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I have been going to Plainview since the third grade and didn't quite enjoy it, being there at first. I had moved from a Fort Payne and I didn't feel like I quite fit in, and being bullied from this one kid didn't help much. Over time as I grew and matured along with my bully, I began to enjoy this school more and more. I realized how nice and friendly everyone was, and I helped to show the same kindness to others that moved to Plainview, and know that they can have a good experience and grow as a person just as I had. Showing kindness to others in return, was something that Plainview has taught me to do, and that it is important to treat others just as you want to be treated.
I am a senior here at Plainview this year. Looking back at all the memories as I walk down each hall makes me realize just how much I have grown. Not from a little third grader into a senior, but as a person. This school teaches you how to be respectful, curtious, kind and caring. We may not realize it but the teachers and faculty are here to teach us and help us grow.
What I LOVED about Plainview? Everything! I started attending Plainview in the 4th grade, and my outlook about school started to change. I found the teachers to be so nice, caring, and most of all, wanting to teach me new things. During my junior high & high school years there were changes as to who was principle, and all just seemed to get better with every year. Plainview High School and the staff is the main reason I know I can succeed in college. I would not change anything
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My experience at Plainview was something ill never forget. We always had a reputation for being a tough team to beat in sports and we were that. Some things I will never forget are during my senior year. We won the Region Championship in football for the first time in about 6 or 7 years. We also won the varsity county basketball tournament with a buzzer beater to end the 4th quarter. If I was able to go back and relive every moment that I had in high school, every football game, basketball game, class, conversation, school event, whatever it was, I would do it in a heart beat. Those were some of the best years of my life.
Teachers at Plainview vary on quality, style, knowledge and many topics. Some are really knowledgeable and can communicate their knowledge easily. Other teachers have a hard time getting people to understand. Some teachers can be unfair about certain things depending on how busy their own lives are. All teachers aren't like that but a few are. I never came across a teacher that wouldn't help me outside of our class time for whatever my problem may have been.
It's a good school. There are a lot of cliques because it's a small town and therefore you are pretty much born into your popularity, but I will say that there are those who just have a good personality and can get along with everyone despite their economic backgrounds. There are a lot of snobs and there is a good number of outcasts. The best thing to do is get involved with clubs or some organization, that's where you can break down social barriers and make friends.
Some are only there for the paycheck, some are only there to coach some sport, others genuinely do care but the students just don't respect their authority and gripe when they don't get good grades even though the student has only put forth very little effort.
My time a this school has been wonderful. I have learned so much. About myself and my classmates
Most teachers go far beyond what they are expected to do. They go out of the way to make sure that no child is fogotten or looked over. They push us to reveal to us what we are capable of. Very few of our teachers
The teachers are amazing and will teach as much as they can. They are wonderful.
The clubs and sports are very high quality and amazing at my school.
I feel safe at my school. Bullying is not allowed inside of our school or on school property. The police at our school are also very helpful along with the nurse.
They are very great teachers and help out a bunch with the work!
The academics are very high at our school. We are rated number 1 in DeKalb County Alabama for our teaching and learning ethics.
You are able to participate in any and all of the extracurricular activities and all clubs interfering with the school. It's the best.
The students just think they're better than everyone else.
I wouldn't change anything about my experience! I loved all my teachers, and made the greatest friends! TOO MUCH BLUE!!!
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Lunch was alright, there were those few days where you had a great lunch option and everyone was happy. They are a little too strict about bringing in outside food, such as fast food.
The counselors are there for whatever you need, office staff are very kind, not much bullying just a very small amount of fights that happens at most schools, dress code is a very big deal if you break it you have to call a parent to bring something else to wear.
Every single teacher on Plainview's campus do their best to go above and beyond to help the students achieve their goals and dreams.
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