have participated in.
I attended Plainwell throughout my entire high school career. I feel that the school was great overall and it was very easy to get involved in anything. The school lies in a small town where there is little to no diversity, so that was one thing I had a hard time realizing until I got to college.
I love all of the teachers, staff, and students at Plainwell High School. Everyone is involved in different clubs, sports, and activities. Over the years, the school has improved a lot with a new program called Quiet Heroes. I was chosen to be in the group my freshman year and have been in it ever since. The purpose of the group is to prevent bullying and any signs of it. I have seen improvement in the school since the organization started. Also, there are clubs for everyone to participate in. The school offers service clubs, language clubs, robotics, forensics, and many more. However, the diversity at the school could be a little better along with the school culture. Overall, I have made great connections with the people at Plainwell, feel prepared for college, have excelled in my academics, and have been involved with the community through the different community service activities offered.
Plainwell High School provided me with challenging academic courses, an opportunity to receive an Honors Diploma, numerous advanced placement classes and a variety of sports and clubs. The teachers are top notch; they will work with you before or after school if needed and they have always given the students clear expectations for the class you are taking. Although Plainwell High School is not diverse with ethnicity, it is with the various clubs and activities that are available to students. Plainwell High School is a very safe school with no incidents during my time here. The culture is positive, students here take pride in their school. The administration is approachable and have an answer to any question one might have. The parents are present at every event; whether working or cheering on a team. I am 100% prepared for college, giving credit to Plainwell High School!
Decent School, I've been a student there for my whole High school experience. The food needs to be updated. If you go to ACATEC, you are not "designated" a lunch. All throughout last year I had to eat a Cliff bar so I would not get too hungry. Many people had complained, but nothing was done. Another note: disciplinary actions will be given liberally, not conservatively. Nine times out of ten your parents will have to waive your detentions. If you are out for a school event, the default they will give would be a detention even if you are signed up for it. It has happened to me a few times.
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Plainwell High School is a rural, class B school with an emphasis on giving students a good education. Plainwell has wonderful teachers who treat students with respect. My only complaint about the school is that some of the classes are too rigorous. In some classes, I learn a difficult topic every day and then have a test on it before I can take time to understand the material. Overall, Plainwell is an excellent public school. It is known as one of the best public schools in the area.
I loved every day of going to school, yes school is boring sometimes. But the teachers are all very educated and most have a great sense of humor also which makes it a lot more fun.
This school has definitely changed the way I see learning. It is much more hands on than the school I previously attended. One thing I don't like about this school is that some of the rules are not fully followed throwing. Many students use vulgar language and are not even reprimanded by the teachers. I am basically just going here for the academic opportunities this school can provide.
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