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Plainville High School Reviews

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Plainville High School has one of the best staffs of any school district in midwest Kansas. They are friendly, helpful, and amazing overall teachers and faculty.
Bullying is a huge issue at our school. Administration tends to overlook it or sweep it under the rug. Our security is average. We do not have a school nurse.
There are a few clubs at our small school. Personally, I am very involved in Forensics. Majority of the members are very committed, but there are still a few that don't take it as seriously as the rest of us. Our school lacks funding in the group, and our community doesn't pay attention to our accomplishments or existence.
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Our school spirit is pretty unique. On Friday nights, the whole town can be found at the games, supporting the athletes.
Plainville has done a pretty good job of picking teachers that genuinely care.
Being involved in the school made for good memories
people really enjoy trips to state contests
new pathways bring deeper career explorations
people of PHS are protected
School gives students many oportunities
does their best but can't predict everything
School is tolerant of kids wearing pliers on their belts, but has banned yoga pants and single strap shirts which has caused a minor uproar in school. Personally, its not that big of an issue, but to some its an outrage.
Yes, it's a small school, but I wouldn't have it any other way. The teachers for the most part are approachable and more than happy to help students in and out of school. Academic challenge level is average for high school, and college credit classes are available.
Most are okay and then others just don't care.
Lots of technology all around and medical fields
The administration lets a lot of things slide.
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