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The teachers were very determined to each persons education. They legitimately care about each individual student. This school was a great experience for those wanting to succeed.
I have been in the Plainview school system since Kindergarten and We have always had great staff. I wouldn't choose to come here because I am not a small town kind of person. I would much rather be at a larger school with more children.
Our cooks provides us with the best lunch they can with what they have to work with. I respect them and appreciate them. Our cooks care about us and want us to have good healthy food and wants to make sure we leave the lunch room full as best as they can.
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We must follow the rules or we will get into trouble, but our staff does try and be as helpful to us as they can. Their main goal is not to try and get us into trouble. A big rule at our school is no leggings unless your top goes to midthigh and covers your behind and also no cell phones are allowed in the building. Our school makes a big point about not bullying as well.
Our school over the years has lost its spirit and love for sports. Not as many kids go out for sports as they used to and not as many fans attend these games like they used to. We have a nice gym and weight room and we just redid our track not too long ago so it is decent as well.
All of our teachers are very bright in the subject they teach. They are all willing to assist any students outside of the classroom who ask them for help. They care about us doing well just as much as we want to do well ourselves. And they don't put us down when we are confused or do not understand a lesson. We have great teaching staff.
I wish their was more variety in the menu.
We use a lot of technology in our school.
I get a lot of homework each night.
Our school does a pretty good job with this.
I think we could have more school spirit.
I think there is still bullying in our school.
I think more people could go out for them.
Our guidance counselor gets the students ready for careers and college in junior high. This way we can pick which area to go in like Family Consumer Sciences, Ag., Buisness, or Fine Arts. We have an after school program called Advantage. It is to help students who are failing classes, need help with classes, or want a quiet place to study. Parent involvement is a big part of this school. Parents from graduated students come back each year to watch sporting and fine art events. Our buses are average for a small town, we have four for the country area to get into town, and three for athletic and fine art events. As for technology we survive with an iPad cart and three MacBook carts, however, our library's computer system needs updated. Every time the server goes down, we can't check out books, leaving us to write it on a piece of paper and our librarian has to punch it all in when the server comes back on.
The teachers step above the required time and take time in their lives to make sure each of their students are well taken care of educationally, emotionally, and physically. They are pretty flexible with grading, students can ask questions about grades, and teachers will give their best answer to why a student got that mark. Their knowledge on their teaching subjects is commendable, I trust them one hundred percent on getting me through the rest of high school. These teachers are very easy to talk to in and out of school time, they are willing to listen and help students whether it is about school or out of school.
My favorite experience is that everyone is not afraid to be themselves and push forward to their dreams. We have classes for every person's interests, even though there are few. Another favorite thing of mine is that it is a small town school, so a new student can make friends quickly. The class sizes are smaller too, meaning that teachers will get to know you and your strengths in order push you to your full potential, and farther if needed.
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