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This school is perfect for preparing for college but is centered around perfection. My experience has been mostly positive. The staff isn’t too bad and teachers are good at teaching but are not well trained to actually deal with and help students.
The best part about Plainville High School is the wide variety of classes you have access to. The school offers a wood shop, auto shop, graphic design department, culinary, and architecture. These are all very good courses to help people determine their future, and it doesn't begin to cover the amount of classes they have.
I like how diverse the school is and how helpful the teachers are if you need them. I would change the spirit and sports setting of the school. There is not much school spirit.
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Overall my experience at Plainville High School has been very positive, I am a member of the graduating class of 2018, and have been given all of the resources I need to be successful in not only my High School, but my College and future career.
I loved plainville because as students and alumni we were all a close group, we are all devils and we look at each other as family in the end.
I didn’t like how there were so many repetive forums/lesson plans but I did like how when acceptable, we were able to come together as a school.
Plainville High School is a very positive school with a lot of involvment from administration and staff. Although you might not see it in the students your kids will have a lot of interactions with the administration and teachers here
I truly have enjoyed my years at Plaincille High. The teachers are caring and whenever you are in need of help, they are right there to help you. I enjoy the classes and course selections we have. It is a very good environment.
Overall I had a very good experience at Plainville High School. I had many goals set for my high school career and Plainville High School has most definitely helped me accomplished them.
I liked how teachers would get involved in the students life. They would try to connect with you no matter who you were. What I would like to see change is how the school gets graduates college ready. They didn't really help me in any way, they just told me that there wouldn't be any help. Students actually need to know what college is like. Get them in a college classroom so that they can figure it out themselves.
You will find lots of opportunities to grow and be apart of the school's community if you excel at physical activities. For the rest of us, however, Plainville High has nothing to offer. Academic teachers often seem to be lost in regards to their own subjects, and from a student's perspective, departments seem to spend more time arguing on education plans than working towards bettering students. Teachers pretend to care about school climate, using "HEAT" as an excuse to blame students for negative attitudes towards school. Among the chaos, some parts of PHS have been rewarding. The art department is a tight knit community of hard working artists, and the 3 at teachers work together to provide a safe space for everyone to not only improve art, but to provide the students to feel vulnerable in their art. Additionally, PHS offers a wide variety of after school clubs and activities, such as Interact Club and the GSA. Also, it is very easy to start up any club you can imagine.
Plainville High has an amazing learning climate. The administration is very attentive to students needs.
While definitely not the best school ever (which is subjective anyhow), Plainville High has prepared me well for college. My time spent in this school is four years I'll look back on fondly for many reasons. Mr. Steven LePage was a fantastic principal who made sure the school's atmosphere was pleasant and beneficial to learning. I hope the school continues to thrive under its new administration.
Plainville High School offers many courses and learning opportunity's for all. Plainville High School offers many honors, AP, and ECE courses to be able to challenge yourself. Focusing on yourself and pushing yourself to you best advantage is something you will need to do in and high school but at this high school many of the teachers and counselors help you push yourself. Overall this school has a great learning environment.
I am a senior at Plainville High School. I have been going here since I was a freshman. Our school has great staff that are always there and eager to help out whenever and wherever they can. We have students that are in the National Honors Society, and I am one of them, who peer tutor other students during their study halls, along with other teachers. The teachers always make time for the students and double-check to make sure they are all set. We are a diverse school that teaches to students of many ethnicities, whether it is Black, Caucasian, Hispanic, Latino, or Asian. We are very tolerant and respect different backgrounds.
I liked how Plainville High School was always strict on respect and spirit. Teachers and students would highly enforce everyone to be kind to one another and to make Plainville High School somewhere other students would love to be apart. There was many things to be involved with and teachers were not only there to teach you, but to give you one on one help if you needed it. They were there whenever you needed them and they were more than willing to stay after school for you. I also loved how my counselor was there to guide me through the way to get to college and if he wasn't available, other counselors would be helpful. Although, a new principal took over for my senior year I thought both of them were amazing and handled our school properly. There were many different kinds of classes students could take, ranging from standard algebra for the kids who needed more help on the subject, to AP statistics.
I like some of the teachers, they are very helpful. I would like to see the school have more class spirit and cheer on our teams.
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My experience at Plainville High School for the four years I attended was satisfactory. I took plenty of honors and AP courses to help myself prepare for college, and the teachers did a good job in helping me prepare myself for my undergraduate studies and the real world as well. Iliked that there were many sports, and clubs to be involved in because this made it easy to make friends and have an enjoyable overall high school experience. By the time I left Plainville High School, I knew I wanted a future career in the medical field because of how much I enjoyed the science courses I took in my four years there.
The school's lay outs and everything is great. However there no punishment when students do something against the schools rule of conduct. The "bad" students always get always with things and that is effecting the school's student environment.
All the teachers are always making sure that their students are okay and is doing OK so they can succeed
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